I decided there's no way I could face Charlie right now and I called and said I was staying at Jakes for the night I didn't say anything about Bella and figured he'd just assume she was too I actually ended up at Seth's cause Leah decided she wanted to have a girly sleepover which so doesn't sound like Leah but I guess now we've both had our hearts broken so we can relate.

Seth came in to wake me up I was trying to pretend like I was asleep still because I hoped I would fall back asleep I really didn't sleep well and I had a horrible headache but when Seth came over and gave me a kiss on my forehead to wake me up I opened my eyes anyway. "Morning Elle, I made you eggs and bacon for breakfast." I smiled at him and got up.

"You made breakfast? All you did was crack the eggs and open the bacon package." I heard Leah say and I laughed the regular sarcastic Leah was back.

"You're hair looks good this morning." Seth said and I laughed "What?"

"My hair looks absolutely horrible! I just woke up and I haven't even brushed it yet it has got to be extremely frizzy and wild looking!"

"I think it looks great!" Seth said

"Not offense Elle but you're right you're hair does look pretty horrible" I laughed

"See?" Seth mumbled something I couldn't hear. I still can't believe after all the shit that's happened to me I still have friends I must've done something right to at least get to keep my friends after I lost so much.

"You're still sad." Seth said

"Nah she's fricken peachy! What do you expect? She just lost her boyfriend, her cousin, and the rest of the blood sucking family, not to mention her mom. Look on the bright side Elle at least you're not a blood sucking leech." Leah said.

"I know that, Leah! And I get why she's so sad. I was going to say we need to do something fun like go swimming at the beach or something but somebody cut me off." He said looking over to Leah. I smiled I was really starting to like Seth things were so natural. I was resisting before because of Edward but now I had no reason to. He loves all the things I love to do and we always have fun when we hang out and now I'm all the more glad he's here. He still listens to me even though I'm depressed and he still likes me just the same.

I could get used to this.

We walked to Emily's so she could pass that we were going down to the beach on to the rest of the guys so that they'd meet us later, then we walked down to the beach I saw Quil and Claire playing around and then I saw Jacob sitting down a little bit away and walked over to him. "You know what I wanna go do?" I said as I sat down

"No, what?"

"Cliff diving!"

"No, Absolutely not!"

"And why not?"

"Because the last time I took someone cliff diving she tried to kill her self!"

"Ooooo I sense a story here, do tell!" he laughed and shook his head

"No, no story really." I could sense his discomfort

"It's about Bella isn't it?" I asked looking down "You can talk about her you know I'm ok really I'm fine." As I talked I started crying he wrapped his arms around me.

"It'll be ok, I promise. Now go get Seth and lets go cliff diving." I smiled at him and ran over to get Seth.

"Do I just jump?" I asked turning around to face Seth and Jacob

"Push off when you jump so you stay away from the rocks."


"Do you want me to go first?" Jacob asked. I nodded. I moved out of the way to stand next to Seth and watched as Jacob jumped "Ok come on!" I heard him call from the water.

"Ok I can do this. I think…" I ran and jumped. I liked the feeling I got from falling I felt so free like there was nothing holding me back and all my troubles were gone. Then I thought about Edward I wasn't sure why but it was like he was there with me I smiled a few seconds later I hit the water. Oh my gosh it's cold! Jacob grabbed my arm and pulled me close to him even in the freezing water he kept me warm. We floated in the water waiting for Seth to jump and then we all got out going back to the beach.

I saw Sam, Emily and the rest of the pack. And we went over to where they were. "What's up?" I said sitting down.

"There's another vampire in the area." Sam said.

"What who is it, One of the Cullens?" Jacob asked

"No, it's not a scent we recognize. I was about to get a group of us together to go looking for it." Sam said

"I'm coming with you." I said

"No!" Seth and Jacob said together

"It could be someone who knows the Cullens, some of the vampires in Alaska for instance maybe they're here for me." I couldn't help but be at least a little bit hopeful.

"She does have a point it could be a friend of the Cullen, in which case she might be helpful." I nodded agreeing with Sam

"You could find him or her for me and then I could talk to them if I find out it's someone who knows the Cullens then it's ok but if it's not then you guys can attack or whatever."

"That's a good plan we just can't get too close or they'll know were here."

"I still say no!" Seth said and Jacob nodded agreeing.

"It doesn't matter what you say its official we'll go with Elle's plan." Jacob mumbled something under his breath.

A day and a half later I got a call from Emily. "Sam asked me to call you and ask you to come down; they're going to go after the vampire."

"Ok I'll be there as soon as I can." We said goodbye and hung up

"Going somewhere?" I turned to see who said that. I saw a boy that was probably a little younger than me with brown hair and an older man who had been the one to talk, they both had blood red eyes.

"Um ye-yes."

"Oh that's too bad we were hoping to have a little chat."

"I-I can stay."

"That's good we don't want Alec to have to hurt you. Why don't we have a seat over here? I'm Demetri in case you were wondering, and this is Alec." I nodded and sat down I was scared. Would Sam and the others come rescue me?

"Now we heard you were important to the Cullens, is this true?" He asked me


"So you have had no contact with the Cullens?"

"No, not since they moved."

"Hmm now where did they move too?"

"I…I don't know they just left."

"Well then that's not very nice of them. I take it you know what they are what we are?" I nodded "Now what are we going to do about that, we can't having you running around telling people about us now can we?"

"I wouldn't do that, I promise, please don't hurt me."

"We won't hurt you…yet. Come along Alec we must be getting back to Volterra." He turned to look at me. "We will be back." Demetri walked out the door and Alec began to fallow. He stopped at the door and turned his eyes flick to the mantel where I had put a picture of me and my mother.

"I'm sorry for your loss." I started to ask how he knew but he was gone before I even opened my mouth. I lied down on the couch and for a reason I didn't know I cried.