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Summary: This fanfic is based a month after Breaking Dawn. The Cullen Family are finally getting over the Volturi incident. But now they have new issues to deal with: Alice Cullen has a vision, and SEES her niece, Renesmee. This has never happened before. Is it a good thing or a bad thing that Alice can see Nessie? And that's not all: What will Renesmee do when she finds out that at one point, half her family wanted her dead? And what will she say about Jacob's imprinting? Also, what will Jake do when he's not the only one who has eyes for Renesmee? Only one way to find out: READ!!!

Chapter One: Like Mother Like Daughter

"Hey! That was mine!" I hissed. My milk chocolate brown eyes flew up to my adversary, as I stopped short a few feet away from my would-be prey. The elk that I'd been specifically hunting was now laying lifelessly in-between two huge paws. I puckered my face into a slight pout as I glared at the reddish-brown, shaggy wolf standing before me, dripping elk blood. He barked a laugh before pulling his muzzle over his sharp teeth, a cute attempt at a grin. It was cute, in a weird wolfy sort of way. I smirked.

Before I could say anything (aloud), I could feel my dad—Edward Cullen—fly with unbelievable speed to my side. His lips too, were curled back, but not in any sign of amusement. He let out a low hiss as he stared at the wolf with a dark expression. Never in the history of…well, my world would you believe that vampires and wolves could be in the same vicinity without attempting to rip each other to shreds. The history my world has been for centuries, unknown to the humans. All of their precious myths and beliefs have actually steamed from actuality. My reality. If only they knew. Actually, its much better that they don't know. (I'm still learning to ignore the unbelievable thirst when it comes to them.)

"Jacob," Dad growled. He was still looking at the wolf through narrow eyes. Of course my dad would have to be the one to rush to the scene of the crime. There was no crime at all, actually. I was positive Jacob would never hurt me intentionally. I knew he was just kidding. Jacob Black sure does have a sense of humor, although daddy didn't enjoy it as much as me.

The wolf winced as Edward scowled at him. Uh. Dads. Or maybe it was just my dad. Why did he always have to be so overprotective? Not just over me. I thought.

"Yes, your very much correct, my dear." His voice was hard as he answered my thoughts, speaking as if I had said them directly out loud to him. Not once did he take his eyes off the Jacob-wolf. "You and your mother mean the world to me. I will not tolerate or accept things that cause you harm or pain!"

Jacob flinched as if Edward had hit him. Not like it would have actually hurt him, with his fur being so thick. Jacob rolled his huge eyes and raised his head in an arrogant way, before barking another laugh. Then very slowly, he used his muzzle to push the ruminants of the elk towards me. He stopped briefly when Edward hissed very softly.

"Edward." I turned to see my beautiful mother emerge from the brush. Her dark hair cascaded elegantly down her shoulders, and framed her flawless pale face perfectly. She had been watching invisible through the trees. Her tone was a mixture of annoyance and impatience. Her eyes were cold black. She was thirsty.

I know that she and my dad rarely left me alone theses days. When they did hunt, it was together, as a family. Unlike the rest of my immediate family—Carlisle, Esme, Emmet, Rosalie, Jasper and Alice—Mom and Dad only went hunting when it deemed absolutely necessary. When I was left without their company, it would only be for brief periods, always with Jacob or my family—never alone.

Reluctantly, I watched my dad straightened up from his protective crouch. His glare was still glued to Jacob.

"You should know better than to play with food, Jacob," Mom scolded. Her eyes flickered from me, to the dead, bleeding elk; to Jacob and dad before finally coming to rest on me. Although I was sure she could put together what happened, I preferred to give her the firsthand experience for herself.

In three strides I was at her side. I took my fingertips and pressed them to her check. Her skin, as always, was a bit cool to the touch. The human part of me could feel the slight change of temperature. Yet, my immortal side barely noticed, thus effectively cancelling any major difference.

In three fourths of a second I replayed the whole scene of events for her, exactly as they happened. I also insisted that dad had clearly overreacted. I was well away that he was reading my thoughts as well, for he growled low at my intake of the situation.

Mom laughed. Jacob whined. He hated being out of our little family loop like this. Dad could anyone's mind, including mine, and occasionally Mom's—when she let him. (I wish I had the power of privacy. She's the only exception.) Mom could shield others from Dad, as well as other vampires who had anything to do with the art of dealing inside the mind. And of course my unique gift did the exact opposite of my fathers: I could put my thoughts into anyone's head. (I got that from my mom. No one was—as far as I knew—protected from my thoughts.)

"Jacob." It was mom who called to him this time. She had drifted over to dad's side, and was staring at the wolf with an odd expression—as if she was trying to read his mind. Maybe she should leave that to dad.

Jacob tilted his colossal shaggy head, acknowledging her.

"Are you going to finish that?" She leaned her head toward the dead carcass. "I thought you preferred Esme's cooking rather than raw meat?"

Of course he did. We all knew this. Jacob and I had a lot of things in common. We, unlike my parents, could survive off either food or animals. (In his case, he ate the animals, while I only thirst for their blood.) But why have broccoli when you can have pie? Well, animals weren't quite like pie. Animal blood was no comparison for the delicious mouth watering sensational scent given off by the humans. But it was better than the repulsive garbage humans called food.

Dad had to play translator, screening Jacob's thoughts; since he could only speak in his human form.

"No, Nessie can have it." Dad grunted.

I watched as Jacob gently picked up the Elk in his jaws and trotted over to me before pausing briefly, to place it at my feet.

"Enjoy, Nessie." Whether this was coming from my dad or Jacob, I didn't know.

Dad smirked. "It was from me." He admitted, unashamed.

"Well, good, now that that's all settled I'd like to enjoy myself as well." Mom stated. She tilted her head to the side, listening for more distant heartbeats, besides mine that stood beating before her.

I listened too, and could her everything. Fluttering frightened heartbeats of countless cowering critters near us, taking refuge in the underbrush. The tiny oak and maple leaves, rustling in the wind from all around. But in order to hear what my mom was listening for, I would have to observe a broader range. So I listened farther out…until I heard the gentle, constant thudding of pumping hearts…

"We'll be back. Finish up here Renesmee." She commanded tenderly, before turning quickly to face her eternal love, with a devious smile on her features. "I'll race ya." She immediately took off through the forest at lighting speed. (Probably faster than that. Lighting isn't even that fast.)

I watched as dad deliberated something for a moment, then he briefly nodded once to Jacob. "We'll talk later," he muttered. Then he shot a quick look at me. "See you soon." He promised, and then took off. All of this happened in about two seconds.

I drained the remnants of the Elk, effectively quenching my thirst. Wiping my lips with the back of my hand, I stared at the wolf that was retreating into the depths of the forest. Jacob was going to phase back to his human form, and cloth himself.

He emerged seconds later with a grin on his face. He walked over to me, stopping short a foot away.

"I let you win." He teased. Jacob and I always had a contest to see who could hunt the biggest and best. He always cheated. Just like Edward. It's not everyday you can steal the thoughts of your opponents, or use huge paws.

I reached out to him, and played a vision of him catching the Elk as I had seen: trapping the creature by grabbing a hold of its hind legs with his paw. Then I showed him how I hunted: with nothing but my teeth. So clearly this was a violation.

"No violation, no rules!" He laughed. I scowled as I lowered my hands. He laughed again as he stared at me, amused.

"Better luck next time." He smiled apologetically, and I couldn't help but smiling back as well as I stared up at him. Jacob had to be at least six feet tall. He seemed to grow an inch a day.


I paused to look down at myself. Though I could not visibly see any difference, I knew I had grown from since last night. Though anyone could hardly believe I was just barely over my four month mark, I was just that. Four months old. It would be hard for most to believe that I, Renesmee Cullen, was only four months old. Most human babies could barely crawl at four months, let alone do half the things I could.

I inwardly laughed at this. Of course they couldn't do half the things I could. They didn't have vampire fathers and once-human mothers.

"What is it?" Jacob asked. He was looking at me questioningly. Although he couldn't read minds, he could read my facial expressions. You'd swear say I was an open book or something!

I was reluctant to speak. Why bother with language when I could just show him? I reached up towards him again and replayed my thoughts. I felt him stiffen.

"Don't worry about it." He grabbed my hand and removed it from his chin, squeezing it reassuringly. But, there was a look in his eyes…before I could question it, a cheerful grin reclaimed his features.

"You know, it's funny. Renee use to tell Bella that same thing. Like mother like daughter." He grinned his Jacob grin, as he stared at me.

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