Death Note Dreaming

I walked home after school. It felt odd not to have Ryuk like a shadow behind me. We had passed by an apple tree and he had decided to gorge himself, I expected him to be a while, having to eat the apples carefully should anyone notice.

The front door was locked, so I fished out a key, letting myself in. Mother had mentioned that she and my younger sister Sayu would be going shopping this afternoon, and wouldn't be back until late. Father, of course, was so absorbed in his hunt for Kira, I wondered if I would ever see him again before I forgot what he even looked like.
I raided the fridge in the kitchen, pulled out a can of coke and headed upstairs to my room. I paused at my bedroom door. The lead I kept placed on the door was broken, the slip of paper on the floor and the door handle not in its original position. Someone had been in my room. I cautiously opened the door, wondering. It could have been Mother, but then, it could have been anyone. That mysterious someone was revealed, sitting on my bed.
"Hello, Light Yagami," the black haired man murmured. I could see his reflection in the glass doors leading to the balcony, and it was this reflection he used to study my face. He had large dark eyes, with shadows underneath them, his thumb pressed to his pale lips. There was only one person this man in his early twenties could be. Only one person who could get access to my home. The one person I'd been waiting for. I smiled.

"Hello, L."

His eyes never left me, making no movement or facial expression to even indicate he'd heard me. His knees were pressed to his chest, one arm wrapped around them. I hadn't known L would be quite so young, or so odd looking. Not that he was ugly, but rather, his hair spiked naturally in an interesting and pleasing way, if somewhat abnormally, his face still rather nicely shaped. Mmm...I rather liked the way he looked.

My eyes spotted the glossy magazine open beside him, revealing a woman in an erotic pose. I raised my brow. "Having fun?" I questioned. L's eyes turned to the magazine, his thumb leaving his lips as he traced the woman's contours with a long finger.

"No, not really. It's not quite my taste," he replied softly. "And I believe it's not yours, either. Just a prop."

I kept my face devoid of emotion as I undid my school tie. "What makes you think that?"
"At first, just a feeling I had," L murmured, turning his eyes back to me as I flung my bag into the corner. "Supposing you had something to hide, what would a normal seventeen year old boy have to hide? Magazines like the one beside me. If you were Kira, you would have to put on a charade, knowing somehow that there were cameras in your room. How could I tell it was a charade? The way you would sigh in boredom. You showed no...true sign of interest in this material...So, I began to wonder...why would you read a thing that did not interest you? Unless you knew that there were cameras in your room. That meant your father was most likely watching you, and you would not want to show him what really interested you...Which made me could you know there were cameras in your room?"

"That's my little secret," I teased and undid most of the buttons of my shirt. "You're really perceptive, L, but I'm really not surprised. I thought you'd figure it out eventually."

"I've solved harder things than this little puzzle you presented me with, Light Yagami...but I hate leaving puzzles, no matter how insignificant, unsolved."

I fell lazily onto the bed, and cracked open the can of soft drink, drinking it deeply. "Insignificant?" I questioned. L's lips twisted into a smile.

"Have you ever told anyone before?"
"That's something else for you to figure out," I teased, offering him the can. He took it and took a small sip.

"It's not sweet enough," he frowned. His expression became daring, as his eyes traced my chest. I tried to keep my breathing normal, trying to seem apathetic. "How do you suppose I could figure out if you have told anyone before? Should I open up an investigation and question every person you have ever come into contact with? Or perhaps, there's a way to narrow down such possibilities?" L smiled, taking the magazine and tossing it lightly on the floor. His expression changed again, more wary. "Of course, you could just tell me, before I have to resort to other measures." I heard the hidden meanings. I let a grin slide across my face.

"You'd have to torture it out of me," I teased, rolling onto my side, away from him.
"If your father ever realised how much I enjoyed watching you, Light, he would have skinned me alive," L mused. He reached over me to put the can on the bedside table, and settled down until he was lying beside me. "Tell me, Light...what if I told your father the truth about you? The little charade you played, to let him think you were straight?"

"I'd prefer you didn't tell him," I frowned.

"Hmm...but that would have to cost you," L teased, rolling onto his side, perched on his elbow so he could look down at me. His eyes were so dark....

"And what's your price?" I asked, unable to stop my breathing from quickening slightly. L rested his chin on my arm lightly, eyes trained upward on the ceiling innocently.

"Oh, I'm a very curious person. Like I said before, I hate leaving puzzles unsolved. I'd like to know if you've ever told anyone before. So, perhaps I'll have to torture it out of you...and if you tell anyone that I'm gay, I'll tell your father that you're gay, too."

"I suppose I could agree to that," I breathed, my heart racing. L's face moved closer to mine, his eyes locked on mine. He placed his hand on my hip and moved it under my shirt, caressing my skin with his warm palm. I felt a flush of heat course through my body. I wanted to seem like I was in control as he moved his hand to my stomach, rubbing gently, but I couldn't help the little noise that escaped my throat. His lips twisted into a devilish smile.

"Are you okay, Light?" he asked teasingly. "Or are you just a bit nervous? Do I smell innocence in the air?"

I grimaced and reached up to stroke his cheek. He reached down and kissed my neck, inhaling the scent of my hair. I shivered, unable to help myself. His hand left my stomach, trailing upward to my chest, pushing up my shirt so he could run his fingers lightly over my nipples which hardened at his touch. His questing lips left my neck and found my own, kissing me softly at first, but then deeper, with a need. He tasted sweet, like sugar or honey, his breath hot and smelling of candy. I kissed him hungrily, wanting to taste more of him, but he pulled away with a breathless chuckle, and moved my shirt away from my shoulder so he could kiss the skin there. I undid the rest of the buttons on my shirt and tried to remove it, but L rolled me onto my back, straddling me. The shirt was pinned beneath me, preventing me from moving my arms, I could have shifted to allow movement, but L's knees held me tightly on my sides so I couldn't move. My fingers tightened around fistfuls of the blankets as his lips caressed my chest, his tongue finding my nipples and flicking them lightly. I couldn't help the gasp that escaped my lips.

His hands replaced his lips, so he could gaze down at me. His lips were slightly parted, breathing quickly, eyes hungry. He moved his hips slowly, back and forth, making me blush and gasp for breath as more blood pooled to my groin. "Having fun?" he grinned, reminding me of when I had asked him the same thing earlier. He began to suck lightly on my neck, nipping the skin, still rocking slightly. The movement sent electricity through me, and my skin burned, sweat breaking out. Struggling, I managed to free my arms and pulled his body closer, wanting more. Something occurred to me.

"L...What about...the cameras?" I gasped, as his fingers reached beneath himself and undid my belt.

"Would you care...if I recorded us...making love?" he chuckled breathlessly, sitting up again, his dark eyes never leaving me. I bit my lip, a thrill coursing through me.

" Father...?"

"Just relax, Light," L reassured me. "I turned off the cameras, your the moment. He does, however, believe...I'm monitoring you...I'd consider this monitoring you, wouldn't you?" I laughed and he gave me a crooked grin. He kissed me lightly, as I ran my fingers through his hair. His hot breath mixed with my own, and I reached up to kiss his neck. I moaned, biting him gently with my teeth. His gasp filled the room, and I could feel him shudder under my grasp. My lips trailed to his ear, and I traced its contours with my tongue lightly, my breath making him shiver. His grip on me tightened, his breath coming in ragged gasps.

He pulled back, face filled with lust. I gazed at him in confusion, until he moved back and began to undo my pants. I felt a flash of fear, nerves twisting my stomach, yet I wanted him so badly. He grasped handfuls of the material and forced them down to my knees, until I was bare. I was red-faced, and I hoped he didn't notice, as his gaze was lavishing my throbbing member. His eyes flashed quickly to my face before he embraced me with his mouth. The shock made me cry out, my fingers tangling in L's wild hair, my hips bucking forward. He pulled away, eyes mischievous. "Can't you control yourself, Light?" he teased breathlessly. I grimaced in reply again. I was a little more prepared this time, as he guided his head down, kissing my sensitive skin, letting his tongue dart out. I began to sweat more now, my head spinning as he engulfed me with warm wetness. It was like a dream, the sensations going right to my core. I closed my eyes, as he worked slowly into a rhythm, bringing me close to my climax before he stopped. I tried to stifle a groan, but he heard it, giving a chuckle as he pulled off his long sleeved shirt and cast it aside. I gazed up at his pale flesh. I wouldn't have been surprised if my stomach rumbled with hunger for him. He traced my lips with his thumb before kissing me roughly. I arched my back, pressing myself to him. He put one arm underneath me, pulling me up even closer. His free hand cupped me, then began to massage me gently, growing in pressure, becoming faster, faster. I was crying out, my arms tight around his neck, his face buried into mine, our bodies hot and sweaty. "...Hah...hah...."

Once again, before I reached the brink, he slowed down. My muscles ached, exhausted from being so tight and wound up, and I could help my throat getting thick, my eyes pooling. "...Hah...Please, L...I need you...Hah....L," I pleaded. My hands trailed down his sides, and he used a hand to guide mine into his back pockets. My eyes flew open with surprise as my fingers touched something smooth. I pulled it out and brought it to my face to examine it. It was a tube of lubricant. L's eyes were deep with desire, and he reached down to kiss me. "I'm always right," he murmured against my lips, tickling them. "I'll be gentle."

I gazed into his eyes, surprised. His eyes were secretive and knowing. I couldn't help but trust him for this. He took the tube and flicked it open, before lowering it and squeezing a small drop onto the tip of my engorged member. I gasped at the cool temperature on my hot skin, and L laughed. He brought the tube lower, between my legs and felt with a finger for my entrance. It was an odd yet wonderful sensation. He kissed me hungrily, yet I was preoccupied, involved in the feelings as his finger entered me. He pressed around gently, loosening me, before adding another finger. I gasped and burst again into sweat. Everything he did was diaphoretic. He probed around, eyes closed, before inserting the lubricant. I jerked slightly at the cool liquid, but it quickly became warm as his fingers massaged it around. He worked into a rhythm, causing me to cry out again, moans often escaping his lips. "...Hah...Hah...Mmmn...Ah...Oh...Hah....Hah..." My body responded to him, and suddenly, he was sitting up, undoing his jeans, trying to pull them off. He wore no underwear, he was full and ready, and slowly, he guided himself into me. He hissed as he entered, and I gave a strangled gasp. Slowly, L began, and I felt his shoulders break out in sweat. I felt the barest glimmer of pain, something akin to a burning sensation, but it was mixed with the pleasure, making me quickly forget any pain at all as my skin stretched to accommodate his length. "Faster, please," I begged, as he buried his face into my chest. He eagerly complied, still being gentle and considerate, increasing the pace. His hand held me, pumping and stroking at the same time. I was crying out louder than ever now, L doing so as well, his glorious face filled with ecstasy. He reached down to kiss me lovingly at one point, but the world was spinning, lost. Time didn't have much meaning, I couldn't tell if our encounter was long or short, it was both. L surged into me, and I finally reached orgasm, shuddering as my white fluids spilled between us, across my hard stomach. L came moments later, his hot seed filling me.

L collapsed onto me, both of us panting, hot and lathered. It took a while to come back down to earth, to become aware of the cool air on our warm skin. Our breathing slowed, becoming normal, and L shifted on top of me, making himself comfortable. His weight was pleasant, and I let my fingers stroke his messy hair gently.

Against my chest I felt L frown slightly, and he looked up, frown quickly turning into a grin. "I think my investigation is closed. The evidence is conclusive."

"What?" I snorted. He kissed my chest lightly. "I just made love with a virgin."

I flushed. "What makes you think that?" I asked, curious.

"I've solved the world's hardest cases, you know," he teased. His expression softened. "Am I right?"

"Yeah," I admitted, face reddening. He kissed a nipple gently.

"Mmmn...Well, I was just bluffing."

"What?" I groaned, eyes flying open. He grinned, tracing my skin with a finger.

"My first time...I came too early. You didn't, you were perfect. But I saw how nervous you were for a while there. How embarrassed you got when I first tried to open your pants. Of course, confidence is an issue for most people, so it was not conclusive to prove you were a first timer. So, I thought I would bluff. If you were not, you would deny it. I was rather counting on the fact you would be honest."

"Now I know why they call you the best," I grimaced. L got up and dressed, then reached down to kiss me softly, eyes full of some unreadable emotion.

"If I were the best, I would have figured out how you kill people, Kira," he murmured. My eyes opened wide with shock, unprepared, and he gave me a tight smile before leaving. I lay there for a moment, before getting up and racing out after him. I collided with him on the stairs, and we fell down them painfully. He scowled at me, rubbing the back of his head. I pulled myself onto him, pressing my lips to his. Slowly, he relaxed. "What is this about, Light?" he asked.

"If I were Kira, wouldn't it be to your advantage to keep me happy?" I pointed out. "Right now, I want you." L stroked my hair softly.

"Your Father will be home soon. I can't be here when he arrives."

"L, think it through," I urged him, desperate. "Maybe you can break me down, force a confession out of me. Just stay with me. I want you inside me, always. Please."
"Light...You're just a kid," he pointed out.

"I'm seventeen. You're not much older than me. I'm not a kid," I growled. He pushed me back, his features becoming hard.

"No. This was a one time thing. Get a real boyfriend. You cannot just fall for the first guy who sleeps with you."

"I'm not in love with you," I scowled, hurt. "I just don't want anyone else. You're the only me."
"I am not like you. I'm not a killer."

"What am I supposed to do? The law isn't doing enough," I snapped. "I'm the best justice that ever touched this world. I'm not a killer, it's a life for a life."

L's hard face became knowing and gentle. I realised my mistake. I'd just agreed that I was Kira! L touched my lips with a soft finger. "Are you going to tell me how you do it, Kira?"

"No," I whispered, angry at myself. How could I lose control like this?
L caressed my cheek. "Let's make a deal then. As long as you don't kill anyone, I'll make love to you as much as you want." I stared at him in surprise. What? Could I give up my dream like that? I was give in was to lose, to prove that their justice was right. I bit my lip. Which did I value more? L kissed my forehead, and pushed me away again. "Give it some thought, Light. I'm going to turn the cameras back on, so when you want to talk to me, just say it aloud, and I'll be there."

I watched him silently as he got up and left, shutting the door quietly behind himself.


I lay on my bed, thinking about the encounter a week ago. Unobtrusively, I sniffed the blankets. At first, I imagined I could still smell him, and remember the taste. I bit back a sigh. He was probably watching me, after all, Father was home, so most likely he was. I buried my face into my pillow, to hide my grin from the cameras. Knowing that L was watching me, I made a bit of a show for him, undressing ever so slowly, exaggerating my movements slightly. Father wouldn't really understand, but it amused me to picture L staring at the screens in a dark room somewhere, knowing what I was doing.
I knew it was childish, but I wasn't going to give in easily to his demands. I'd set up deaths in the Death Note in advance, but I had reached the last few names. I needed more recent criminals...but if I killed more people, L would refuse me. I bit my lip. Why couldn't he understand? The world was wasting away, filled with rotten people, filth to the perfect society I wanted to create. Couldn't L just forget that I was Kira for a moment and make love to me just once more? I heard my father downstairs laugh at the television. Hmmm...

I got up and locked the door, and then went to my bookshelf, pulling out the magazine L had been examining. This would stir him up. I crawled back onto my bed, and lay back, flicking through it. I brought all the erotic pictures I could think of (most of them involving L) and breathing a bit faster, I unbuttoned my jeans slowly and let my hand wander down. I tried not to give a laugh, imagining L's reaction as I slowly began to pleasure myself. I got a bit carried away, when my phone rang. I pulled it out of my pocket and answered it, forcing my voice to something somewhat normal.


"What the hell do you think you're doing?" L demanded. I rolled my eyes.

"Having fun."

"You wouldn't have any idea if you were embarrassing yourself, now would you? I might not be the only one watching."

"Who said I was jerking off for you? I was bored," I lied, almost convincing myself as I pulled my hand out of my jeans. "This is the sort of reason why putting cameras in people's homes is illegal."

"Trust me, I don't enjoy doing it. Watching you is the most mundane thing I can possibly think of to fill my time, but should someone walk into this room right now, I suggest you stop what you're doing," he said forcefully. I sighed and slipped my hand back down.

"I don't care, L. Besides, I have to keep up appearances, don't I? I'm playing the role of a normal horny seventeen year old boy, right?"

"You're not a kid, you're nearly an adult," he snapped.
I grinned. "Really? Somehow, I can remember you saying I was a kid, and I was the one telling you I wasn't."

"Light, don't be difficult."

"If you don't want to watch me doing my thing, turn off the cameras. It's easy."

L's tone softened. "Light...Don't you know how jealous you're making me? You're not playing fair. Are you trying to make me give in?"

"Yeah, that was my plan," I admitted. "Was it working?"

"Yes, so I rang you to try to make you stop."
"I thought so. I'm not going to stop, not until you give in."

"Light...please. I'm not going to sleep with you until you stop killing people," his voice seductive.

I frowned in thought. "So...if I can go a whole day without killing someone, you can reward me with sex?" L laughed.

"If that's the way you want to do it, yes."

It was giving in, just a little...but what was one day? Just one day and I'd get L to myself. Just once was enough to satisfy me...I hoped. "Alright. I'll stop killing then, but you have to sleep with me."

"Of course. Are you sure you can go a whole day without killing?" he teased. I rolled my eyes.

"Tomorrow, alright? Just this once. Don't think I'm going to stop killing totally. I don't need you."

"Sparing one life is enough for me," he said softly. "I'll let you know where to meet me, alright? Light...please try. I do want you."

I hung up and pulled my hand out of my pants, sighing as I pulled the blankets over myself. A whole wasn't much. I could handle it. I just couldn't let it become a habit. I had a world to create.


"The Death Note has no more names in it," Ryuk commented to me pointedly in class. "When are you going to write down some more?"

Tomorrow, I scrawled on a scrap of paper. "Why? Aren't you going to kill anybody today?"

No. I thought I'd give it a break.

"A break? Since when have you ever given the Death Note a break?" Ryuk cackled. I rolled my eyes and looked out of the window, trying to still the thrill of excitement in my stomach. I would be meeting L tonight.... Ryuk groaned. "Light, why do you keep doing that?"

I gave him a questioning look. "You won't stop looking out that window. You've been weird all day. It's creeping me out. Stop it," he demanded. I smirked and pointedly stared out of the window again. He growled angrily and walked out of the room through the blackboard.

I knew I could write names in the Death Note and make the deaths accidental, but the idea repulsed me. I didn't want to cheat. I had to see if I could stop. I wanted to earn L, fair and square.

The day didn't go quick enough, and I sat in my room, waiting for L to ring. Around eight, he finally did. "I've checked everything thoroughly," he explained, voice full of concern. "No criminals have died of mysterious heart attacks."

"I told you I could stop if I wanted to," I grinned. He gave a breathless chuckle.

"I doubted you could do it. Thank you."

"Where's my reward?" I laughed. He gave me an address, and I hung up. Ryuk gave me a look. I tried to keep my face impassive. Father wasn't home, and I told Mother the same story; I was going to a meet some friends to study. Ryuk tried to follow me, and outside, I made him stop. "I'm going over to a friend's place to study. It's probably going to be boring, I'm not going to kill anyone. Can you entertain yourself for a few hours?"

Ryuk shrugged his massive shoulders and bit into an apple. "So where are you really going?" he asked casually. "I heard your conversation on the phone. You told someone you're Kira, didn't you?"

"Yeah, just a friend. Look, I don't want to be late, Ryuk. I'll tell you all about it when I get back, okay?" I would go straight to bed, and I would have all morning in the cameras to think about a lie I could tell him. How could I tell him that that friend was L?
The address L gave me was a rather expensive hotel. I went into the elevator which had a glass wall, so I could see the lights of the city before me. I walked to the room L was in, and knocked lightly. The door flew open and L stood there, looking breathless, eyes sparkling with excitement. I laughed as he reached for me, pulling me close, kissing me hungrily. He pulled me into the darkened room, shutting the door. We walked down a short hallway, which led to a large living room, with one whole wall made of glass showing the lights again. They illuminated the room perfectly. L kissed my neck, and pulled off my shirt, tossing it onto the floor somewhere. He tore off his own and pulled me close, kissing me with a tangible need. We fell onto the carpeted floor, L on top of me, his hands exploring my body, his tongue tracing patterns along my chest.
"I missed you," he admitted, sitting up, his hands resting on my hips. I pulled him down until we were hugging.

"I missed you, too," I whispered in his ear. He gave a chuckle, and ran his fingers lightly over my skin, making me shiver.

"Isn't it strange? Enemies making love?" he breathed. I ran my fingers through his hair.

"I know," I agreed. "But I don't want to make love with anyone else."
"Why?" he asked curiously. I flushed. "I already told're like me."
"In some ways, but I'm not-"

"A killer, I know." He nodded and kissed my cheek. "Light...can I tell you something?"


"I don't want to sleep with anyone else but you, too."

I gazed up at him in surprise. He smiled warmly and caressed my ear with his tongue. I hooked my legs around him, trying to pull him closer. He complied, his tongue moving to my nipples, sucking with an intensity that had me gasping. His long fingers trailed down along my stomach, but I pulled him up, so I could ministrate the same pleasures on him, taking his nipple into my mouth and pulling gently with my teeth. He cried out, gasping, arching his back. I groaned, my hands undoing his jeans, our skin hot. Soon, I had him in my hands, massaging him. He was crying out on each stroke, as was I, caught up in pleasuring him. "Mmn...mmn...mmn..."

His fingers slipped into my jeans, fingering my entrance, rubbing in time. I cried out even louder, whimpering. Soon, we were covered in sweat, gasping for breath. L reached into his pocket and pulled out the lubricant. I couldn't pull my jeans of fast enough, and neither could he.

L put the lubricant on his throbbing member and pulled me onto his lap. I placed my hands on his shoulders as I lowered myself onto him, shuddering. He held his breath, letting it out slowly. He buried his face into my neck, hands on my hips, urging me to move. I shifted slightly, and began to surge, breaking into a fast pace, crying out with him. "Ah! Ah! Ah!" Finally, we collapsed onto the carpet, me on him, in his arms, shaking with the release as I spurted onto his stomach. I trembled in his arms, and he stroked my hair until our breathing slowed. I felt hot and sticky.

"L...?" I asked softly. He caressed my cheek with a finger.


"If I don't kill anyone tomorrow...?"

"I'll be here waiting," he smiled, kissing the top of my head. I sighed sleepily, and closed my eyes, content. A phone rang, interrupting us. L reached for his jeans and pulled out the annoying phone, holding it to his ear in a weird but unique way. "Yagami, what is it?" he asked. I stiffened in L's arms, to reassure me, he continued to stroke my hair. "Yes, that's why I left Watari there with you...I suppose...No, not yet...Yes, Light is still a suspect. In fact, I'd say he's our number one suspect," L said into the phone, a smile on his lips as he looked at me. "Really? How strange. You see, Light is with me right now." I gazed at him in shock. He pressed a finger to my lips. "I'm interrogating him...No, he's not aware of who I am, he thinks I'm just an innocent friend asking questions...So far? Nothing conclusive...No, do not say anything to him...Of course...Yes, I'll make the suggestion." He hung up the phone and hugged me tightly. "Well, Light, your father got rather impatient with watching his family, and asked me if it was still necessary, mentioning you, after all, you are the most likely to be Kira in that household. So, I'm just a friend that you were studying with, secretly investigating you. You can come to me every night, and I'll make up some conversations for the investigation, provided you don't kill anyone."

I ran my fingers lightly over his nipples and watched him shiver. "Can I have a shower?" I asked quietly.

"Of course," he murmured, kissing the top of my head. He gave me directions and I gathered up my clothes and headed to the bathroom. I turned on the hot water and stepped under it, washing away the sweat and seed. I leaned against the cold tiles, upset. I was torn between L and my sense of justice. A moment later, L stepped into the shower, sucking on a lollipop. He was frowning as he caressed my cheek. "Are you okay?" he asked, holding the lollipop. I buried my face into his neck.

"You're making me choose between my idea of justice and you," I murmured. L was silent, simply holding me. Finally, he spoke.

"I'm not going to argue with you about justice. Our ideas about it differ greatly, but Kira and L...they aren't L and Light. Right now, it's you and I, Light. You need to choose who you want to be. Light or Kira. I don't want to be with Kira, only Light. Can you understand that?"

"Kira hates you," I whispered. "But...I love you."
He kissed me gently under the running water. "I love you too, Light."
Could Light defeat Kira? Which would conquer? Love? Or hate?

L gently turned me around and kissed the back of my neck before washing my shoulders. His hands were quick and soft, making me shiver happily more than once. I slowly washed him in return, savouring the feel of his skin. When we turned off the water, he passed me a towel and wrapped one around his waist. I buried my face into the soft fluffy material, making L laugh, until the phone rang again. Still grinning, he went to answer it as I got dressed. I walked out into the living room, and found him standing by the glass wall, staring out at the city. I smiled at him, and wrapped my arms around his waist. He grabbed my hands and ripped them away, giving me a frosty glare.

"Don't," he growled. My eyes flew open in surprise.

"Are you okay?" I asked tentatively. He made a derisive sound in the back of his throat.

"I just got a phone call, Light. Five criminals have just died in prison of heart attacks with no previous history of ill health."
I stared at him in shock. "What?"

"So, after I slept with you, it's okay to be Kira again?" he snarled. "You can control the time of death, remember? I'm such an idiot. I couldn't trust you."

"But no one was supposed to die today," I told him honestly, mystified. "It wasn't me."
"Then who was it? Another Kira?" he snapped. "Get out of here, Light."

"L, I'm serious," I frowned. "I didn't do it." Who else could have done such a thing? Who else had a Death Note? Oh no.... "Ryuk," I muttered to myself in disgust. He must have wanted to spice things up a bit. He'd heard my conversation, he must have thought I'd made a bet on whether or not I could stop killing, and he'd killed five people, making it look like I had done it. The only way to prove I hadn't done it was to show L my Death Note, show him that the names weren't written down, but that was crazy. That was giving him evidence that I was Kira, and he was the enemy. He would execute me....
"L, I'm sorry," I told him. "I can't prove it, but it wasn't me. You have to believe me."

"You just used me," L snapped back. "I'm not going to believe you, you're just a killer. You're worse than those you kill, Kira. You tricked me."
"L, it wasn't me!"

"You're a liar."

"Just go, alright? I've got work to do."

I nodded weakly and left, feeling sick to the stomach. I walked solemnly home, blinking back tears of shame a few times on the way, until I found Ryuk sitting outside the house, his lips curved into a large grin. "You look a bit upset, Light. Did something happen?" he asked, cackling. I gave him a glare.

"Why did you do that?" I demanded.
"So I'm guessing you didn't get your 'reward' then? What was it? I was hoping it was really good."

"It was worth more than the Death Note," I spat, striding inside so I wouldn't have to talk to him. Ryuk's face was filled with surprise and curiosity.

"What could be more important than the Death Note? Light! Light! Go outside again and tell me! Or write it down. What's more important?"

I headed straight up to my room and climbed into bed, fully clothed. Ryuk was persistent. "Light, tell me! What's more important? Apples? No...don't tell humans are all the same. How about love? Is it love, Light? No...that can't be it," Ryuk muttered to himself. "It has to be a physical thing, right? It was a reward...Hmmm...Oh, come on, Light! Tell me what it was! What's more important than the Death Note!?"

Maybe I should just burn the Death Note. It was more trouble than it was worth. A thought occurred to me. I would kill more people than before, and I'd blackmail L. I'd tell him that I wouldn't stop until he believed me. No...I couldn't do that. It was forcing L's hand. No. I couldn't. What could I do? I wouldn't kill anyone. Not one until he decided he could trust me again. Yes. It seemed like the only way.

In the morning, Father was at home, so I knew it was L's turn to watch. I sat on my bed, and spoke quietly. "I'm really sorry, L. You have to believe me, I didn't do it. Kira isn't going to kill anybody for a while...Please, L. I didn't do it." My phone remained silent. I found Ryuk floating around outside, ready for another day of mischief.

"So, are you going to kill anyone today, Light?" he asked. I shook my head firmly.

"Why not?" he asked. I kept my mouth shut tight. Ryuk did a flip in the air. "Is it because I killed those people yesterday?"
"Yeah, it is," I snapped at him. "I'm not going to use the Death Note for a long time, now. We're going to see how long I can go without it if I really want to."
"Is it a part of a bet?" Ryuk leered. "If it is, I'll just ruin it for you and carry on your work. I'll kill criminals each day. It really spices things up a bit, doesn't it?"
I bit back a cry of anger. There was nothing I could do to gain L's trust again! Ryuk just ruined my plan to stop killing people. I hadn't even considered Ryuk into this plan, when I should have. He was the reason I was in this mess. Ryuk couldn't stop laughing all the way to school. In the afternoon, when school ended, I knew I had to do something. I ditched Ryuk, travelled to the hotel and went up the elevator to L's room. I knocked on the door, head spinning with things to say. 'I'm sorry' didn't quite meet the bill. One of the cleaning staff gave me a smile. "Sorry dear, but if you're looking for the men that were in that room, they left this morning."

"Did one of them walk kind of strange?" I asked. The woman nodded enthusiastically.

"Why, yes, that's him. He and that old man left."

"I don't suppose you know where they were going?" I asked half-heartedly. She shook her head.

"No, I'm sorry."

I fought back tears of frustration and left the hotel. I went home, bitter with defeat and sat at the table for dinner. "You're awfully quiet today, Light," Mother commented. "Are you feeling okay?"
"I'm fine," I told her shortly, stuffing rice into my mouth quickly. Father sighed, finished with his meal.

"I wonder what's wrong with people today. Even L seemed down."

I pretended not to care and finished my meal. Sayu offered me some water, and I drank it down as quickly as I could. I stared at the empty glass for a moment. It seemed to be the perfect metaphor for me. Empty.

I looked through the glass to see my Father, and an answer came to me. I spoke quietly to him after dinner. "Father, can I speak privately with you?"

"Of course, Light. In my study?" I nodded and followed him in, Ryuk floating in through the wall. I shut the door carefully and sat down on a chair, wrapping my arms around my legs.

"Father...I want to tell you something."

"What is it, Light?" Father asked, concerned. I prayed L was listening closely. I was about to confess.

"Light, are you going to give up? Were you serious when you said you weren't going to use the Death Note anymore?" Ryuk asked me. "What are you doing? What about the cameras? Are you going to tell everyone about you being Kira?"

"Father...I'm...I'm gay," I announced, closing my eyes, hugging my knees tightly. Both Father and Ryuk were silent with shock. I opened my eyes slowly, gazing into my father's shocked brown eyes. "I wanted you to know," I told him softly. Ryuk exploded.

Father couldn't hear the shouting, and I was so numb that I almost couldn't either. "Light...Thank you for telling me," he said slowly. "I imagine it must have been difficult for you to do so. Does...does anyone else know?"

"Only one other person. Are you...angry at me?"

"Angry? Of course not, Light! How could you think such a thing? You're my son, I will always love you, no matter what. I never quite imagined you," he forced out the word. I bowed my head.

"I tried not to be...but I can't help it." That would explain the magazines he saw on the cameras. Father reached over and put a hand on my shoulder.

"Don't be ashamed, Light. My father might not have been so understanding...but it's a new world, right? Things that weren't accepted then are okay now. I just want you to know, there's nothing you could do to disappoint me."

Unless I was Kira, I wanted to point out. No doubt L was thinking the same thing. "Can you not tell Mother or Sayu?" I asked quietly. Father nodded and tousled my hair.

"Thanks," I told him gratefully, and headed quickly up to my room, leaving Ryuk. I slumped on my bed and covered myself with the blankets, hiding myself so I could hide my tears from L. The phone rang in my pocket. It had to be L. I held it to my ear slowly. "Hello?" I whispered.

"Light...Why did you do that?" L asked quietly. I cleared my throat twice, trying to get rid of the lump there.

"I can't stop people from dying," I whispered. "I'm not the only one. So I told Father...I wanted to do something to show you I'm serious. I didn't do it."

"I believe you, Light," he whispered back. "I'm sorry."

"Can I see you?" I asked.

"Yes," he replied. He gave me a new address and I pretended for my parents that I was going to bed, and then slipped casually out of the house, making doubly sure Ryuk wasn't around to follow me. I made it to the hotel, and knocked on the door. L answered it, not greeting me like before. Instead, he reached for my hand and let me inside the darkened apartment. He led me to a bedroom, and we lay down on the bed, holding one another. L slipped into his habit of stroking my hair, and feeling better than I had in what felt like ages, I fell asleep next to his warmth, my head buried into his chest.


I opened my eyes slowly. I saw white material in front of my eyes. I smiled, remembering where I was. L's arms were still wrapped around me, breathing softly. I sat up and looked down at him. He looked so peaceful in sleep, even amusing with his mouth slightly open. I reached down and kissed his unresponsive lips, kissing him until he woke up and pulled me closer.
"Good morning," he murmured, voice heavy with sleep. I kissed his temple, and he yawned.

"I should have gone home last night," I groaned, remembering how I'd snuck out. L simply shrugged and traced my chest with his fingers lightly, making me shiver.

"I think you should get a reward for what you did last night," he smiled. "Telling your father must have been difficult, like he said."

"I did it for you."

"I know."

He kissed me gently, and then deepened the kiss, moving his hand to my stomach. I gave a happy moan and he slowly undressed me, kissing my skin where he revealed it. I tenderly kissed him back, paying special attention to his shoulders, then working my way down to the strip of dark hair that led into his jeans. I kissed the skin beneath his navel, watching the way he tensed, the way his breathing became faster. I pulled down his jeans to his knees and let my warm breath sweep over his sensitive skin. I took him in my mouth, swirling my tongue around the head first before taking more of him in. He groaned, his fingers tightening in my hair. I suckled deeply, taking him in as much as I could, eager. His hips ground forward, and I held them down.

"Oh, Light," he sighed, eyes closed, lips smiling. I increased the pressure, making him gasp and jerk beneath me. I burst into a sweat, my own swollen member feeling neglected. I released L and searched his pockets knowingly. I pulled out the familiar lubricant, and made L roll onto his stomach. I pulled down my jeans to my own knees and fingered L's entrance. He moaned and cried out as my fingers worked him, but I couldn't wait. I covered myself quickly in the lubricant and inserted myself into him. We both cried out. He was warm and inviting, and I surged in, L's cries in my ears as my hips touched his rounded cheeks. He arched his back, meeting me on every stroke, back tensed. My fingers dug into his hips, making my movements rougher and harder. I hadn't done this before, I struggled with myself to be gentle on him, but he was crying out for me to go faster. His passage throbbed, squeezing me, making me delirious with desire.
"Hah! Hah! Hah!" I cried. "Mmmn...L....Hah...."

"Light, Light," he moaned. I found his stiff shaft and massaged it, trying to time it to my pumping the way he did so well. He let out a strangled cry, and inflamed my passions to an impossible degree. He came in my hand, and I soon collapsed on top of him, coming inside of him. We fell sideways on the bed, I was still inside him, and I held his hot, damp body close, gasping for breath.

I wasn't completely sure why, but my eyes filled with tears. I buried my face into his back, biting the insides of my cheeks so I wouldn't make a sound, purposely keeping my breathing slow to hide the sniff from my breathing. "Light...are you crying?" he asked hesitantly.

"No," I mumbled, tracing my fingers along his ribs. Tears slid down my cheeks. L rolled over, and I tried in vain to bury my face into the mattress, but he forced my chin up, revealing me. He gently kissed away my tears and stroked my hair in that wonderfully familiar way.

"What could a beautiful boy like you be crying about?" L breathed, his warm breath tickling my face. I flushed with embarrassment. "I don't really know. Just…everything, I guess." "Light…Can I tell you something?" he whispered, onyx eyes serious. I nodded, curious, as I wiped my eyes. "You are unbelievable at sex. I've never had anyone as…what is the word I'm looking for? Inimitable. You are imitable. Incomparable to anyone else." He kissed my neck. "Which is one of many reasons why I have grown to love you. You are intelligent, in this you remind me of myself."

"You're the one who's beautiful," I mumbled, running my finger along the length of his straight, perfect nose. He smiled and kissed me. "I assure you, Light, you are the most talented, beautiful boy I have ever known."

"Boy?" I questioned. He chuckled lightly in my ear, still stroking my hair.

"You're a mere teenager with more power than I can imagine. How can I word this? Keeping Kira absent is something I enjoy doing. I want to be with you always, and keeping Kira asleep is just a wonderful bonus. Light…you are just a teenage boy. I am an adult. Older than you. Whatever would your father think?"

"Who cares what he thinks?"

"You never intend to tell him you're…with me?"

I could see where this thought was leading him. "L…I want to, but I don't know how. Right now, what do you think he's going to say when he finds out you've been sleeping with your number one suspect, and his son? You've been watching me, and he's going to think you've just been using your position to spy on me."

"You are quite right, Light," he sighed, running his fingers down my chest and across my belly. "But that was not the original topic. We were discussing our ages."

"Right. And we've discussed it before. You're only what? Four years or so older than me? L, it doesn't matter. You could be old, grey and drool when you're making love and I'd still love you."

"Old and grey? Drool? Ugh, I'd rather die years before then," he grimaced, nose wrinkling in an adorable way. He sighed and lay back. "I'm hungry. Would you like something to eat?"

I grinned. "Is there anything that doesn't have any sugar in it?" I asked. L rolled his eyes and kissed me gently, then smiled mischievously.

"There is one thing."

"And what is that?"

"Well…I guess I'd have to show you what I mean."

L moved his hand, rubbing my spent member. I grinned, and pushed him onto his back.

"In that case, I'm practically starving," I told him, licking my lips in a way that I hoped looked seductive. His breathing became heavier, and I ran my fingers along his bare body, moving down until I had him in my mouth, suckling gently.
A phone rang, startling us both. "Don't you ever turn that thing off?" I frowned. L stroked my cheek with a finger and answered it, smiling.

"Hello?" I watched as his eyes widened slightly in surprise, listening. "Yes…I was…I did…Yes…I did not think it was necessary. It was seemed irrelevant unless I could relate it directly to…Yes, I am aware…Because right now he's with me."

I looked up at him, but he was staring sightlessly at the ceiling, jaw tight. "Think what you want, Yagami…An idea in only a day? You weren't so hostile to the fact last night…Is that so? Perhaps I have, but I saw no reason to mention the fact. It was merely a suspicion at first…Matsuda said what?" L sat up so quickly, I nearly fell off the bed. He grabbed my arm to prevent my fall, his face frozen in surprise. "He did? I know, I was…I thought if I was there…No one was present. I'd been watching all afternoon, Light was the only one…He did, did he? I would like to speak with Matsuda myself. In fact, bring everyone here. I have a mind to speak to you all. Light is here also, as I've pointed out…What do you want to do, Yagami? Check the sheets? Agreed. Get Watari for directions. I will be waiting here." L hung up and slumped instantly. I sat opposite him, worried.

"What is it, L?"

"Matsuda, a detective working on the case turned on the cameras that first day I came to see you. I was unaware of it. He watched us, and kept the details of our encounter to himself. Your father was at Headquarters, where I left Matsuda in control. Matsuda reviewed the last few minutes, where you confessed, and he told your father the truth about our relationship."

I paled. "They know I'm Kira."

His eyes hardened. "They suspect as much, yes. Your father can't believe it."
I felt like a total idiot. "What am I going to say? What will Father think of me? I agreed not to kill people, in return, you promised to sleep with me."

"Light, leave everything to me; I know these people better than you do. You're just a child, in your father's eyes, and you've become Kira through some evil force. You are still Light to him, but I'm the real Kira to him. I've taken away your innocence."

"L, Matsuda…watched us? And now he's gone and shown everyone else?"

"In simple words…yes."

I burned with shame and embarrassment, but L still managed to keep his head held high. Wasn't he at all concerned? His ass was on video! Our faces filled with ecstasy. L stroked my forehead gently. "Light, you have nothing to worry about. I'm not going to let you be charged. You're my beautiful boy, don't forget that."

I watched as he got up and got dressed, before handing me my own clothes. He tried to help me dress, but only hindered me, kissing me. I was gloomy, ready to face my fate. I'd lost. Kira was caught. I was going to rot in jail for the rest of my life. L ran his fingers through my hair to neaten it, not bothering with his own and led me to the kitchen. He pulled out a bowl of fruit from the fridge and a bottle of chocolate topping from a cupboard. "Don't you trust me, Light?" he asked quietly, tilting up my chin to stare me in the eyes. "Nothing is going to happen to you."

That didn't allay my fears at all. "What about you?" I asked, beginning to panic. He stroked my cheek, smiling.

"Nothing that I can't handle. Now, do you want breakfast?"

I tried to forget my fears, and tried to distract myself in L's idea of breakfast. He peeled a banana and poured chocolate all over it, then reached for some sugar and poured it over the chocolate coated banana. I stared in wonder. He put his lips slowly over it, savouring the taste and reminding me of the other use he'd put his mouth to. I squirmed in my seat, obviously his intention. L offered me the banana, but there was no way I could eat it and not feel sick, so I reached for a plain one of my own. I slowly unpeeled it, trying to keep my expression clear as I slowly licked the tip of it, then along its length. L grinned and made a show of sucking his own banana. I stifled a smile and brought my banana to my lips, intending to kiss it, but it fell, into my lap. I stared with surprise for a moment, before L began to laugh, making me laugh with him. I picked up the banana gingerly, when my Father entered the room with a group of other men and one woman, his team of detectives.

The laugh died in my throat and my smile slid off my face. L took the banana from my fingers, tossing it lightly into the bin and thrusting an apple at me. "Good morning, Chief Yagami, I see you've brought the whole team. Excellent. I rather prefer not having to repeat things."

"You intend to explain things, then?" Father barked, shoulders heaving the way they did when he was angry. An old man left the group and went to L, passing him a bar of chocolate and a sheet of paper.

"Thank you, Watari," L bid him, reading the paper quickly before handing it back.

"I keep some cereal and toast if you prefer," Watari smiled at me. "L isn't the best at preparing breakfast, or rather, any meal." L rolled his eyes at the old man. Was this man L's father? No, they looked nothing at all alike. I remembered the cleaning woman from the other hotel. She'd said that L and an old man had left. Was Watari L's butler?

"I'll be fine with this," I mumbled, biting into the apple, losing any trace of an appetite. L shrugged and continued to eat his own banana, chocolate dripping onto his fingers.

"How long do we have to wait, L?" Father asked. L gestured to the couch and other chairs.

"Make yourselves comfortable. Watari, would you take Light for a walk?"

"What if he runs away?" the woman asked, frowning. L turned his gaze to her.

"I assure you, he won't. Even if he wanted to, he wouldn't be able to."
I heard a clicking noise, and saw Watari put a handcuff on his wrist. I gave him my wrist and he put the other cuff on me. I understood.

"I still don't like it," the woman muttered, sitting down on a chair. "But I won't argue."

"I don't expect you to," L shrugged, licking the chocolate off of his fingers. "It's the only option I'm going to allow."

I got to my feet and followed Watari out of the room, down the elevator and out of the hotel. The apple was almost forgotten in my hand, but I couldn't bring myself to eat it. Watari gave me a comforting smile. "Don't worry, Light. Leave everything to L."

"How long have you known him?"

"Since he was a small boy," he chuckled. "Such a strange boy he was, too."

"You raised him?"

"Yes," Watari nodded, eyes becoming sad. "I created an orphanage for bright minds. He is like a son to me."

"What was he like? As a kid?"

"Oh, incredibly bright. And strange," he smiled. "Every time there was a storm, he'd drag me out and he'd go look at all the snails and the puddles. He was very enamoured with the rain, always looking at his reflection in the rain. I'm not sure he ever liked what he saw. He was intelligent, when he was ten, I was no match for him in chess. He's got an incredible stomach, he's not diabetic, and he's perfectly healthy. I had to force him through his whole life to eat fruit and vegetables. He'd still pour chocolate over it anyway." He grew lost in memories, and I took a bite of my apple.



"L told me that he loves me. Has he told that to…many people?"

Watari smiled, closing his eyes. "The only person he's ever said it to is me, being the only father in his life." His eyes opened. "I swear I heard him say it once to his computer when it saved an important document, does that count?"

I laughed, giddy. He really did love me. He had to, right? He wasn't just saying it because I was Kira? "Watari? When did L tell you he…was gay?"

"Oh…That was a long time ago…He was…fifteen, I think."


Watari pointed to the gathering clouds in the sky. "Looks like rain. You might get to see L splash in the puddles like a little boy again. It's the only time he lets himself go."

"I'd like to see that," I smiled, hoping for rain. I looked up at the hotel, trying to find the window of his room. Would he be looking down at us? Would he be okay?

"Light, the only important thing for you right now is to just stay calm. L will handle things, you'll see," Watari consoled me. I sat on a park bench, and Watari sat beside me.

"How can things be alright?" I asked him. "I'm Kira. I did it. I promised L I wouldn't kill anyone just so he'd love me."
Watari put his hand on my shoulder. "Trust me, L would still love you, even if you didn't promise."

I hoped he was right. Maybe hope was too weak a word. Wished. Prayed. Begged.

Watari's phone finally rang, the conversation only lasting a few seconds before Watari escorted me back to the hotel. My heart began to race as we got closer to L's room. The door was unlocked, and all the detectives were still there. Father, too.

"Light," L smiled at me. I couldn't tell the emotions in the room. He held out his hand, perched oddly on the chair. I awkwardly took his hand and he squeezed it reassuringly. "We've come to a decision, Light. You're going to be living with me for a while. To make sure I'm not turning a blind eye, these detectives will be rotating, spending periods of time with us. Of course, if you confess, we'll have to take action and you'll be put forth on trial. We're going to be watching you just like before, to make sure you don't kill anyone. Hopefully, this ensures you don't have the time or privacy to kill anyone. If we catch you, we'll take things further, and put you on trial. You see, we don't have any proof that you're the one doing it. No solid evidence."
I frowned.

"But you will. If I were Kira, killings would stop as long as I am under observation. That would be evidence enough, right?" But I had told L that I couldn't stop it. Ryuk was having too much fun imitating me, trying to make me lose my 'bet'. So as long as Ryuk still killed people while I was under observation, I'd be safe…but how long would I be under observation and how long would Ryuk still keep killing people?

"Exactly," L murmured. Ah. So he remembered, and he was counting on that fact. He was going to clear my name on this chance that Ryuk still kept killing while I was under observation.

Was there some way I could convince Ryuk to keep killing? He would have to follow Father here, which I wouldn't put past him once Father announced to Mother and Sayu that I wasn't coming home. Father would have to get me clothes, and Ryuk would follow him to see where I was. I would then have to trick Ryuk with clever words so no one else would still understand. I'd have to let Ryuk think the bet was still on and the stakes were higher. I'd have to give it as some kind of warning as 'don't kill anyone', and hopefully Ryuk wanted to make me lose. It was a plan that relied too heavily on chance.

"Father, if I'm staying with L, I'll need some clothes then," I told him, my eyes trained on the floor. "Mother knows what I'll want."

"Alright, Light," Father murmured, standing. The other detectives except for one took it as a sign to leave. Soon, it was just Watari, L, the young detective and I. L introduced me to him.

"Light, this is Matsuda."

"Matsuda?" I asked, eyes narrowing. I'd love to kill him of all people. L didn't say anything else, simply getting to his feet and leading me back to the bedroom, and pushing me on the bed. He didn't intend to make love now did he? He lay down beside me, stroking my hair.

"If things don't work out, I still have a plan," he whispered. "Many plans in fact."

I buried my face into his chest, relieved. He held me close, until I fell asleep.

I opened my eyes. Everything was blurry at first, but finally came into focus. I was alone on L's bed. I stretched and got up, padding out. Watari was cooking in the kitchen, and L was playing chess with Matsuda. It appeared Matsuda was losing badly. He only had his king, two castles and a pawn left, whereas L still had every one of his pieces except for a knight. Amazing.

"Weren't you supposed to be watching me?" I asked, sitting down between L's legs, examining the chessboard.

"We were," L replied, pointing to the TV. It showed his bed, empty. "We had a camera on you the whole time."

"Great," I shrugged, unenthusiastically. L chuckled in my ear and kissed my temple before moving one of his pieces.

"It is inevitable," he murmured to Matsuda. "You are not going to win. I have all the pieces." This echoed with hidden meanings. Matsuda flicked his king over with a finger.

"I was never good at chess anyway," he scowled.
L kissed the top of my head. "That was quite obvious."

"L…Can I play you?" I asked, looking up into his face. He smiled, affirmative. Matsuda gave me his seat as L quickly reset the pieces. The match went for two hours, Watari slowly preparing dinner so he wouldn't interrupt. L won, but barely. After dinner, we relaxed and watched a movie. L pulled me onto his lap, hugging me throughout it, resting his chin on my shoulder. When it was over, Watari versed me in a game of chess, and I won, but not without struggle. It was late when L took me back to bed, curling around me. He stroked my hair until I fell asleep.


I rinsed my hair, feeling so much better. I hadn't been outside in so long, I had been forbidden to go anywhere as part of my confinement. The only good thing was the fact I got to hang out with L who seemed to despise the confinement as much as I did. Father visited me often, never mentioning a single word about Kira which seemed to be a struggle, as he knew but did not want to believe.

I got to know the other detectives a little better, but mostly they just ignored me, working away in the living room, glancing up at me at the smallest movement I made. It had only been a week and a half, L and I making love twice in that time and both times slowly and as quietly as we could manage. The thing I enjoyed most was waking up to his sweet face, yet it didn't take long for me to learn that L was a bit of an insomniac and didn't sleep much. I wondered what he did in the middle of the night, probably working, using the cameras to keep an eye on me, and sneaking back into bed when he suspected I was about to wake up just to watch me do so. His eyes were always filled with childish wonder every time I opened my eyes, which I tried to do as quickly as possible to surprise him. He'd gently hold my hand and kiss my knuckles before breathing softly in my ear, pulling me close.

It was on one of these perfect mornings that I was lying half-asleep in his arms, his legs wrapped around me, hand stroking my hair habitually. "Light, today we're going to a new hotel," he murmured in my ear. "We'll be leaving rather early. You'll have to get up soon."

My eyes shot right open. "We're getting out of here?" I asked, filled with joy. He kissed my forehead.

"Yes. Watari found us a nice hotel with a private garden, so you can go for walks in the sun. I know you hate being shut inside so much."

"Won't you walk with me?"
L lips tilted upwards against my skin. "Going for walks really isn't my thing."

"Stay inside any longer and you'll turn albino," I grimaced, running my fingers lightly along his upper arm, watching him shiver in response. His dark eyes became secretive and blank.

"You would prefer me tanned?"

I snuggled into his neck. "That's not what I meant. I love you the way you are, I just meant some sun would be good for you."

"Is that so? I detect there's something you're not telling me," he mused. "What could you possibly want from having me walk in the sun? Are you hoping I am like a vampire and would wither in the light?" he teased, his eyes searching mine. I focussed my gaze on his collarbone, flushing.

"Well, I have this dream," I admitted, avoiding his eyes. "I just wanted to…make love with you in the sun."

"That would make you happy?"
I nodded, blushing. It had been a secret fantasy of mine, seeing him glow with the sun's rays, feel it warm on my skin, see the blue sky and feel cool grass beneath us, a breeze tickling us. It was an embarrassing dream, not very manly, but L seemed content. He kissed me gently. "Then we'll make love in the sun, if you want."

"L…what kind of dreams do you have?" I asked as he brushed hair from my face. He gave me a thoughtful look before kissing the tip of my nose.

"My dream is to make all of your dreams come true…to a certain extent," he smiled. "Mainly, I wish to create a world full of proper justice, just like you…Only my methods in doing so differ."

I snuggled ever closer, and he only pulled me tighter. "L," I sighed, closing my eyes, content to lie in his arms forever. He stroked my cheek gently, his soft breathing lulling me to sleep.


"Light…? Light, it's time to get up," L's voice chuckled. I blinked owlishly, sitting up. My head spun dizzily. Two arms scooped me up, carrying me. I groggily buried my face into the darkness of the man's chest, content to start sleeping again. I was jolted awake when I was dropped onto a couch. I blinked up at L who offered me his hand. "Awake now? It's time to go."

I took his hand, letting him pull me to my feet. I rubbed my eyes. "I didn't mean to fall asleep, I can't believe I even managed to sleep. It's all I've been doing lately."

"You look adorable when you're asleep," L teased, poking my side with a long finger. I rolled my eyes, stifling a yawn before following him out of the empty hotel room, down the hall and into the hotel. Watari was waiting in a car with Matsuda, L climbing into the back with me, holding my hand.

His knee rubbed against mine during the car trip.