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Chapter 1

To The Other Side

Below Central City…

All was quiet in the great ball room. No noise was made by any living creature, and no living creature was even down there, save for one. A lone figure standing in the middle of a circle of complex markings and symbols. He was a young, muscular boy with long blond hair tied in a braid. On his chest, arms, and forehead were similar circles. He simply stood there, contemplating.

Then, without warning, he clapped his hands together, and placed them on his chest. The pattern of circles on him began to glow, as well as the one at his feet. He knew what he was doing was going to result in his death, but he was willing to give up everything for the one he had lost; his brother.

When he opened his eyes again he was in a pure, white space, with nothing as far as the eye could see, except for the massive stone door. It began to open with a creak, and the space beyond it was black. Eyes peered out at him from the other side.

Small little flesh colored rectangles began to leak out from it. They formed feet, then legs, then a body, and then arms, and finally a head with sandy hair. The boy that suddenly formed was unconscious but very much alive. His brother stepped up to him and patted him on the head.

"You'll be just fine without me Al," he said in a calm voice. "Take care of the others for me, okay?" He knew he couldn't hear him, but it was still nice to see Al healthy and alive again. And now for his payment.

Edward walked slowly to the door, where the eyes stared at him patiently. Long black hands reached out for him, and began to tug him into the door. Knowing this was the end, he sent one last message to his brother, only with his mind.

"I have no regrets about giving myself up for you," He thought. "This punishment was always mine to bear. Farewell everyone." And with that, he embraced the black darkness that swallowed him, and waited for the numbness of death.


Japan, Shigure Sohma's house…

"SHIGURE!!!!!!" A voice filled with annoyance and anger rang throughout the house, frightening away the birds perched in the trees surrounding it. The dark haired novelist looked up from his work, replacing his look of satisfaction and mischief with one of innocence. The door flew open, and a guy with vivid orange hair with a look of fury on his face stood steaming at it's entrance.

"What the hell happened to the rest of the leftovers?!" Kyo shouted at his face "I'm starving, and all we have left are those stupid leeks!"

"Whatever are you talking abut Kyo?" Shigure said in an all-to sweet voice. "Do I not have a right to help myself to my own fridge? Tohru's out shopping so you'll have to wait 'till she get's back."

"Don't we have anything left? I haven't even had breakfast!" as if to answer his question, Kyo's stomach gave a very audible growl.

"Well, the early bird gets the worm." Yuki said matter-of-factly as he walked by. "It's already a quarter 'till one. This habit of sleeping of yours, despite what Shishou-sama said, has finally come flying back to you, you stupid cat."

Those final two words set Kyo on fire. He charged right at Yuki, screaming, "I'M 'GONNA KILL YOU Ya'…damn…rat…" Kyo's stomach growled again, and this time it hurt. He fell on the floor, exhausted from his earlier fight with Shigure. "Please hurry back, Tohru…" he moaned. At that very moment she walked in carrying huge grocery bags.

"I'm home everyone." She said gleefully. Then she looked rather shocked to see Kyo sprawled on the floor, seemingly dead. She started to panic.

"AAHH!! Kyo-kun!! Wh-what happened!? Is he sick? Is he hurt? What'll we do?!" Poor Tohru started running around in a circle, her hands in the air.

"Now now, Tohru-san." Shigure said reassuringly. "He merely collapsed from hunger from not eating breakfast. Come to think of it, why don't we all eat something." He let out a mischievous chuckle." A refreshment of my future house wife 's succulent coo-" Shigure never finished his sentence, for he was hit in the head by two flying fists coming from different directions. Both members of the Zodiac gave the poor dog rather dark looks that could make a bear shake in it's tracks.

"Kidding! I'm only kidding you two! Now let's all settle down and eat something."

"Umm….sure…." The kind brunette was still a little shaken from Yuki and Kyo's sudden attack, but managed to calm herself down. "Now then, Kyo-kun, what would you like?" She asked him.

Upon seeing the gentle smile he loved so much, Kyo stopped fuming in an instant. He got up from the floor.

"Some stew would be nice." He muttered, his face turning redder than a tomato. Tohru nodded.

"Yuki-kun, Shigure-san, any requests?" She looked at the others, who thought about it for a moment.

"I'm in the mood for curry, and a few Onigiri as a side dish sounds nice as well." Yuki replied, "With pickled radish inside."

"How 'bought an omelet?" Shigure asked "Though I really don't care what you make, so long as you pour your love into it!" Shigure retreated into his room and shut the door before Yuki or Kyo could retaliate. "Call me when it's ready!" His sounded muffled by the door.

Kyo was very tempted to just break the door down, but resisted, seeing as Tohru needed help with the bags of food. He snatched one up and stormed off to the kitchen. Yuki picked up the rest.

"I'm sorry Honda-san. I should've come with you." He felt guilty. "It must've been hard carrying all these bags here."

"Oh no, it wasn't that hard." She protested "And the store isn't all that far away from here, so don't worry about it, alright?"

"Okay." He replied. There was no sense in arguing with her. He then got an idea. "Why not invite Haru and Momiji? They don't have anything to do today, so why not invite them for lunch?"

Tohru's eyes lit up. "Sure, that would be wonderful!" She and Yuki walked into the kitchen to put the groceries away, and then Tohru began to think of how lucky she was.

Ever since her mom died it had been a tough ordeal for her, Uo-chan and Hana-chan. Thanks to the Sohma family she had been able to get past all that trauma. Sure there was an ancient curse and she couldn't hug her friends(At the knowledge that they turned into one of the Zodiac animals every time they were hugged by the opposite sex, Kyo turning into the cat left out of the Zodiac) and maybe there was some tension between her, Isuzu-san, and Akito-san. But despite all this life was good, her grades were up, and things couldn't possibly get any stranger.

She was dead wrong.


Later that evening…

"Whew, how do you keep winning at this Haru?" Yuki asked. "That's the fifth time tonight."

Haru and Momijii ended up staying for dinner as well. After lunch Haru and Kyo started sparring to keep in shape. Then it started to rain. Kyo, being the cat, simply stopped fighting with him and fled into the house. Haru and Momijii stayed considering that they couldn't go home now. And so they all started playing card games. Haru was a prodigy, and wiped the floor with everyone in the room.

"Stupid cow" Yelled Kyo who, once again, lost to the carefree teen. "You're cheating, I know it!!"

"I'm simply following the rules. It is you who is cheating." He replied calmly. "I win, now give me a cookie."

"I want a cookie too!" Momiji shouted happily. "Tohru, can we make some for dessert? Kyo gets to bake them 'cause he lost."

"No, I can do it myself." She replied.

"Stop pestering her!" He then proceeded to whack him on the head. His glare the rested on Haru. "You damn cow! You're cheating and you…" To Tohru the argument faded into the background. She was distracted by something outside. A flash of blue light over the treetops. At first Tohru shrugged it off a lightning, but then it flashed again. However, before she could get up to see what it was, Shigure, Momiji, and Yuki suddenly grabbed her and pulled her away from the table.

Which was wise, because Hatsuharu had just snapped. They were pulling her out of firing range. His acquired target was Kyo.

"You really think that you're all that?" His voice was dangerously low and calm. "Well, I got news for you…" He stood up. "I'M 'GONNA KICK YOUR SORRY ASS!!!!!" And with that he leaped across the table, his hands aiming for Kyo's neck, who leaped out the way just in time.

"You want a piece of me?!" Kyo charged back, and within seconds the pair of them were grappling with each other. Yuki pulled Tohru farther away and watched them. Shigure had tears in his eyes.

"I just know that the entire world is completely bent on demolishing my house." He looked at the ceiling. "Why me?"

"Calm down, Shigure-san." Yuki sounded reassuring. "Remember the 'you break it, you buy it' rule."

"I bet Kyo's 'gonna win!" Momiji said happily, as if there weren't two boys in front of him trying to kill one another." He's been training with Kazuma-san longer."

"That maybe so," Shigure added, "but remember when Haru-" at that moment the lights went out.

"DARK! VERY DARK!!!" Momiji yelled. "Tohru protect me!" He jumped into Tohru's arms, there was a loud POP, and when the dust cleared, instead of a small, blonde boy cuddling with Tohru, was a cute rabbit. Tohru just kept stuttering.

"Nobody move!" Shigure announced to the whole room. "I don't want anybody else bumping into Tohru and transforming. So let's all stay calm!" He was fortunate that Haru had shifted out of Black mode the second the blackout started. "I'm certain that it's lighting causing this, so we just have to wait 'till the lights come back. I'm certain I have a few flashlights somewhere in the kitchen." Tohru heard him get up and walked in the direction of the kitchen.

"So what do we want to do now?" Haru's voice was calm and quiet.

"We can continue to play our game." Yuki suggested. "And then watch a movie when the lights come back on."

Whether it was fate our sheer coincidence, Tohru looked out the window again. For a few seconds it was quiet and dark, then the blue light shined again, flashing on and off frequently.

"Uh…guys?" the scared orphan started shaking, "Is anybody besides me seeing this?" She pointed in the direction of the blue light, which proceeded to continue flashing. Everyone, including Shigure, carrying armloads of flashlights, stared at the spectacle.

"Aliens!" the rabbit screamed. "We're under attack!" He leaped out of Tohru's arms and ran for the corner of the room, at the same time changing back into human form. No one really noticed him, they were too shocked by his words. Even Yuki looked unnerved.

There was dead silence for another minute until Kyo whispered, "Is it possible?" His voice quavered.

"There's only one way to find out." Haru stood up, snatched a light from Shigure, and went to get a coat. "And Momiji, put your clothes back on."

"Are you crazy?" Yuki yelled. "We don't even know what it is!"

"Well, if you cowards don't want to go outside, I'll just take Tohru and Shigure with me." The Zodiac ox grabbed Tohru by the arm and gave her a jacket. "Unless you want to protect her."

Kyo hesitated for a moment, then silently walked to the closet to get his coat. He then turned to Yuki. "What's the matter 'ya damn rat, too chicken to face the unknown?" he jeered.

Yuki looked furious, and quite tempted to attack his rival, but the flashing got brighter, and curiosity got the better of him. A few seconds later Momiji, who was fully dressed, joined as well, as well as Shigure. They walked outside slowly, and the light seemed to get more and more ominous.

"I can't believe I'm out rain searching for aliens." Kyo muttered under his breath. It really was pouring sheets of rain on the group, but the air was warm.

"W-w-w-what d-do we d-do if it re-really is a-an alien?" Tohru looked absolutely terrified. She was still shaking even as they walked into the woods.

"Honda-san, don't worry." Yuki replied "I won't let them harm you. You can go back to the house if you want to."

"N-no, no. I'm f-fine." The poor girl looked anything BUT fine.

"Let's make peace with them, and invite them for cookies." Momiji said. "That way, we can be the first human beings to make contact with them!"

"But what if cookies are poisonous to them?" She asked. "And they see us as a threat?"

"Both of you be quiet!" Kyo was getting tired of the theories. "We don't know if it's an alien yet! It could be some sort of scientific test, or a rescue flair or…a…giant…" His voice failed him. They had found the source of the light. It was a big circle, with markings and symbols snaking all over it. The lines were glowing blue, with blue sparks of energy occasionally flying out.

"Wow…" Shigure whispered. Daringly, Haru walked up and placed his hand on it. The chaos then started.

A whirlwind of energy swirled around them. Sparks shot out in different directions, and the group was trapped in the tornado. Haru leaped backwards and nearly knocked over Kyo.

"What the hell did you do you idiot?" Yuki yelled. They all looked up at the sky, expecting a giant ship to be descending from the sky. There was nothing.

"I didn't do anything!" Hatsuharu could barely be heard above the chaotic turbulence. At that exact moment a hole open up in the air, shimmering. Everyone backed away, only to freeze in shock. A human hand was reaching out from the hole.

It continued to reach forward, until a head covered in long, blonde emerged. He struggled out for obvious reasons; long, black hands tried to pull him back in. The boy, who looked no older then 13, pushed on until he was out. The circle vanished a moment after he made it, and everything was silent except for the pitter-patter of rain and his screams of agony. His right arm and left leg were gone, and blood gushed from the wounds. The group could only stare, until Shigure turned and ran back to the house.

"I'll call Hatori!" He shouted over his shoulder. "Stop the bleeding!" Everyone stood still for a second, their brains struggling to process this, and then Tohru rushed forward, tore off her jacket, and pressed it against his bleeding arm. By now his screams turned into moans of pain.

Her movement stirred the others into action. Momiji and Yuki ran back to the house to get medical supplies, Haru wrapped his coat on his bare shoulders (He was wearing nothing but pants and one shoe) while Kyo ripped off the pant-leg that covered his bleeding stumped, and tied his shirt around it.

"You're going to be fine" Tohru muttered, more to herself then the strange boy she was helping. She was having flashbacks about the day her mother died. Tears began to fall. "You're going to live…"


Pain. That was all Ed could feel could feel. His entire body was on fire, particularly in the area were he had first lost his arm and leg.

"If this is hell, then I'll take it." He decided to open his eyes and see what it looked like. But it wasn't hell. He was in a forest, there was a vague sound he distinguished as shouting, and the smell of blood was in the air. Rain fell on him and soaked him to the bone. A few seconds later someone began to attended to his wounds. It sounded like a woman, for the voice speaking to him was reassuring and gentle, not to mention the panicky tone that seemed to be driving her to verge of insanity. Someone put a coat over his shoulder, and more pressure was applied to his arm and leg.

"Damn it." He thought. "I'm alive… so that means that Al…" he didn't want to think about. He looked at his saviors. One was a boy with bright orange hair, and red eyes. He was tending to his stump of a leg. "Is he Ishbalan?" It was one of the questions that just passed through his mind. The next one had white hair, with some black at the base of his skull. The third was the female with long brown hair and blue eyes, who was pressing a coat against his mutilated shoulder. Those bright blue eyes were filled to the brim with tears

"Who are you?" She whispered. The two others looked up at the sound of her voice. Ed wasn't sure if was should respond, but he did.

"Edward. Edward Elric" that was all he could say before he passed out.


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