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Tsunade grinned today was perfect. Shizune was busy, she had no meetings, and she had a bottle of sake and her books. Tsunade poured herself some sake, reached in her bottom drawer and pulled out a book.

'Jiraiya would never let it be if he knew she read this'

Tsunade giggled, opened the book and began reading, not noticing that someone was creping through the window.

Naruto crept up behind Tsunade and peered over her shoulder. His eyes widened as her realized what she was reading. He burst out laughing, Tsunade jumped, knocking over the sake. Turning around she saw Naruto laughing.


'Granny Tsunade I never knew you read Icha-Icha!"

"Naruto don't say another word"

Naruto's eyes sparkled with mischief and evil.

"I wonder what pervy-sage would think if he knew?"

"Naruto if you…"

"Bye, bye granny Tsunade"

Naruto leapt out of the office, running as fast as he could yelling "hey pervy-sage!"

Tsunade's eyes narrowed, this was not getting out. Tsunade despotised the book back in the drawer closing it and began her hunt.

Naruto was running towards the bathhouse, to see the perve him-self heading in the same direction.


Jiraiya turned around and frowned.

"Hey Naruto, I thought I told you not to call me that"

'Guess what?"

Naruto was two feet away form him when Tsunade jumped between them, slamming her fist into Naruto's stomach sending him flying eight meters away.

"Hehehehe, looks like he had an accident, better take him to the infirmary"


Tsunade turned to glare at him,

"Got a problem Jiraiya?"
Jiraiya gulped and shook his head.

Tsunade smiled and took off with Naruto over her shoulder. Jiraiya looked to where Naruto had lain and noticed a piece of paper with letters saying 'PERVY-SAGE"

Tsunade carried Naruto to Sasuke's house.

"Sasuke special delivery"

Sasuke opened the door and Naruto was immediately shoved into his arms.


"He's all yours"

Tsunade left, with a giant smirk and a bounce in her step, the target had been taken care of. Sasuke looked down, his eyes wandering over the blonde in his arms and disappeared into the house.

Tsunade entered her office and flicked on the lights.

"Good evening Tsunade, I've just received some very entertaining news from a certain blonde fox"

Tsunade looked up towards her desk and saw Jiraiya sitting behind her desk, his feet propped up on her desk, holding her Icha-Icha.