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I made this story ages ago on my other account and just stumbled upon it and so i thought why not keep going? I made some changes so if u were a fan of the other one its going to be a little different, but just a little.

It was late at night and the air was cold and dry. Harry shivered under his coat as he trudged through the snow with Hagrid. He had been unlucky enough to receive another detention from Snape, however Hagrid was kind enough to take Harry out with him to collect Malfrog plants from the forbidden forest. Not that Harry could complain, he would take Hagrid over Snape any day.

"Thanks fer comin' out ere' to help me wid' this chore 'Arry, I really appreciate it."

Harry looked up at the half giant,

"That's okay Hagrid, if anyone should be being thanked it should be you. If it weren't for you, I would be stuck with Snape all night testing out his experimental potions."

Hagrid chuckled.

"Well, tell ya what, 'e wasn't too 'appy 'bout it either. Snape wanted to make you suffer ter get kicks outa' it, luckily Dumbledore suggested I needed some 'elp with this."

Harry smiled to himself; Dumbledore's helped him out of a tight situation again.

Hagrid halted
"ah, 'ere they are," he said stepping closer to the large weeds in the ground, "Now we jus' gotta pull 'em out an-"
Hagrid stood motionless and silent.

"Hagrid?" Harry asked concerned "Hagrid what's wrong?" He quickly paced up to where Hagrid stood. Suddenly he was mute himself. Laying only a few feet away was a young girl, beaten and bloody laying on the snow unconscious. She wore a heafty puple jacket and three quarter length pants that was torn and blood covered. She would be freezing. Her skin was a pale blue and her long dark hair tattered.

"Oh my god..." Harry said almost as a whisper. He shook his head, snapping himself out of his frozen state and rushed towards the girl. "Hagrid, Hagrid help me!" he called out to the giant who was still in a state of shock. Hagrid rushed over quickly towards Harry and the girl.
"I think she's still alive." Harry said feeling her neck for a pulse. "Hagrid can you carry her back to the castle?" he asked
Hagrid didnt think twice and hurriedly scooped the girl up and cradled her in his arms as he and Harry ran as fast as they could to the castle.

Dumbledore paced rapidly around the hospital wing. Madam Pomfrey stood over the young and still unconcious girl treating her wounds and administering healing potions while Harry, Hagrid and the four heads of house stood around her bedside. They had each been summond to help discover the girls identity.

"Who is she?" asked Professor McGonagall with her hand to her mouth. "She'scertainly not one of the gryffindore students."
Harry could see that professor McGonagall was deeply disturbed by the state of the girl.

"Nore is she a Ravenclaw..." said professor Flitwick as he patted her hand. "Pamona?"

"No..." said Professor sprout "i'm afraid she's not one of mine..." They all turned to Snape.

"I can assure you" he began, "She's no slytherin"

Dumbledore stopped pacing and approached the girls bedside.
"I suspected that she was not a Hogwarts student..." he turned to Madam Pomfrey. "Will she recover madam?" he asked her.

"Yes, she should, but she took quite a beating, this wasnt caused by magic." she looked sadly at the girl. "I gave her something to make the bruises go away and now that she's warm her temprature is gettting better..." Madam Pomfrey's eyes flickered around the room quickly. "ummm...Albus, theres something else..."

"Yes my dear what is it?" Dumbledore asked.

"umm, well...when i was examining her...I found this...." Madam Pomfrey held up in her hand what appeared to be some sort of pouch. But as Harry looked closer he saw that she was refering to what was inside it. The tips of three shiny metal things stuck out from one of the pockets.

"Are those knives?!" Professor Sprout asked in shock. Yes, as he looked closer Harry saw that thats exactly what they were.

"I found it strapped to her leg." Madam Pomfrey said.

The room was dead silent and all eyes had turned back to the girl. What was she involved in? Could she be workng with Voldemort?


"Yes professor?" Harry responded.

"Harry did you see anyone around? or anything unusual?"

"umm...no professor, i'm sorry. She was just lying there, bruised and bloody in the snow..." The memory made him shiver.

"I see..." said Dumbledore "Well Hagrid and Harry, it was indeed fortunate that you both came when you did, otherwise this young girl may have
died." Professor dumbledore smiled warmly but in the corner of his eye, and Harry saw Snape roll his.
"Now Harry, I do believe its past midnight and i think you should be off to bed." said Dumbledore "we will remain here and discuss what to do with our visitor here..."

Although Harry didnt want to leave, he knew that he should. He had double potions tomorrow and didnt want to be falling asleep in Snapes class or he'd never hear the end of it, but just as he was reaching for the door there was a loud gasp from the other end of the room. Harry dashed back to the bedside along with the staff, all eyes on the girl.

Suddenly she sat up taking in a huge gulp of air and opened her eyes revealing her pupilless, lavender iris's. Everyone was quite surprised by this, as none of them had ever seen such eyes.
She coughed into her hands before looking up at the people around her.

"Nani...?" the girl managed to let a few words escape her mouth. she looked frightened
everyone was silent and no one could understand her.

"oh my..." said professor Sprout. The girl looked at her curiously and then spoke again. She rambled on and on never taking a breath. No one could understand her. She was'nt using english.

"Hmm...I see..." said Dumbledore, some what facinated. "A Japanese girl..." He slowly pulled his wand out from his sleeve and pointed it at the girls forehead. Her eyes widened and she began to thrash around, screaming.

The professors grabbed her arms trying to calm her down.

Dumbledore meerly stood all the more the same and shot a tiny spark at her forehead. She looked dazed and confused for a short moment then continued on speaking. However, this time they could understand her.

"w-who are you!? and where a-am I?!" she blinked in confusion, noticing her sudden change from Japanese to english.

"There now. That makes everything a little easier doesn't it?" said Dumbledore smiling.

The girl tightly clung to the blankets, pulling them up to her face.
"Please don't hurt me anymore..."

Nobody spoke, they were all too afraid to startle the girl further. Dumbledore took a step closer to her.
"Please don't be frightened my dear, nobody here will hurt you." he smiled warmingly. "Can you tell us your name?" She still looked scared but lowered the sheet from her face. She knew he was'nt lying.

"Hinata" she said.

"Hello Hinata, I am Professor Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry."

Hinata looked confused, Harry could tell that she obviously was'nt from the wizarding world. But her was worried what the professors would do to her if she were a muggle.

"A school for witches and wizards...?"

"Yes indeed child. Welcome to my humble school. Now my dear Hinata can you tell us where you're from?" said dumbledore. Hinata gazed at the rest of the people in the room looking cautious before speaking.

"K-Konoha..." she replied

"what on earth is konoha?" asked professor sprout quickly clasping her hands over her mouth.

"Its my village...where is t-this place?" Hinata asked

"You are in the English world of witches and wizards." said Snape "and since you have no evidence of being a witch you must be a muggle, meaning we'll need to wipe your memory..." Snape took out his wand from his robe.

Hinata looked frightened again.

"Now now serverus..." said Dumbledore placing his hand on Snapes to lower it. "So my dear, you're from Japan are you?"

Hinata did'nt respond straight away.

"Ah yes, a beautiful country Japan...Hinata child, are you a kunoichi?"

'What on earth are they talking about' thought Harry. No one else in the room seemed to have any idea, they were just looking at each other dumbfounded, however Hinata nodded.

"Ah, i thought so..." said Dumbledore, his eyes twinkling "haha, i see that only Hinata and I understand what this means." he turned to face the staff and Harry. "You see, in Japan they do not have the same sort of magic that we here at Hogwarts do. In fact they channel their magic into their bodies, calling it chakra and using it for special fighting abilities. In their villages they are trained as ninja's to defend their villages."
Everyone looked at Dumbledore and then at Hinata dumbstruck.
"Yes, quite talented the Japanese are..." Dumbledore smiled.

No one really knew what to say. None of them had ever heard of this strange way of magic before.

"You're a ninja?" said Harry. For the first time Hinata fully focussed her eyes on Harry. Finding them rather intimidating, he tried not to stare at them too much whilst speaking.

"Yes, I am." she said confidently without stutter.

"Well, why did'nt you fight off your attacker?" as soon as the words escaped his mouth, Harry knew that this was not such a smart question to ask and regretted it.

Hinata looked down at her knees. "I tried to..."

Professor Dumbledore put a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"I'm sorry." said Harry "It was'nt my place to ask."

Snape grabbed Harry's shoulder tightly.
"Alright Potter its off to bed with you now, you've done enough damage here tonight." Hinata's head quickly shot up and once again she was starring at Harry.

"Potter? as in Harry Potter?" she asked. Harry looked back at her. Could his story of survival made it all the way to Japan?

"Yes. Why?"

Hinata looked dazed. "I-I had a dream about you..." Everyone was silent in entrigue. "Well...you were'nt in it but-but they kept saying your name... and they wanted to...to kill you." All eyes turned to Harry. He felt himself go numb. Could it be voldemort plotting something? He had had dreams like this before, so Harry did'nt doubt it, but why her? Some strange girl from Japan? It did'nt make sense? What did she have to do with anything?

"Who kept saying Harry's name?" Hagrid asked
"I-I dont know but...his voice was like a snake's."


i HAVE to know wat u think! If u read this on my other profile u probably noticed that this is really the origional chapters 1 and 2 meshed together but i wanted to make my chapters longer so, yeah... But dont worry its well i think its going to be a fairly long story.