"Oh, whatever about Haley. Well anyway, who is that cute guy sitting over there?" I asked curiously, my sparkly blue eyes scanning his perfect features.

"Well... umm, thats Haley's boyfriend," Lauren mumbled reluctantly.

"Ugh! I. Hate. Haley," I gritted through my teeth. Why does she have to have everything I would ever want? I keep hating her more and more each second.

After Lauren and I finished our lunch, (which took only about five minutes because of our empty trays) we headed outside. I then spotted a poster on the school window that read "Prom Wednesday May 12th Main Gym".

"Oh my gosh! Look Lauren there is going to be a prom in four days!!! Thats so soon!" I screeched excitedly.

"Yeah, yeah I know. I pass here everyday by that poster for three weeks now I KNOW," Lauren said clearly irritated by my sudden exclamation.

"Don't you like proms? Why do you sound so-"

"Every year, at every prom Haley always wins Prom Queen at everything. She wins prettiest, she wins most beautiful dress, AND best dancer. She wins EVERYTHING!!! I don't even go to those anymore."

"Well I'm forcing you to come to this one, alright? We can plan something mischievous on Haley and ruin her dress or something. Then, at least she won't win best dress, right? I mean, accidentally spilling an entire punch bowl all over her hair and dress won't get us in too much trouble. You in?" I invented wildly.

"Oh, all right. But you can't tell anyone. No one here at this school is trustable, I'll warn you now... except me of course," Lauren agreed, a hint of excitement in her voice.

"This is going to be great! My mom works at a dress shop so we can get discounts on our dresses! I can do your make-up, oh you are going to look so pretty! I know the perfect dress for you!" The rest of lunch went some-what like this, with me ranting on about the perfect dresses with some occasional comments from Lauren about our revenge for Haley.