Have you ever seen a raw diamond, just freshly mined? No? Well it usually looks like any old stone. It's sooty, muddy & covered in grime. Put simply it's nothing like the diamond you find in a Jeweller's shop window. Nothing of the sort in fact. To make its way to the jewellers it must undergo a thorough polishing, cutting, cleaning & dusting.

When I first set eyes on you, we were nothing more than 2 children. You- the raw diamond, me- the hilt you were destined to be set in, and time- the effort it took to polish, cut, clean and dust you. Now, after almost a whole childhood spent, 10 years later, I finally, truly understand your worth.

The sun may be hiding, but every now and then it breaks free of its prison behind the clouds & steals a glance. Winking at me. My cheeks flushed red, as if from embarrassment, but now I know better. I may not have known it then consciously, but my mind, soul and body did. They anticipated our reunion, craved it. Diamond to hilt, jewel to safe, soul to lone soul. Both yearning for each other, to be one to be free. The clouds parted and the sun blushed back at me fiercely, as if embarrassed by what he knew and trying to warn me. On the other side of the sky, the moon was fading into nothingness, she'd seen it too. The stars were already gone, but even now they await the return of night eagerly, to or hear my thoughts. The wind blew all around me, and suddenly I was falling falling falling…. All because I'd finally seen my diamond properly.

When I saw you the very first time…