Like You

"I wasn't always like this... this half-man half-snake form. I used to have tousled dark hair too. Except I would tame it.

My eyes... no... They weren't as green as his, but they were a light blue. So light it used to lighten up the rest of my face. Not that it needed lightening up; it was pale enough.

His skin isn't pale, I noticed. His is a creamy tan colour.

Colour... I have no colour now. The only colour I have is in my crimson orbs. I fear even my blood, my cold heart, are grey. Like my skin.

How alike we are... were.

We have no parents. Both of his and one of mine. Murdered. By me I might add.

We have followers. His for light, mine for Dark.

Does he call them followers? No... the word he uses... friends.

They feel towards him... this emotion I have only heard of.


Yet, my friends, do they feel towards me? No... only fear.

What do I have that he does not? The desperate wanting for a cleansed world. Yet, we would both be outcasts.

For we are = Halfbloods.

Yes we are the same, Harry.

But, still I long to be Like You."

Okeyyy, my first story in this style... What do you think?
Love to hear your opinions =D