The following morning, Harry told Ron and Hermione what had happened the previous night over breakfast, making sure to keep his voice at a low tone.

"Blimey!" said Ron with a mouth full of muffin "How often do you find some random girl from Japan out in the Foridden forest?"

"I know its strange." said Harry "And the fact that she was dreaming about Voldemort is even stranger..."

"What else did she say Harry?" asked Hermione as she put down her copy of "Hogwarts: A history."

"Nothing, Dumbledore made me leave after she said that. I thought about getting the cloak and coming back, but as i got to the door she was telling them about her attack so I didn't feel that I should go in."

"The poor thing..." said Hermione "beaten so brutally... but surely a shinobi could defend herself? Unless she knew her attacker and didn't want to fight... or it was someone even stronger, but it had to have been another ninja since she was beaten not hit with a jinx-"

"Wait hold on a second!" Ron shouted "You know about this kind of magic?"
Hermione gave Ron an annoyed look and rolled her eyes.

"Of course I know about it!" she replied "If you bothered to read every now and again you would know about it too." Hermione raised her book to her face once more.

"Potter," The three turned around to see Professor McGonagall standing over them. "Potter you're needed in the headmaster's office re guarding last nights events. Ah, and Miss Granger you are requested too."

"Me?" said Hermione "What do they need me for?" Professor McGonagall didn't reply and the three made their way to the headmasters office in silence leaving Ron alone at the table.

Professor McGonagall led Harry and Hermione into Professor Dumbledore's office, knocking on the already opened door.

Dumbledore sat at his desk with his hands folded and face beaming. To Harry's surprise, Hinata was there too, standing across the room patting Fawkes. She looked much better now than she had last night. All of her scratches and bruises had healed up nicely, her dress had been repaired and she stood tall with her blue-black hair neatly brushed behind her shoulders, smiling.

"Hello Harry." said Dumbledore politely. "Good morning Miss Granger."

"Good morning Professor" The two said in unison.

"Good morning Hinata." Harry said, not wanting to be rude. "Good to see you're feeling better." Hinata approached Harry slowly, still smiling.

"Professor D-Dumbledore says t-that it was you who found me?" she said looking at her feet.

"Oh, um...well it was nothing really..." said Harry slightly embarrassed.

"No it really was and I w-wanted to thank you for saving me." Hinata bowed slightly to Harry. "I owe you my life."

Harry thought that she sounded a bit like Dobby when she said this.
"Um...alright then..." he wasn't too sure what to say.

"Well now that that's sorted." said Dumbledore as he rose from his seat. "I think a matter of introduction is in order. Hinata, this is Hermione Granger, Miss Granger this is Hinata Hyuuga."

The two girls shook hands.

"Its a pleasure to meet you." said Hinata, smiling at Hermione.

"No the pleasures all mine." Hermione replied "I've never meat a shinobi before."

"Oh well.." said Hinata looking slightly pink "There arent too many people here who have ever heard of the way of the ninja."

"Oh yes, well I have!" said Hermione, her eyes large. "I think its truly fascinating the way that you are trained and-"

"Yes yes girls" interrupted Dumbledore "You can chat later, but right now we have matters to discuss." He slowly walked towards the three. "Harry since you discovered Hinata in such a horrific state, we can not allow her to leave the protection of the castle as we believe that she may be in harms way."

Harry looked at Hinata expecting her to be distraught about not returning home, however she just stood still smiling. "I have already discussed this with Hinata and she has assured me that she will manage. But all in the matter, I have asked you here because i would like you two, and Mr Weasley if he wishes, to escort Hinata whilst shes staying here."

Hermione's smile grew as she thought of all the questions she could serenade Hinata in.

"Of course Professor." she said rather quickly

"Sure" said Harry "No problem"

Hinata bowed again in gratitude. "T-Thank you"

"Ah good." said Dumbledore. "Miss Granger, I'm sure you wouldn't mind letting Hinata here stay in your dormitory, would you?"

"Not at all professor." Hermione replied

"Very good then, very good" Dumbledore mumbled "Also, I have given Hinata the option of attending classes here to learn what english magic is like, so she shall also be attending your classes. Now I think that's all...ah yes, if you two wouldn't mind showing her around that too, would be most helpful."

"Yes professor." said Harry. Not long after, he, Hermione and Hinata left Professor Dumbledores office.

"You don't h-have to." Hinata said to them. "Escort me that is. Not if you don't want to."
Harry looked at her. She was watching her feet.

"Of course we do." he said "Especially since if I say no Hermione's going to jinx me." Hermione flicked Harry on the side of the head. "Ow, that hurt." he said, rubbing his temple

Hinata giggled. "You two act like the typical odd couple." Harry and Hermione flinched.

"were not dating" said Harry

"No" Hermione added "No, no, no we are not. Besides, Harry's got a girl already."

"Oh s-sorry.." said Hinata "So who?" she said after a while.

"Ginny Weasley." Hermione said nudging Harry with her elbow as he slightly blushed.

"Alright then," said Hermione "Lets get started on that tour."

Harry and Hermione took their time in showing Hinata around the castle. She was extremely intrigued at things that they had become used to over the years, such as the talking portraits, the moving staircases and the house elves. It reminded Harry of when he had first come to the wizarding world five years ago, when he to was fascinated by everything around him. The trio made their way to the common room where they met up with Ron, as breakfast had finished half an hour ago.

"Where the bloody hell have you two been?" He said, not realising Hinata was behind them. "So what was it about? I would'nt know because I was'nt invited. Was it about that strange girl you found Harry? What am I saying, of course it was!-"

"Er...Ron?" Hermione interupted. She stepped aside revealing Hinata behind her.

"Hello," she said "I'm the s-strange girl that Harry found last n-night, but you can call me Hinata" she smiled.
Ron's ears burned red."

"Oh...Um...Sorry, I didn't mean to-"

"Its ok" she smiled.

For the next hour, the three Hogwarts students and Hinata exchanged knowledge of their homes. Ron explained each of the lessons taken at the school and the teachers who taught them, describing their good and bad points. Hinata laughed when he had described Snapes overly large hooked nose as a trombone.

Hermione, of course wanted to know more about the life of a shinobi, and continuously asked questions. Hinata told them of the clans in her village and the different kinds of abilities different families possessed, such as her byakugan which Harry took great interest in. She told them about the chuunin exams and the other ranks of a ninja and the Hokage. Hermione looked pleased with herself when she discovered that the Hokage was currently a woman.

Harry told Hinata about Quiddich and how it was played.
"Come on and we'll show you the pitch."

As the four headed down to the quiddich pitch there was a loud continuous cracking noise coming from the playing field. Standing in the centre were three boys, one skinny with blonde, sleek hair and two larger ones who seemed to be watching the blonde boy practising jinx's on an owl.

"Ach," Ron said sounding disturbed "Malfoy."

"Lets just go. We'll come back later." said Hermione, turning around.

"Just like a filthy mudblood, hey Granger. Always running away." Malfoy had noticed them and stopped jinxing the owl. Crabbe and Goyle walked up to his side.

"Take that back Malfoy!" yelled Ron "You take that back!" Malfoy gave a snickering laugh.

"And what are you going to do about it Weasley? Hit me with your hammy downs?" Ron pulled out his wand and aimed it straight at Malfoy, who did the same. Ron was prepared to fire the first jinx that came to mind, but Hermione stood between the two boys.

"Hermione what're you doing?!" Ron yelled.

"He's not worth it Ron, lets just go." Hermione lowered Ron's arm and began to turn he and herself around.

"That's it mudbloods, walk away!" Malfoy said with a smug look on his face, but he seemed to have more in mind. Just as the four began to walk back, Malfoy raised his wand again and and opened his mouth to shout a jinx, but before the words escaped his mouth, there was a slight "clink."
Malfoy's wand flew ten feet out of his hands behind him, and next to it was a small throwing knife.
All eyes besides a confused blonde boy, were now on Hinata, who still remained in her throwing position with her eyes surrounded by thick veins.
After a moments silence, she stood up and relaxed her eyes causing the veins to disappear.

"What kind of a freak have you added to your fan club now Potter?"Malfoy spat, still looking a little dazed at what had happened.

"What kind of a witch throws knives and has eyes like that?" He shot Hinata a dirty look. "A mudblood probably, if she's hanging around you Potter."
Harry was about to speak in Hinata's defense, however before her could say anything Hinata had already approached Malfoy.

"How dare you attack someone when their back is turned!" she said harshly. Harry noticed that she did'nt stutter. "That is the most cowardly thing you could do"

Her eyes had once again become surrounded by veins.
Harry, Ron and Hermione were all in shock. From the short time that they had known Hinata, she seemed like she had only a gentle, shy side. Never, would they have expected her to become so frightening.

"How dare you speak to me like that you freak!" Malfoy spat looking slightly frightened of Hinata's eyes. "You ought to go back to where ever you came from!" He raised his arm as if to hit her, but Hinata easily dodged it and tripped Malfoy with a swing of her leg. He lay on the ground red faced, furious and obviously winded. Harry, Ron and Hermione laughed, while Crabbe and Goyle looked unsure of what to do.

Hinata walked the short distance to retrieve her kunai and slipped it into a pouch on her thigh that Harry had remembered from last night. Then she made her way back over to Malfoy, who still had not managed to get back up and leaned over him smiling innocently and said,
"Don't mess with a shinobi."

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