Storm Of Change

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Chapter one: It all happens with a few drinks and misunderstandings.

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"Urgh.." Came a hoarse voice, a tanned arm rose and covered their owners face from the blinding beam of sunshine that pierced through skin. Slowly eye lids opened up to reveal hazy brown eyes, sleep residing in the corners and both eyes extremely blood shot, a sudden pain shot through the mans head causing him to turn to the side, away from the window that the sun was shining through. Slowly massaging his forehead the tanned man opened his eyes once more, his who body tensing when he saw a mop of silver hair next to him and a pale hand resting just by his face.

K-Kakashi?No it can't be.. Slowly lifting a tanned hand and moving some silver strands out of the way the tanned man froze once more. It is! Oh my Kami...What to do- Another shot of pain hit the mans head once again, causing him to close his eyes and hiss a little to loudly. The silver haired man beside him, the one named Kakashi moved onto his back and stirred in his sleep.

"Grrhk" Slowly stretching his pale arms after wiping his eyes, Kakashi turned his face to the person next to him and froze, his mis matched eyes as wide as they can be. "Iruka?.." Came his rough whisper, clearing his throat straight after, while the man named Iruka swallowed hard and continued to stare,

"K-Kakashi...Please say that we are just sharing a bed.." Worry filled brown eyes continued to stare at the pale man beside him, who had lifted the covers, taking a peek and sighed as he flung his head back onto the pillow.

"..If I said that I'd be lying.." Feeling Iruka tense Kakashi looked over, groaning some more as he covered his face with his hands. It seemed they both had no recognition of the previous night and were suffering from its after effects, hang over; Iruka moved the sheet and moved to sit on the edge of the bed, hissing as a whole new pain shot up his spine.

"Oh fuck!.." He hissed a tanned hand immediately tending to the sore back, "Least that questions answered.." He muttered to himself. Kakashi looked at the tanned back apologetically, his mismatched eyes lingering on the scar that ran along the tanned canvas.

"If you want you could rest here Iruka-sensei.." The normality of the added suffix calmed the man a little, it meant things remained the same.

"No that's fine Kakashi-sensei..I have marking to do.." Iruka scanned the bedroom floor, when he found one piece of clothing that was his, he bent over and picked it up, and started putting on his boxers, standing up when he yanked them up to his waist. Slowly turning around the man bowed to his superior. "My apologies..I really don't know what happened, and -" Kakashi having put on his boxers when Iruka did got out of bed and stretched, it seemed he had quickly put on his mask as well.

"Iruka don't worry about it, both of us must have been completely wasted...I'm sorry for..What I did to you.." Iruka straightened up and looked around for the rest of his clothing, frowning when none of his other clothes were in sight. "As we can't remember what happened, how about we forget completely?" Iruka nodded and smiled.

"I can agree to that..Erm Kakashi-sensei..Just where would my clothes be?" The silver haired Jonin scratched his head and scanned his side of the room, clicking his teeth he walked out the bedroom door and stopped in his steps. Iruka following the man out of the room had done what Kakashi done, both staring wide eyed at the trail of clothing scattered across the floor.

"I think I found them.." Iruka laughed half heartedly and walked past the pale man, picking up what was his as he followed the trail, Kakashi doing the same. Once the tanned man was dressed he bowed once more to Kakashi and left, luckily Kakashi was sent on a string of missions so it wasn't like he would bump into the silver haired man any time soon.

[------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- =^.^= ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------]

Seven weeks later....

"Urghh.." Iruka sat beside the toilet and let his head rest against the wall, this wasn't the first time being sick in the morning has happened, it's been starting as soon as he woke up, feeling light headed and nauseous and then darting straight for the toilet and before he can think he throws up. Feeling it was safe to move away from the toilet he flushed it and walked towards the sink, slowly brushing his teeth and clearing the rest of vomit remains out with mouthwash, thinking that he might just have a virus Iruka continued his normal routine, getting dressed and off the the academy to start his day of teaching to the soon to be Genin's.

All the students stared at their teacher with worried eyes as the man gagged a little while writing on the chalk board. Iruka had seemed very unfocused recently, and as caring, good students they worried. A small red haired girl with small tribal markings on her face put up her hand, to which Iruka allowed her to speak up with a simple nod.

"Sensei are you okay? You seem a little flushed.." The caring tone made the man smile.

"Ah Minami I'm fine th-" And with that the man took off out the door, his students all blinking and sharing looks to one another before getting out of their seats and looking down the hall,

"Where did Iruka-sensei go?" Came one boy with a wild nest of hair, the red headed girl looked sad as she looked up and down the hall.

"Crow-kun I don't know..Maybe he's going to be sick.." The boy named Crow ruffled his nest of hair and frowned.

"Does that mean he's ill?" The whole class gasped, one child with huge glasses and a bowl hair cut sniffed.

"He's been ill for a while then.." All the students nodded and walked back into the room, closing the door behind them.

"What if he's dying??" Came a worried tone from a blonde girl with cropped bunches; even though she was extremely short her voice managed to reach the pitch of an announcing judge. The whole class gasped and started to panic.

"Oh Tera-chan don't say that!!" Minami screamed, her eyes watering from the thought of her dear sensei dying. The door opened and a rough looking Iruka peered into the room.

"Class sorry for my sudden departure, can you all return to your seats.." His foot wasn't even in the room when he got bombarded by his students, all of them hugging him and crying. Panicking the man fell on the floor looking at each of his crying students with wide eyes. "Eh? What's wrong!"

"T-Tera said your d-dying!!" One student cried,

"D-Don't die s-sensei.."

"D-Die?" He frowned, what suddenly came over his students. "Tera that isn't a very nice thing to say.." He scolded the blonde girl, who was crying a river. After giving up on trying to convince his students, the man waited for them to calm down, when they finally calmed, he made them return to their seats and explain things more clearly.

"So..Your telling me, because I've looked flushed and become unfocused..You think I'm dying?" He repeated, while his students all nodded and wiped their noses.

"Sensei, you've been looking extremely ill recently...Maybe you should go to the hospital.." Sighing the man rubbed his head,

"If I got to the hospital, will you guys cheer up?" The whole class nodded and Iruka got up from his chair. "Well until I go to the hospital, you guys have to do well today then.."

"Awww! I hate tests!" They moaned when the man grabbed a pile of test papers and flashed a cheeky grin.

[------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- =^.^= ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------]

Inhaling Iruka eyed up the entrance to the hospital, he'll most probably run into Sakura as the pink haired student was spending most of her time working in the hospital while Naruto was off training.

Ah thinking about the blond haired, ramen obsessed ninja made Iruka feel extremely lonely. Clearing his thoughts, the brown haired Chunin started walking towards the entrance.

It's nice that my student's care, but is this really necessary, I'll only be wasting valuable nursing time.. The receptionist looked up and gave a blinding smile to the tanned man when he reached her.

"Hello how may I help you?" Iruka cleared his throat but before he could speak he got tapped on the shoulder,

"Iruka-sensei, what are you doing here? Your not injured or sick are you?" Looking over his shoulder Iruka smiled,

"Ah Sakura, actually I think I have a virus.." Sakura frowned from her ex-sensei's comment.

"A virus?.."

"Yeah I've been getting sick in the morning and some times during the day.." Thinking the pink haired Kunoichi stared at the man,

"Hmm..That sounds odd..Well..I won't prescribe anything to you at the moment, so I have to research what it may be..Until then maybe you should just eat soluble foods, drink lots of water.." Iruka nodded and gave a smile,

"Thanks, I'll do that then.." Waving good bye Iruka walked out of the entrance, Sakura continued to frown as she watched him leave.

"Hmm..Odd but it-"

"Sounds like morning sickness.." Blinking the pink haired medic nin turned to her master, Tsunade stood next to her also watching the brown haired ninja walk out.

"Tsunade-sama..That can't be, he's male.." The busty blonde nodded,

"Leave this case to me Sakura..Don't breathe a word to anyone.." Nodding Sakura watched the Hokage walk out of the hospital next. Hazel eyes narrowed as the blonde watched Iruka stroll in the opposite direction, clicking her tongue the woman moved her bangs out of her face as a breeze blew past.

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