I was moving to Forks Washington to live with my Uncle Charlie and my Cousin Isabella, I was going to go to Forks High with her. The reason I was here was because my mom Karen Swan (Charlie's sister) is really sick and is having a hard time taking care of me so here I am in dreary Forks. I found Charlie's house and knocked on the door it opened and Bella attacked me "Elle!!! I haven't seen you in like forever! How are you?" She said all in one breath.

"I've been better." I said referring to my mom and ending up here.

"Oh yea sorry about your mom but Forks isn't that bad." She said smiling.

"Oh yea cause you got a boyfriend. The all famed Jasper Hale. Spill it, now!" she laughed and pulled me into the room she was staying in.

"Ok so he's adorable he's got blonde hair and really pretty eyes and he is from Texas so he's got the southern charm!" I smiled I couldn't wait to meet him.

"Family?" I asked.

"Two brothers Edward and Emmett two sisters Alice and Rosalie and a mom and dad Esme and Carlisle there all extremely nice. I was thinking you want to meet them tonight?" She asked.

"Of course!" I almost shouted. She laughed.

"Good because I already told them you were coming." I squealed and pulled her to the bathroom to get ready.

-Three hours and a lot of makeup later-

"Let's go, let's go, let's go!" I said impatiently

"I'm coming hold on. Shesh" she said running out of her room looking stunning. My cousin was very modest she had no idea how pretty she really was. I wish I looked like her but no I had to get red hair and freckles well technically it was brown but it had so many red streaks it might as well be red. I practically dragged her to her Chevy. And we made our way to the Cullen/Hale resident. Jasper I guessed was already at the door before we even got out. I walked inside fallowing Bella. "Hey everybody this is my cousin Elle she's from Chicago just like you Edward." She smiled like this was an inside joke I had missed the punch line to. I looked at the six beautiful people standing in front of me a tall blonde which must be either Alice or Rosalie seemed very vain she gave me the once over and then just turned her nose up the other girl was zoned out and then just realizing I was there waved.

"I'm Alice!" she said that would mean the blonde was Rosalie I took another look at her she had short hair and reminded me of a pixie I noticed her eyes were a color like liquid topaz it was beautiful I looked at the mom Esme she was pretty and had the same eyes as Alice and Rosalie. The bonze haired guy was kinda make that extremely god like and there was a bigger guy Edward and Emmet I guessed and Carlisle was the dad. We all talked for a while but then I got hungry and Bella got tired and we figured Charlie might want dinner. So we went home it felt weird calling Charlie's house home but that was what it was.

"So do you like him?" Bella asked once we were safely in the truck away from the Cullens

"Yea he seems nice." She smiled.

"Oh he is and he's always buying me presents. I really wish he would stop though I hate presents." She said sighing I laughed.

"Leave it to Isabella to hate presents." I smiled she hated it when I called her Isabella.

"Don't call me that Elle!" she said annoyed.

"Why not Is?' I laughed at her mad face.

"Ellie-Rellie!" She laughed saying my childhood nickname I grimaced.

"Truce!" I said hopping to stop her from going any farther with the annoying nicknames.

"Ok were home anyway." I knew if we weren't home she wouldn't have stopped. She opened the door Charlie was watching TV on the couch.

"Elle! It's been a long time. How's that wonderful sister of mine?" He asked I tried to fake a smile but it wasn't very convincing. "I'm sorry that probably wasn't the best question. But don't worry I bet the doctors in Chicago know what's going on. You know good ole' Carlisle Cullen used to work at the Chicago general hospital and I'm sure he wouldn't have left Chicago with incompetent doctors." He realized he was rambling and looked a little embarrassed. "Well good night girls. I'm going to turn in early I'll see you guys in the morning." He waved on his way up the stairs and Bella called out a good night.

"Sorry about that. How about we watch a movie I've got tons." She motioned to her DVD shelf I chose a comedy I hadn't seen and we sat down to watch it. But we missed most of it because Bella was too busy drilling me on what I thought about the Cullens. When she said Edward I smiled to myself but she noticed. "OMG you like Edward Cullen!" I blinked trying to find out how it had been so obvious. "That's perfect I have to tell Alice." She beamed I just shook my head and sighed.

"But there is something different about them." She seemed to zone out but when I asked her what was up she just shook her head and said it was something jasper said at dinner. I didn't believe her but I wasn't going to push to find out. The next moring when I woke up she was already up and dressed and on the phone talking.

"Yea of course she would love to see you…Yea it has been a long time…ok 1:00 it is bye Jake!" She realized I was awake. "Oh Elle were going down to La Push to see Jacob it's been years." I nodded I hadn't seen Jacob in years she was right. So I got dressed and we ate breakfast and drove down to La Push she jumped out of the car and waited for me I got out and Jacob attacked me in a bear hug.

"Hey Jakey-Jake!" I said he had gotten a lot taller and a lot stronger in a few years. He let go of me and smiled.

"Elle! It's been forever and a half! You've got to come meet the pack!" I thought that was a weird name for his friends but I let it slide. Bella look worried and she grabbed Jake's arm and whispered something in his ear I couldn't understand all of but I heard Imprint. Jake shrugged and said "What happens happens" he turned to me "And we can go to the beach, and maybe go cliff diving as long as you don't try to kill yourself." Bella looked like she wanted to kill him. He kept rattling off things for us to do. Bella seeming to recover from whatever that was laughed.

"Jake she's going to be here for a while we don't have to do it all today." She said Jacob blushed.

"Yea your right. Fine, later, Promise?" he asked us.

"Yea promise." Bella said.