affectionate notions

Sometimes, she knew.

It was usually from all of the little things he did for her. For instance, she put the dirty dishes into the soapy water in the sink to let them soak after breakfast, but she had to take the kids to school.

When she got back, she noticed that the dishes were put up and the water was gone. So was his motorcycle.

It made her smile, and it made her feel like she mattered to him a little bit more than she thought.

Of course, it wasn't as if she thought he didn't care much for her. She knew he did. But it was nice to have the feelings enforced in her mind every once in a while.

He never said anything about his sporadic antics, and after thanking him the first few times, she didn't either.

Her smile grew a little bit more.

Her words still rung in his ear, and he was utilizing his ability. He was never good with words anyway, and right now, after everything that had happened to them, he finally figured out how to show his affections.

Tifa then went upstairs and made his bed.

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