The Guardians

Author: Tracey Claybon

Disclaimer: The characters you recognize here belong to either Susan Cooper or Mutant Enemy/Joss Whedon and Angel the series. They're not mine... I wish they were, but no such luck

Rating: G

Pairings(s) none

Spoilers: S7

Crossover: AtS/The Dark is Rising Sequence, by Susan Cooper

A/N AU set in Season 7 - Cordelia is in a coma, not dead in my story.

Dust settled on all the surfaces she'd so lovingly selected, not so long ago. The TV was the one relatively clean surface in the room; if you looked closely, you could see a remote control floating in mid air as a bored ghost channel-surfed here.

Dennis was bored. He knew that his Cordelia was in a coma; Angel, her vampire friend, came from time to time to let him know what was going on "out there"; he'd visited not that long ago to let him know that he might not get to come back, but that he was sending along a friend to take up residence while Cordelia was in the hospital, so that things would be taken care of in her absence. Wesley, her watcher friend, had also come by and mentioned that the gentleman taking up here was a friend of his come to LA from England; the man was a research professor in Ancient British History and guest lecturer at UCLA from Oxford University named Will Stanton. Wes told Dennis that his friend was comfortable with ghosts, and had no problem with having a "roommate" like Dennis. He described his lecturer friend as being in his late 30s/40s, and with dark hair and eyes.

Dennis had been waiting, channel-surfing between the Cartoon Network, HGTV and Nick at Nite for two weeks since Wesley's last visit. As much as a ghost could worry, Dennis was concerned - Angel, Wesley, Lorne, and the others had never taken so long between visits before, and the lecturer was overdue by about a week...

Abruptly, Dennis dropped the remote as a bright ... rip in space... appeared next to the couch where he was at the time... An older man with a shock of white hair, wearing dark blue robes walked through the rip, not the person that Dennis had been told to expect. Dennis went to arm himself to defend the house, but the hawk-faced old man reassured him all was well. He introduced himself as Merriman Lyon, and then filled Dennis in on what had happened to Angel, Wes, and the others.

After explaining everything, Merriman told him that Will was on his way, and that he'd see that Cordelia was cared for. Finally, he left behind an item on the couch; he told Dennis that the stone, a dark greyish stone with the symbol of a circle quartered by a equal-armed cross, was a ward to supplement the ones laid to keep the place safe by Angel and the others, and that his friends would still be able to come to Cordelia's home.

After he concluded filling Dennis in on everything that happened, he let him know that Will would be coming in about an hour, and then he opened the rip in time to go back when he came from.

Will arrived one hour and five minutes later, and the two, - ghostly Guardian and the last of the Old Ones - prepared to help the survivors who made it back from their desperate battle against the Dark Circle.

The forces of the Light had come to help Angel win against Wolfram and Hart and the forces of the Dark.