Another poem about Shelby from Higher Ground. I had this written a long time ago, but I altered it to make it more fitting.

Unrelated note: I just found out that I actually have quite some fics. I'm now pretty happy.

She cries in the dark
Not knowing how to stop
She knows when they find out
She'll surely give up

She feels like nobody cares for her
She's all alone in this world
Nobody to hold her in this night
Nobody to tell her it's gonna be alright

She wants so badly to escape
To run from all the pain
But whatever she tries, she knows
It'll always be in vain

For she'll never be completely free
It'll always haunt her mind
She'll always keep the pain inside
Afraid of what she'll find

It hurts so much to even think
It's going to be alright
When all the life she's lived so far
Is nothing but a fight

A fight she knows she can never win
For he is stronger than she
And even when he has been long gone
She knows she'll never be free