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- Summer Heat - Chapter Eight - For Your Entertainment -

Through the phone placed in the middle of the three boys sitting on the floor, they listened to the voice that crackled from the speaker.

"The doc said he'll be alright, and that he'll have to keep it easy for the next few days."

Sora tilted his head. "So there wasn't anything else serious, was there?"

Wind was obvious in the background, the boys receiving a loud hissing noise from the other end. "Yeah, he's mostly just scraped up. Nothing too serious. And Riku says thanks, by the way. I filled him in on what happened when he passed out. He really wants to make it up to you."

Roxas looked up and caught the tint of bright pink in his twins' cheeks. "He's welcome. And he doesn't have to. Anyone would've done it."

Axel scoffed loudly. "Yeah, if they knew HOW."

Hayner nodded. "Yeah, he's right. I wouldn't have known how to even if I had wanted to. You have to train for that kinda stuff. Riku's okay because of you." He smiled approvingly at Sora, who had a sort of humble look to his face.

Axel's voice floated through the speakers once more. "Yeah, well I'm gonna let you go. I gotta get this kid home, His mother's been leaving flippin' voicemail's all over my phone." He huffed. "Besides I don't like talking on the phone when I drive. See you around guys."

"See ya' Axel." The three managed to chorus before the phone clicked and the line went dead.

The boardwalk had been crowded, and the heat from the sun had intensified since the day before, so the three boys had skipped the beach all together and had decided to spend a small portion of their day in an ice cream shop, thoroughly enjoying a popsicle (although it wasn't sea-salt ice cream).

Even though the shop was air conditioned, the stifling heat from outside continued to slip in as the door would open with a jovial 'ding'. Yet the boys were still grateful for the refuge, so to prolong their stay, they continued to buy off the small menu and talk with the workers, watching through the glass windows as people passed by.

It was hitting around noon (The mysterious alarm clocks seemed to keep reappearing every morning at their bedside, whether tossed out the window, brutally smashed, or hid in the best of places) when the trio decided to walk around a bit, and waving goodbye to their newfound acquaintances, they left the shop.

On the walk home, the three boys were silent, enjoying the peace they had as they went off road. They had seen the trail that morning, and had taken it into town. It was a lot faster (and shadier) since it cut straight through the island. It was also much more relaxing then walking alongside the curving roads.

Roxas stifled a yawn, cupping his hand over his mouth. "We shouldn't have stayed up so late waiting for Axel to call. I'm so tired."

Sora sighed. "Me too. What I wouldn't give for a nap." He huffed, leaning against the tree. "I can't even walk anymore."

Hayner raked a hand through his hair, walking over to a rock and plopping down. A small breeze filtered through the tree's, which the three boy's thanked. "Well, what now?"

He didn't receive an answer right away, so Hayner opted to stare up at the treetops, watching as they swayed.

"Well…" Roxas started, looking off down the trail as he thought. He shrugged. "We could go see Riku." Suddenly, Sora's face lit up. "We can get him a get well card! And oh! A balloon. Everybody likes get well balloons!"

Hayner laughed. "He's probably asleep. Let him rest." He ignored Sora's pout, and let his mind wander. Hayner wasn't up for much of anything right now, and He was sore from the major sunburn he had gained from the previous day. He swore he could hear his skin crack every time he bothered to move. But he would put up with it if they just had something to do…He raked his mind before something hit him.

With a wicked smile, Hayner turned to his companions. "Guy's, I have an idea."

With a phone call, 21 minutes and 32 seconds of bribing, a sprint home, a quick energy shot, and the beep of a horn, the three boys found themselves seated in a topless jeep speeding precariously down a winding hill.

The red head perched in the drivers seat threw a smile back at Hayner, who was latched onto the jeep as it seemed to tilt far to easily. He should have never asked, he should have just let boredom ruin a perfectly good day.

At least he wouldn't be dead.

"This was an awesome idea kid!" Axel didn't say much else as he swerved back onto his side of the road. Hayner groaned in response, not please at the way his stomach churned at the sudden tug of the car.

Roxas was up front, nicely seated with a heavenly seatbelt, unlike his twin Sora who was clinging onto any solid substance, like Hayner for example. Though Hayner didn't say anything out loud, he was kind of uncomfortable with his secret boyfriends' twin clinging onto him. He knew Sora didn't swing that way, and he doubted Roxas was even paying attention to the two desperately hanging on for their lives, but he really wished the brunette would mind his personal space. He liked blondes. End of story.

Axel continued to chatter happily, obviously more dedicated to his conversation than he was to the road. He kept turning to Roxas, and the two went about wildly laughing and messing around. Hayner felt as stab of jealousy which escalated faster than he could swallow it. Axel wasn't gay though, right? Sora had mentioned something about him dumping a girlfriend or whatever. But without much time spent on the matter, Hayner just continued to glare at the two and tried to pry Sora out of the way for a better view.

"So you wouldn't believe how mad Riku was when I told him where we were going. He was all upset because he couldn't tag along. His mother hasn't been this protective since he started high school." Axel gave another bout of uproarious laughter, clinging to the steering wheel.

Sora, still latched onto Hayner like a leech, pouted. "Aw, why did you have to tell him that? Now he's gonna feel left out."

The red head gave a 'Psht' sound, waving his hand as if to swat away the comment. "I wouldn't be to worried about ol' Ri. He'll suck it up. Besides, if he's that upset, we'll just take him out when his mom isn't checking in on him every ten minutes."

Hayner growled as Sora began to bounce up and down in excitement at the prospect of another trip, This time including the silverette. In all honesty, if they EVER did this again, Axel wasn't driving, and Roxas would be in the backseat with him. Far away from the pyromaniac and his obsession with popping personal space.

But despite Hayner's gloomy attitude, He felt excitement flutter in his stomach as the tall slopes of Roller Coasters and the top of the Ferris Wheel came into view. Axel slowed down, turning onto a shadier slope as he headed for the amusement park that had momentarily disappeared behind the tree's.

Now that the jeep was below 80 miles per hour, Sora had removed himself from Hayner in order to wedge himself in between the driver and passenger seat as he chattered excitedly about what rides they had with Axel. While Sora was distracted, Hayner took a chance to lean up to Roxas' ear. "You owe me. Big time."

Roxas shot him a confused look, but Hayner only sat back, choosing to leave the blonde to think about it. Hayner didn't want to ruin either of their day, Even if he was jealous.

It took a while for them to find a parking space, and they trekked across the black asphalt towards the towering attractions. The commotion that usually occupied an amusement park seemed doubled, the lines to get in longer than they would have been any other day of the week. Nevertheless, the four boys waited in line, rocking on the balls of their feet in anticipation and excitement.

The ticket booths eventually cleared, and Axel was first to receive his wristband. Patiently standing on the other side of the gate, he waited for the other three males to join him before leading the way past the many gift shops that lined the wide path.

Roxas nudged Hayner, who was busy examining the first ride in his line of vision. It was the Merry-Go-Round. Hayner had used to love them, but hadn't been on one since he was eight. Understandably when it had been dubbed by 'lame' and 'For little babies' by his fellow students. He had never understood why such a simple but amusing ride was uncool, but he never questioned it. He tore his eye's away from the nostalgic inducing ride and focused on Roxas.

"Axel was just saying that there's this awesome roller coaster towards the middle of the park, and says we should head over that way." Roxas pointed in a random direction, and Hayner shrugged, shaking his head with a slight smile.

Roxas beamed, grabbing his wrist and tugging him towards Axel and Sora.

As the day moved on, amusement park got even more crowded. The lines being obnoxiously long, and the heat sponging up every source of shade. The four stuck it out, talking about whatever they could to take up the time while they waited in the lines, excited by the thrill of the rides.

After slipping off the seats of the 'Storm Runner', Axel turned to Roxas, saying something that was smothered by the screeching of metal and conversations of other people. Hayner hadn't had time to react to the three others running off in the other direction, and hurried to catch up to their retreating backs.

Unfortunately, he wasn't fast enough, and soon his companions were swallowed up by the crowd.

After a few colorful words, he stomped off, not bothering to attempt to find the flurry of wild spikes. He was deserted by his ride, his boyfriend, and his best friend, who hadn't even had the decent courtesy to make sure he had followed. With an eye roll to himself, he pulled out his wallet, grabbing two dollars and heading to the nearest food stand.

He waited in line for a painstakingly annoying amount of time, waiting with agitation and tapping his foot has he let out huffs of breath to relieve the almost painful anger that was seemingly growing by the second.

The line gradually moved, and with out paying much attention to his surroundings, he almost shouted his order to the man behind the counter, throwing down his two dollars and huffily scanning the crowd for a hint of wild red, blonde, or brown spikes.

However, the man didn't get his drink, but rather sniggered at him. Hayner threw on his best glare and looked up, opening his mouth to say something rather nasty and insulting. And he had planned to do that, he really had. It had been something along the lines of 'What are you laughing at you mother-' and a few rainbow inducing choices of words. It just so happened, however, that he never got to do that.

"Well if it isn't chickenwuss. What's got your panties in a knot?" It was Seifer.

Hayner felt his face go red, wondering if now would be the polite time to punch him so hard in the stomach that he shit out is intestines. He instead opted to let out a low growl. "Just get me a damn lemonade asshat.

Seifer only laughed, pushing off the counter and slipping the money into the cash register. Another boy handed Hayner his drink, and the infuriated blonde made his way to stomp off, but Seifer called him back.

Rolling his eyes, Hayner turned around. "What?"

Grinning, Seifer shoved out his hand. "Forgot your change."

Hayner bit back an angry retort, and shook his head. "Just keep it."

Seifer lent over the counter, chuckling with a small smirk. "Look kid, I get off in 15 minutes. Meet me by the arcade." It wasn't a request.

Hayner scoffed and took off without an answer. He wasn't in the mood to deal with the stupid older boy. He had to find his 'friends' first.

- Summer Heat - Chapter Eight - For Your Entertainment -


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