Crescent Moon.

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The cool glass against my forehead felt good. Feigning sleep, I shifted gently in the passenger seat of this decrepit vehicle. I prayed silently in my head, hoping I didn't accidentally dent the metal of the car door. It wouldn't be too good for Angela if I made a mark on her car.


She had to move to take care of her grandmother who was critically ill in hospital. Angela's parents were too busy, so she decided that she would care for her grandmother herself. And I came along to give her some company.

My best human friend, in who knows how long. She was my one and only reason for going to this depressing little backwater town of Forks. I even thought the words in distaste.

I sighed internally. I really shouldn't be getting so attached to any human. They were fragile. Temporary. But I really couldn't help it. Angela Weber was one of the nicest, purest people I've met in a century.

And I was darkening her soul with my inhuman presence. I truly loathed myself sometimes. Reasoning, I thought, I'm only half-evil. Half vampire. Half human. I chuckled darkly in my head.

"Are you awake sleepy-head?" Angela's voice broke through my thoughts. Whoops, I must have laughed out loud.

"Nah, I'm sleep talking," I mumbled sleepily.

She laughed at that and replied, "You should get some more sleep. We have a few more hours to drive before we get there. You sound like death."

I giggled in response to her comment. I am death. I kill wherever I go. Sure, they're animals I kill, but I feel guilty nonetheless. Not that I would ever consider killing a human instead of an animal. Humans didn't smell good to me for some reason. It's probably due to a birth defect. My sister…

I groaned. My sister. Annalie. Even thinking her name brought back all kinds of bad memories. It wasn't my fault. It wasn't my fault. I chanted silently over and over again in my head.

Shifting again, attempting to prop my body into a more comfortable position, I leaned against the headrest and closed my eyes. I begged my mind not to dream. I never dream anymore. I have nightmares of memories past.

My eyelids drooped, and I thought I heard Angela mumble something before I went under …

~Flashback / Dream~

"Annalie, come here!" I was yelling and giggling simultaneously.

"Got to come and catch me!" I heard her singsong voice tinkling over from my right. I had to go and get her.

"Ooh, Bella, are you going to catch me?" I heard her taunt. Now her voice was to my left. She was fast.

But I was faster.

I caught her around the middle, and sent us both tumbling down the hill. We were laughing hysterically, and I quickly began poking her in the ribs, yelling, "I got you, I got you!"

Annalie recovered quickly and pouted, "I hate being up for tag."

"Well, those are the breaks," responded a gruff voice from behind us.

We both turned our heads so quickly I swear I heard a crack. It was Corrin!

"Corrin, Corrin, Corrin! I thought you wouldn't be back from hunting until the day after tomorrow!" I ran and hugged him tightly with Annalie was close behind me, and the force made us all fall down.

"Bella, Annalie," he was chuckling as he gently removed us, "I know I'm your older brother, but you two combined make for one hell of a tackle!"

Annalie and I were talking and joking around with Corrin, until a shriek pierced the air. It sounded like mom …


Suddenly the atmosphere was tense. As we bolted back towards the house, I heard the gruff sounds of my father arguing and the brief responses of another male voice. It was cool, calm and sounded beautiful. Another vampire.

I heard his yell and afterwards I saw a spiral of purple-black smoke float up into the clouds. I wonder why we are having a campfire …

Within an instant, I arrived at the scene. I was first out of the three because I was the fastest. It was in our front yard. I couldn't see my mom or dad, or even Sandra, Corrin's biological mother. All I saw was three piles of burning rubble from which the purple-black smoke drifted. The smell burned my nose.

Tearing my eyes away from the burning piles, and I noticed for the first times a rather large coven of vampires standing beside them. They resembled a warped army - uniforms and stiff positions, and a single vampire that looked like the leader.

A slight ruffling of air from either side of me registered the presence of my brother and sister. "What in the name of all that is holy is going on here?" Corrin was half yelling, and he directed his voice to the gathered crowd of vampires.

"Where are mommy and daddy?" I barely registered the voice as Annalie. She sounded terrified. The voice was so quiet, even my superior hearing had to strain to catch the sound.

The main vampire smiled and said in a lilting voice, "They're right in front of you. Although it's understandable you don't recognize their bodies. Fire is a destructible element."

A split second of confusion, a second of hesitation before my world ripped itself apart. "Those burning piles are our parents, aren't they?" My voice was creepily calm and collected. However, there was turmoil boiling inside me.

After the surge of grief, I felt anger. How dare they hurt my mum and dad and Sandra! Anger gave me strength, and I was going to destroy this coven. I tensed to leap, but a comforting hand on my arm stopped me.

It was Corrin. He was also restraining Annalie, although that seemed a much harder feat, as she was struggling and growling ferociously.

I was about to open my mouth to shout at the strange, flaky leader, when a flash of red hair caught my attention. Victoria. I hissed and growled. The wench had some misplaced vendetta against our family. Could she have caused this…?

Annalie and Corrin were growling too. "What are you doing here?" spat Corrin in a low voice that positively dripped with danger.

Victoria just laughed. Her eyes danced with vindictive pleasure. I hissed again.

The leader spoke again. I would never forget that lilting voice, "On behalf of the Volturi, we destroyed these three vampires for creating not one, but three immortal children. These crimes are unjustifiable." He paused in his speech, and looked at us.

What immortal children? I glanced briefly towards my siblings, and they had the same look of confusion plastered on their face.

"The three immortal children must also be destroyed. The secret must be kept."

"But none of us are immortal children!" argued Corrin anxiously. "You can hear our heartbeats, can you not?"

The main vampire tilted his head at our direction and leered, "We do not refer to human children changed to vampires. You are mutants of our universe, and rather than let you risk exposing us all, we shall end your pitiful lives."

"What have we done to even risk exposure?" I argued back hotly.

Ignoring the fierce snarls from Annalie, he coolly replied, "I cannot see how you three are all even half vampire. Our reproduction systems froze long ago. It would make more sense that you are all humans with some sort of odd power, or something that Charlie changed. And for that, you must be put to death. Of course, we all know you are too young to be controlled."

"You are speaking in riddles! It seems as though you just want a reason for our deaths!" cried Corrin frantically, his pose protective as he stood before us, vainly trying to protect us from them.

Shrugging nonchalantly, the head vampire said, "Maybe we do just want a reason to kill you. No matter, you pose a threat to our existence and for that, you must be exterminated."

With those words, the army pounced on us. The overwhelming numbers stopped any hope of escape. The pain was indescribable. Ripping us limb from limb. The fire …

It was burning. The heat was rising. It was beyond uncomfortable. Why couldn't I move? I was pinned down, choking on the ash and the flames. It took so much effort, but I got Corrin under my shield. My blood was boiling and I couldn't scream, no matter how much I tried to.

The fire burned, but now it did not destroy. Flames flicked and licked our skin, stinging and prickling wherever it touched. My shield was strong enough, but why was I still burning on the insides?

The Volturi left quickly, along with Victoria. When the fire put itself out, we started to stir and put ourselves back together. It was torture to the highest degree, pulling limb after limb together. The sinews stung as our bodies regenerated, slowly, but surely. We crawled over to the charred bodies of our parents … they were dead.

Finally I could scream.

~End Flashback / Dream~

Angela was shaking me roughly awake. I rubbed my eyes and tried to shake off the cobwebs of sleep. That nightmare had been extremely detailed. It caused the regular hollow ache in my chest to burn. I shuddered at the memory of reconnecting my arm with my shoulder. The pain was just indescribable...

I grabbed my reed pipe as a lifeline. My dad, Charlie, carved it. He made one for my siblings and I. Each one had an individual noise, too high pitched for humans to hear, and it had the first letter of our names carved into it.

We laughed when we realised that the letters spelt out A, B, C. My mom made the necklace string from scratch. I grasped it tightly to my chest. I only had this and a few precious pictures as physical reminders of my parents' existence on this planet. It was the only necklace I ever wore.

After calming myself down, Angela turned to me.

"Was the nightmare about your parents again?" She asked gently in a quiet voice.

I nodded, not too sure on my voice. She patted my arm soothingly. She didn't know anything of the vampire world, but I told her some details of my past, humanizing it for her sake.

She was my roommate back in Alaska, and she knew about my nightmares. Angela was probably the closest human friend I've ever had. None of the other friends I've had enabled me to talk about my parents the way Angela let me. She never pushed for information, and let me think things out quietly.

The car shuddered to a halt. "We're here," Angela said. I peered out of the passenger side window to the nice house looming above us.

It was two stories high, walls a pale blue with a dark blue roof. The garden was absolutely adorable. The house and garden were big, but not too big to be ostentatious. I thought it was perfect. Otherwise I wouldn't have bought it.

Angela was quite upset that I used so much money on a house because of her. Her grandmother's house was much too small. She insisted on paying rent, but I persistently declined.

Angela was aware of my better than average financial status, thanks due to the large amount of money inherited from my parents and my uncanny luck in the stock market. But, bless her, she still felt guilty that I spent so much money. I had rolled my eyes at her when she mentioned it.

The moving van was here. I sighed. Time to get unpacking. We had to hurry. School was tomorrow.


I straightened the photo frame on the wall. A forever frozen image of my mom and dad smiled brightly back at me. It was nearly a century and a half since I last laid eyes on them. I thought I was coping, but the vivid dreams were wearing me down. I choked back a sob. The picture showed my mom before she was a vampire, her eyes glazed over with love as she stared at my vampire dad. I had to look away.

My new room was modestly large, with a blue colour scheme, as per following the rest of the house. I added more darker blues and purples. I had a nice queen sized bed, even though I only needed a few hours sleep a day.

I turned on my state-of-the-art computer and quickly e-mailed Corrin pictures of the room and house. I loved redecorating, so I documented what all my creations looked like with photographs.

Satisfied that Corrin was still a part of my life, regardless of the time and distance apart, I headed downstairs to prepare dinner for Angela and I. I could handle some human food, and actually enjoyed eating a few meals. I decided some simple pasta would do for dinner; there wasn't much time for more elaborate measures.

As I chopped the onions, my throat burned and it reminded me that I would have to hunt. Soon. School was tomorrow. Although human blood smelled funny to me, I'd rather not chance it. Hopefully I could find some deer in these parts. Deer is my favourite, with the added bonus of not destroying my favourite outfits.

I scowled at the memory of a huge bear ruining my favourite red blouse. Then another memory of a mountain lion ripping my favourite pair of jeans deepened my frown.

Dinner was a quiet event, as usual. I wasn't a talker, and Angela never pressured anyone to divulge information. So we just chatted quietly about school, and how nice the house was. Angela again told me how she felt guilty, making me laugh.

After cleaning up, I told Angela I was going to go check out the hiking spots. Every time I went to hunt, or practice expanding my shield or controlling fire, I would tell Angela I was hiking. She hated it, so there was no chance of her joining me. Sometimes, I wondered if she could tell I used hiking as an excuse for some alone time.

As I walked, I was deep in thought about my dream and my past.

I was born to be a defensive creature. My shield blocked physical and mental attacks. But after the Volturi, which I later learned were the police force of our world, I felt the power of fire and could control it. Corrin had a theory on trauma, and how it changed Annalie and me.

Corrin stayed the same, there was no fire bending for him. Sure, he was less carefree, but he would always be my overprotective brother. I felt a pang in my chest as I thought of him. He usually lived with or near me, but for the last decade he's been busy tracking Annalie.

Ever since our parents' death she seemed more distant. I thought there was something wrong, but nothing could have prepared me for what happened next. Of its own accord, my hand traced the crescent shaped bite mark on my neck.

Without our parents, it was hard to blend into society, so we had to wait it out in orphanages and, later foster homes. Corrin and I dealt with it easier than Annalie. Depression was steadily wearing her down. After several years and multiple relocations, we finally physically aged enough to get a place of our own without arousing suspicion from any adults.

The first night I awoke to sharp pains in my neck that burned like fire. I remember that I had yelped, thinking that the Volturi were back, and when I leapt around I only saw Corrin struggling with Annalie, his strong arms locked around her petite frame.

Blood was trickling down her jaw. It was easy to remember the way it glistened in the mild light. I knew she had difficulty sticking to our preferred diet, as human blood smelled off to me, it was doubly enticing to her. I think she mainly stuck to the diet for dad. Had she killed a human? Her dirty blonde hair was matted with blood.

I leapt out of bed to assist Corrin, only to receive scratches from Annalie. I was confused with her behaviour. Then I felt my blood trickling from my neck. She bit me? I recalled I had begun to sway, as I started to feel light headed.

"Your fault! Your fault!" She kept screaming over and over, her brown eyes wild with pain and desire.

"What is it? What's wrong?" I asked her, trying to get some calm into her system with my voice.

She stopped struggling. Corrin waited a minute before hesitantly letting her go. She sat up and looked me in the eye, "It's your fault mom and dad and Aunty Sandra are dead."

I froze in place, before gasping and sobbing. Corrin ran to my side straight away, patting me on the back, consoling me, soothing me with meaningless words.

He turned to scold Annalie, but she was gone. She left through the window.

Since then, I haven't been in proper contact with her. Except several assassination attempts, she has remained no more than a shadow lurking in an alleyway. Even with her hostility, I still wanted to talk to her. Highly unlikely, I thought to myself.

I was adamant on following her, but the venom she left in my system made me weak and ill. When the Volturi soldiers bit me, nothing really happened with their venom, no scars, no nothing.

Annalie's venom was really something different. Corrin debated whether it was a sub-species side effect, or whether it was due to biological traits we might've both inherited. Either way it took weeks of recovery, all from one bite.

I shudder to think of what would have happened if Corrin didn't pull Annalie off of me in time. I wondered whether Corrin was next on her hit list. At the moment, all efforts seemed to be aimed towards me.

Sighing heavily, I walked along another trail. The scent of some elk made my throat flare. I sank into a hunting crouch and followed my prey. The poor thing stood no chance against me.


I got home before dark. Today was particularly good, meal wise. I found a rather large herd, and I didn't spill a drop of blood on my body. I didn't even snap my heels.

Angela wasn't there when I arrived. A note on the fridge said she was visiting her grandmother at the hospital. I hoped she was okay. Angela loved her grandmother dearly.

All of a sudden, I was hit by a wave of fatigue. That was odd, I just slept. But I guess the day was so long, and I just wanted a nice dreamless sleep.

Quickly showering and changing, I rushed to my soft bed. I fell asleep the second my head hit the bed. Tomorrow was sure to be another tiring day.


Tweet, tweet, tweet! Opening my eyes, I saw several birds twittering outside my window. Those birds were now on my hit list. I was having a rare dreamless, restful slumber.

The clock on my bedside table said it was four o'clock in the morning. I tossed and turned in an effort to get some more sleep, but I knew my efforts were futile.

Being half-vampire, I had no need for ten-hour blocks of sleep. A few would do me fine. So I groaned loudly and pulled myself out of bed and into the shower.

After the shower I felt much better. I waltzed out of the bathroom, spirits considerably lifted. Until I remembered I had school today. I sometimes wished I just stuck to being a university student or something. But on the other hand, if I hadn't gone to Alaska and acted as an innocent high schooler, I would have never met Angela. Lucky Corrin suggested the idea to me.

I sat down on a beanbag and groaned. One thing I detested about the constant moving and changing of identities was school. I knew all there was to know at a high school level. I've taken university classes. I aced all those classes too. Sciences were my major, with History as my minor.

Therefore I found school a somewhat dull tedium. But at least Angela would be there with me. I thought about this as I dressed. I put on a dark grey turtleneck sweater with black skinny jeans. I chucked on my usual black converse shoes.

The sweater was just pretence for the humans. I was much, much warmer than your average human, and I could stand in a blizzard and the snowflakes would melt as soon as they touched my skin.

I had a few hours to kill, so I immersed myself in Pride and Prejudice and listened to my music player. It was relaxing to read and listen to music. The small patches of sunlight that passed the wall of clouds and went through my bedroom window made my skin glow dimly.

Time passed quickly and all of a sudden, Angela was yelling at me to hurry up and get downstairs. Grabbing my messenger bag and mobile phone, I leapt down the stairs and ran to the truck.

"Took you long enough. Don't tell me you were drooling over Romeo again," she muttered as I hastily climbed into the passenger side seat.

I huffed. Angela thought it was funny that I liked Romeo. "No, I was making googly eyes at Mr. Darcy," I replied sarcastically.

"Ah, Jane Austen. Should have guessed."

We kept up this playful banter until we reached the school. Angela cut the engine and turned to me.

"Thank you for coming to Forks with me. It was totally unnecessary but I am truly touched." There was a somewhat awkward pause before she continued, "And I'm visiting my grandmother after school, so do you want to come or walk home?"

"I'll walk." Angela's grandmother wasn't exactly comfortable around me. I took a deep breath and said, "Well, lets get this over with."

We reached the office, and after a slow wait we finally got our schedules. I looked over at Angela's and I realised that we had all our classes together, excluding Biology and English.

First up was History, so we picked up our bags and headed to the class. I gulped. Sure, I was a near indestructible creature, but high school was always a torturous, judgemental place. Hmm, I guess I could compare it to Hell.

After awkward introductions, we sat somewhere in the middle of the classroom. I could feel the eyes burning holes in my head.

I let my long locks of brown hair cover my face as I worked. Set my killer sister on me and I could fight like a hundred lions. Put me in a classroom with two dozen gawking teenagers and I turn into a coward. Shameful. Ever since I suffered through the orphanages, I wasn't really a lover of crowds. I could be confident when the situation demanded it, but usually I stuck to shy.

We were to write an essay on World War II. I grimaced. I actually lived through that as a nurse serving on the battlefields. It was a terrible experience, but I saved many lives. I think that anyone – given my circumstances – would have done the same. I decided to do the essay on the treatment of females during the war.

Trigonometry passed slowly. Mathematics never held my attention. With my quick thinking mind, equations were all too easily done.

As the bell for lunch rang, a blonde, baby faced boy tagged alongside us. I raised an eyebrow, and he hastened to introduce himself.

"Hi, I'm Mike. I know you're Isabella and Angela," he rattled off at a rapid pace. I could easily imagine him as an annoying golden retriever that wouldn't leave you alone.

For reasons unknown, I disliked him immediately. He gave off an irritating vibe. "It's Bella, and I believe it is convention to wait for people to introduce themselves, otherwise one may come across as a crazy stalker."

The look on his face was priceless. Angela took pity on him.

"Don't worry about her. First day of school nerves." I just stuck my tongue out at her in response.

They began talking, and I was about to put in my two cents worth, when a scent hit me like a wrecking ball. Vampire.

I stiffened and paused in my step. Angela and Mike looked at me with questioning eyes, so I quickly shook my head and darted forwards to catch up with them.

My mind was in over-drive. Was it the Volturi? Or was it just a passing vampire? So many questions were spinning around my head.

We were almost at the cafeteria doors. I relaxed my stance and concentrated on controlling my heartbeat. I wanted to show no signs of panic.

I took a deep breath. Looking at it logically, it could be the Volturi checking up on me, but they wouldn't be here. Their goal was to keep the vampire world under wraps. There is nothing that could lead them to me. I relaxed a bit more.

It could be another random vampire, and I wouldn't mind that. I was more than capable of handling that. After all, what vampire could survive a strong pyromaniac like me?

I was thoroughly relaxed as I walked into the cafeteria. As I loaded my tray with an apple and some yoghurt, I joked around with Angela. I loved red apples. No idea why, but they were delicious to me.

Mike herded Angela and me to "his" table. We were introduced to a group of various humans. Jessica, Lauren, Ben and Tyler. Jessica talked a lot – she came off friendly enough.

Lauren was staring daggers at me for no reason that I could see, and Tyler was openly checking me out. I blushed red and turned to Angela – who was in deep conversation with Ben.

I sighed internally as I started on my apple. Mike was trying to engage me in a conversation about football, but I wasn't really a fan of football. Or sports in general, really. If you are faster and stronger than all of your opponents, not only is it unfair for them, but also it takes all the fun out of the game.

Glancing around the eating area for something interesting to break my boredom, I saw them. My jaw dropped slightly in shock. They were on the very far side of the cafeteria.

It was a coven of three vampires sitting at a table. All of them were beautiful of course, but that was not what piqued my interest. They were all calmly sitting in a roomful of humans, and not one of them attempting to kill any of them.

I tensed. I didn't want to fight in a roomful of humans. But it was good to see a bunch of vampires that had some measure of self-control. I considered different scenarios to what they were doing.

They could be planning an elaborate trap. However, they cannot possibly have the need for this many humans. I pondered this as I began my strawberry yoghurt.

Suddenly a very nice idea came to me. Maybe they don't drink from humans! They could drink animal blood like my brother and me. My mum and dad, when they were alive, had the purest shade of honey in their eyes, instead of the traditional red. If I could find that, then it would be confirmed. I had never met another vampire that had the same diet as my family.

My eyes, and along with the eyes of my siblings, didn't change, but I liked my brown eyes. My mom said that I got it from my dad.

I looked up at their table again. They were all deep in conversation with each other, it seemed they were in a bubble of their own. Ah, too far away to see their eyes.

I really wanted to ask about them, and as I turned to, Angela stole the words right out of my mouth.

"Who are they?" She was staring at them and was directing her question to Ben, yet it was Jessica who answered.

"Oh them," she sniffed before continuing. "Well they moved here three years ago. Dr Cullen and his wife adopted them all. The blondes are the only related ones; Rosalie and Jasper Hale, and the bulky guy, with the brown curls, his name is Emmett."

She leaned in closer before continuing. "There's usually another guy, who by the way is absolutely gorgeous, his name is Edward. And there is also this annoying pixie of a girl, Alice. But they're not here, I bet they're hiking, they always seem to be."

I was stunned. A coven of seven? That was possibly the highest amount of members in a coven that I had ever heard about, excluding the Volturi.

"Wow, that's generous of the doctor to adopt so many kids," said Angela quietly.

Lauren scoffed. We all turned to her.

"Well, they're loaded with money, so it's not like a burden. I'm also pretty sure that Mrs. Cullen can't have kids," responded Lauren, her voice saturated with distain.

"I still think that's pretty decent," argued Angela. She always sees the best in people.

"Whatever, those kids are freaks, they're so weird. And rude, come to think of it," sniffed Lauren before she got into a conversation with Tyler.

"Look who's talking," I muttered quietly to the rest of the table. They all had to stifle giggles.

Jessica restarted what she was saying before, "But the really weird thing is that they live together and," she paused for dramatic effect, "they are like, together." Her tone implied a relationship of sorts.

Mike decided it was time for him to add something, "Yeah, Jasper and Alice, Emmett and Rosalie. Edward is the only loner."

"Don't waste your time on him. Apparently, no-one in this school is good enough for him," Jessica said somewhat bitterly. I had a gut feeling she tried to ask Edward out and was met with an icy reception.

Luckily, it seemed he declined. I knew that human / vampire relationships could work – my mom and dad were a number one candidate example. Then again, even my mom had to change into a vampire eventually, but only after she insisted on having a child.

She never expected to have a pair of fraternal twins. Annalie and I nearly killed her. Humans were weak, so much self-control had to be used around them.

Every hug could turn into a grip of death. Every slow dance could snap their spine. Every kiss inches away from teeth that could rip through metal. Yes, restraint would be needed in humongous amounts.

The rest of lunch was uneventful. The bell rang and for the first time, Angela and I had to split. I gulped and was suddenly overcome with nerves once more.

I headed off to Biology and she headed to her Spanish class. I had considered signing up for Spanish too, but I found Biology a little interesting at the very least.

I arrived late and sat at the only empty desk. Mr. Banner was my teacher, and I immediately realised what a clueless man he was. So I took out my headphones and started listening to music. I was still tense from seeing so many vampires and I needed to calm down.

While doodling on my book, I was pondering whether it'd be worth the effort to change into a more senior class, when I noticed Mr. Banner was staring intently at me.

When he realised he caught my attention he barked out, "Ms. Swan, I know you are a new student here, but you must be aware that we do not tolerate music devices in class. What if you were to miss out on some important information?"

I was stressed and anxious from the close call earlier, so I just snapped at his comment, "I highly doubt that this class could offer me anything new, especially with you as a teacher. By the way, 'phospholipid bilayer' is spelt with 'PH' not 'F'."

He was stunned into silence. "How dare you speak to me in that manner!"

"How dare you inflict your poor knowledge of science unto these unsuspecting students!" I retorted.

"Ms. Swan, I will give you one chance to apologize, or I will be forced to give you a detention!" His face was steadily turning purple. The class was watching us like a tennis match, heads swivelling back and forth.

"Mr. Banner, I am sorry for my rude behaviour," I sounded extremely sincere, but when he turned his back to the whiteboard, I rolled my eyes and stuck my tongue out.

He didn't seem to realize I never took my headphones out. For the rest of the lesson he tried to catch me out with spontaneous questions, many having nothing to do with what we were studying.

As he soon found out, I could answer every question with ease. The questions in response, got harder and harder, and I could tell they were at university levels. I nearly scoffed.

All the students in the room were clueless, yet were watching the exchange with interest. Mr. Banner was getting less and less confident with every sentence coming out of my mouth.

The bell rang and I headed off to my next class with a swagger. Mr. Banner looked angry, but he couldn't punish me for knowing the answers to his questions. It seemed like this class was going to be fun.

I laughed quietly all the way to my next class.


It was the final bell and I walked briskly out of Gym class. I hated playing the lethargic human.

It was quite a relief to know I had no classes with any of the vampires. If they knew what I was, I would have to move and go into hiding. I'd be forced to abandon Angela, and I really didn't want to do that.

On the stroll home, I considered telling Corrin. Fingering the phone in my pocket, I imagined his response. All scenarios ended up with me moving.

With that, I decided to keep him in the dark for now, so I could prove that I could live here inconspicuously. Last I heard he was in England. There was no need to uproot him.

School wasn't too bad, but I was incredibly glad that tomorrow was Friday. After school maybe I could check out the local shops. I'd like some new clothes.



I growled in frustration. Alice and I skipped school to track this new vampire, but their scent trails ended in the strangest places.

"Calm down Edward," Alice said, patting me on the back. "We'll find them eventually. Even if we don't, they don't seem like a threat."

"Then why can't you see them?" I snapped at her. Alice always had been able to see the future and tell us what was going on. The blurry images running through her mind were definitely a first.

She tapped her index finger on her chin, biting on her tongue as she thought of an adequate response.

"You know my sight isn't fool-proof. I think it might be me. Lately when I try to look into the future, it gets blurry and jumbled up… It's like there's a missing piece." She opened her mind to me and showed me some of the more recent images to re-enforce her point.

She tried to sound confident and chipper, but I could hear the nervousness and annoyance in her mental voice. Being a mind reader meant that no matter how good of an actress Alice was, I could still hear into her mind and find the truth. Alice was irritated. She hated being blind sighted. But she didn't want me to go crazy trying to hunt down this vampire.

After all it's only been a day… She thought.

I guess she's right. An over-reaction will do no one any amount of good.

I sighed as I thought of the tedium of school tomorrow. The thought alone gave me a headache as I imagined the expectant babble of voices to invade my head. School was my personal Hell.


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