A/N: Well it's been a while since I've done a story so I may be a little rusty. I'm sticking with Bones because that's just a show that gives me endless ideas. The seed of my story came from the show's idea of Brennan having a stalker. I'm taking that stalker point and running with it. Let's see where it goes because I've got know friggin idea where I'm going with this. As always, the characters are not mine in the slightest, only the story.

When Booth's black SUV pulled up to the crime scene, Bones and her team were already unloading their equipment. He didn't know what he was walking into, only that the chief had described the scene as one of the creepiest things he had scene in his entire life. This coming from a guy who'd been through Vietnam…Booth was bracing himself.

The sight was along the riverside, and had been called by a man who had been out for his morning jog. The only reason the man caught the body was the fact that he glanced down as he ran over it. Perhaps body is the wrong word. Body implies flesh and form. The man had run over bones, and they looked nothing like a skeleton should.

Booth walked over to the crouched figure on the sidewalk. Her hair pulled back in a professional looking bun, and giving off an air of power, he could recognize Bones from 100 feet away. His attention was drawn away from her only when he saw what had given the chief had describes as "the willies." The bones were not the first thing you noticed when you looked at the ground. It was the message that the bones formed that drew you in. The message was short, cryptic, and powerful: MY LIFE FOR YOU.

Underneath the message the victim's teeth had been placed into the form of a grin even the Cheshire cat would envy. The two O's were formed by the victim's eye sockets, presumably having been sawed out of the original skull. The rest of the skull had likely been broken apart carefully and made to help form the rest of the message.

"Holy crap," Booth breathed, putting weight into each syllable. He had seen gross, he had seen violent, but this was just plain weird. This was Stephen King status creepy.

"I concur," said Brennan, who stood and straightened herself as she looked up at the sky. It was only around 8 in the morning but already the day was threatening record heat. A humidity hung in the air. DC in the summer meant air so thick you could practically drown in it. "We need to get the bones back to the Jeffersonian but I don't want to disturb the message. We may not be able to reassemble it."

"I'll get a team to dig down into the slab and pull the whole thing up. No worries," Booth hadn't taken his eyes of the message. There was a puzzled expression on his face that was often reserved for listening to conversations between Hodgins and Brennan. "Who's it for? It's in some seemingly random sidewalk in the outskirts of DC. Anybody could have found it. Why here? Why now?"

Bones thought those were damned fine questions, though she didn't say so. Booth didn't need a pat on the back, he needed answers. He crouched down to look the bones closer. Then he saw something that jolted him. He shot up straight and had the look of a man who had just witnessed something he could have enjoyed his whole life without seeing. "Oh no," he let out, just loud enough for Bones to hear him.

"What? What is it Booth?" she asked out of curiosity and frustration. Something about him having spotted something in the bones that she could have missed rubbed her the wrong way, ashamed as she was to admit it.

"Bones, you remember those sapphire earrings you thought you'd lost at that Governor's Ball last month?"

"Yes, of course."

"Well I think I just found them," he replied his finger pointing back and forth to the two O's in the message. Bones squatted down and removed her goggles for a clearer view. She then saw what Booth had meant, what had shaken him so much. She found two small sapphires cut in the shape of hearts staring back at her, replacing the eyes that once rested there.