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Penelope carefully balanced her handbag and laptop bag as she dug into her backpack for her keys to unlock her front door muttering to herself for her lack of organisation skills. She groaned when her phone began to vibrate in her pocket. Without putting anything down she reached into her pocket to dig out her phone,

"Hello handsome. As always you have impeccable timing." Penelope greeted.

"Sweetheart, I keep telling you to keep your keys in the pocket of your handbag so you wouldn't have to go through this torture every night when you come home."

"Is that why you keep calling me at the same time every night, just to add to my aggravation knowing that I more than likely haven't listened to that piece of advice?" Derek laughed,

"I'm not silly enough to answer that question."

"Aha!" Penelope exclaimed finding her keys and successfully opening her door without dropping anything. She could hear him chuckle at her,

"Was there anything in particular you needed or wanted to say, or is it enough that I can entertain you with my routine." She asked dryly.

"Just checking in, making sure you got home okay."

"That's awfully sweet for somewhat who abandoned their best friend to move to New York to pursue his career." She teased.

"May I remind you it was said best friend who insisted, no demanded I go." Derek replied rolling his eyes at their familiar banter.

After Kate Joyner died they had offered him her position at New York, he was hesitant to take it and was more than willing to turn away the opportunity not wanting to leave his BAU family when Penelope sat him down and made him see that he was staying for all the wrong reasons. As always, she was the voice of reason in his head. She was quick to remind him that if he didn't like it, nothing was stopping him from coming back. She had a point.

"So what's new in Quantico Baby Girl?"

"You mean since our conversation at lunch time?"

"Should I be offended that you almost sound as though you're sick of hearing from me?" he asked in a mock hurt tone,

"You know that's not true. I'm just teasing. Nothing new, the Superheroes are on their way home now and I'm going to meet them at the Gallagher's for dinner/drinks and then the girls and I are having a Girl's Slumber party at Em's. You know chick flicks, popcorn, ice cream, the usual."

"Sounds like fun. I miss you guys." Penelope's heart went out to him, picturing that he was more than likely still in his office at the Headquarters, alone.

"Aww Hon, we miss you too. Are you still coming down tomorrow?" They had made plans for that weekend. He was driving in early Saturday morning and staying at hers before driving back Sunday night.

"Yeah P, I'll be in by nine. Did you want me to pick you up from Em's?"

"It's okay Hon, I have to drive to meet them tonight anyway, I'll meet you at my place at nine, unless you want to meet me at Em's and you can see the girls, though I can't promise you that they will be out of their PJ's at that hour."

"I'll meet you at yours. I'll see them tomorrow night anyway right?"

"Yep, we're doing dinner at Mr Fong's."

"Great. Listen I'll let you get ready P. I'll see you in the morning bright and sparky."

"I'm looking forward to it Handsome, it has been much too long since I last hugged you."

"Feels like forever P," even if in reality it had only been three weeks.

"So how is he?" JJ asked as they sat around Emily's living room in their Pyjamas. Everyone in their team knew that Morgan was in constant contact with Penelope.

"He sounds lonely, less flirty, maybe a little clingy?" Pen confided,

"Do you think it's an adjustment period thing?" Em wondered out loud.

"I don't know Em, it just sounds like he's lost the Morgan confidence he so easily strutted around before. I know he misses everyone, but at the same time I question if he's making the most of it there."

"It's a huge change he's had to make Pen. The bond we have as a team in unique and it's tough for an outsider to penetrate through it. We work so well and in tuned with each other that words are hardly necessary. Now he's a new city, new office, new team, no best friend."

"I know, and I don't discount that, but he chose to go."

"You talked him into it." JJ reminded her.

"My convincing skills are not that great Jayje, and if he knew what he wanted and he wanted to stay, nothing any of us could have said would have deterred his decision."

"Are you angry he didn't want to stay enough to know he wanted to stay?" Em asked gently sensing the root of her frustration.

"I don't know, maybe. I mean it is a great opportunity which is why I encouraged him to go, but I can't help but feel the whole time I was convincing him, he was looking for me to beg him to stay. I mean, on what grounds would I have to do that even if I wanted to?"

"I think maybe he's wanting you to tell him you love him,"

"He knows I love him and I have told him,"

"I don't think that's what Em meant Pen. I think Morgan wanted you to tell him you're in love with him and that you love him enough to ask him to stay."

"What? Are you drunk? Derek Morgan does not see me that way. I'm just his geeky best friend. Trust me, he does not see past that."

"And what if he did?" Em challenged. Penelope rolled her eyes,

"Then I will set up a trust fund for the child you have with Hotch!" she retorted. JJ burst out laughing, though there has been speculation and tell take signs of possibility of attraction between their Unit Chief and Agent Prentiss, nothing yet had evolved.

"Consider the white flag up," Emily grumbled as they laughed good naturedly. Penelope knew that was the only way Emily would give up the bone.

Penelope took a shower at the eight the next morning to meet Morgan by nine at her place. Dressed in her favourite, well loved jeans sporting the holes and paint marks of it's adventures, her Mafalda t-shirt, and Colourful sneakers, she dropped a kiss on both of her sleeping friend's heads before heading out the door. She could see his figure sitting on her porch steps as she turned to her street. He heart skipped a beat, it was good to see him again, and seeing him made her realise just how much she missed him. Seemingly lost in his thoughts he did not hear her approach.

"Hey Handsome. Where have you been all my life?" Derek looked up surprised knowing he was early. His face broke into a huge grin as he jumped to his feet and pulled her into his arms. Penelope wrapped her arms around his neck and breathed him in,

"God I've missed you." She murmured rubbing the back of his neck with her hand.

"Not nearly as much as I've missed you Baby Girl." He replied tightening his already bone crushing hold on her that she could barely breathe, but she didn't care. Derek raised her gaze to meet his hand cupping her cheek and lowered his lips to her. Surprised it took a moment for her brain to register what had happened before she responded feeling her own desire taking over as she kissed him back. Within moments they were in her apartment, in her room, on her bed. Needless to say there was very little thought going on, and as badly as Penelope wanted to be thinking with her head, she gave into her need of him.

When Penelope woke up, her heart dropped to find that she was alone. Her heart raced, what had happened changes their dynamics and there was no turning back. She got up and as she feared, he was no where to be found. A note however sat on her kitchen table with only the words 'I'm Sorry' scrawled on it.

Penelope was torn from being angry, to upset, to hurt. She berated herself for not stopping it. She cursed herself for giving into her own desires. She was angry at herself for thinking that maybe just maybe, for a brief moment he felt the same way. Penelope dragged herself to the shower and sat there for an hour, in attempt to drown away the voices arguing in her head.

Derek felt like an absolute ass, as he found himself driving back to New York. He knew that he should have stayed to talk to Penelope but he just couldn't. By two that afternoon he was back in his New York apartment. He had sent them all a text message to say that something had come up and he had to return to New York and that he would see them soon.

A few seconds after Penelope received that text, she received another one from him with another apology, 'I'm sorry Baby Girl.' Penelope turned her phone off and threw it into her bag. If there was anything work related, she had her pager. Until then she didn't want to speak to anyone, especially Derek.