Hello! This is my first Twilight fanfic! This is for people who like both the Edward and Jacob characters.

Summary: Jake is repeatedly bitten by a stray vampire, but all is not what it seems. With each chapter from different point of view, Edward and the Cullens desperately try to save him.

I was grumpy today. Bella and Rosalie had taken advantage of the fogged, winter weather and whisked Renesmee off to Disneyworld. Edward had allowed Rosalie to take his place for the one trip, knowing how much it would mean to her. I understood that too, but that was also why I was kinda grumpy. I missed her.

So when I heard Jacob screaming bloody murder it certainly didn't improve my mood. Although it snapped me out of my self-pity. Truth be told, I'd never heard such a chilling, pain-filled cry that enveloped the ears from any other significant sound. Well, not since I heard my own when I got ripped apart by that bear back when I was human.

Good times.

I was downstairs in a shot and I almost crashed into little Alice. She danced out the way just in time, rolling her eyes. Everyone had gathered in the hall. All except Edward.

"Where's Edward?" Jasper turned to me.

I shook my head and shrugged simultaneously. We had all recognized the scream straight away. It was coming from outside the house in the woodland area. Jacob had just left to go home. It's strange, I never really thought about how much Jake had become a part of our lives, and not just Nessie's until then.

Carlisle instructed us quickly.

"Emmett, you and Jasper find him. Bring him back. Be careful."

We were out the door a fraction of a second after the order. As I whizzed past the foliage with clear cut vision, the smell of blood hit my nose. It stung my nostrils, it wasn't any normal blood. This was the blood of a shape shifting wolf.

We were getting closer. The smell became stronger and stronger. I could hear Jacob's agonized groans. The foliage cleared. We approached the petrifying scene just in time to see Edward sink his teeth into a dumbfounded Jacob.

I wish I'd gone to Disney.

Jasper and I were lost for words; we stared ahead with open mouths. Both of them were splattered with blood. Edward had his back to us, holding Jake down in a half sitting position, his face buried into his neck. Under his strong hold, Jacob was shaking. Silent tears slid down his cheeks, smearing away the blood on his face. It seemed Edward's action had sent him into shock. His wide eyes swivelled around desperately, but he hadn't noticed us yet. One of his arms was visible and I could see the clear white teeth marks of a vampire bite amongst his olive skin. A few seconds went by and realization and relief hit me so hard I sighed and stumbled back. Edward wasn't biting Jacob at all; he was sucking the poison out of his wounds.

Jasper's calming aura snapped me out of my stare.

"Look." He muttered darkly, nodding his head. He held a hand to his face as if trying to block the smell from his nose. I followed his gaze to find the corpse of the vampire truly responsible for Jacob's bites. I had been so absorbed with fear of what I thought Edward was doing that I hadn't noticed it. He was a few metres away from Jacob and Edward, lying face down but was no doubt beautiful. From the mess on his neck I guessed Edward had taken care of him.

"Help me with him."

Jasper and I snapped our heads back to Edward. His voice sounded shaky but his order was menacing. Edward had let go off him and Jacob had flopped back to the ground, screaming through clenched teeth as the pain no doubt consumed him. I'd never seen anything like it before.

Supporting his long body, Edward and I carried Jacob back to the house and Jasper ran ahead to warn Carlisle. His weight was no different to a pillow but his long limbs were moving erratically with the pain. Up close to Jacob I could see the vampire had clawed at his torso and thigh, and I had to hold my breath. The blood could have been overpowering if not for Edward's furious presence.

"What the hell happened?" I hissed as we raced up the stairs to the house. Edward didn't answer. His face was like a statue, I hadn't seen him looking so tortured since Bella gave birth to Renesmee.

The doors were already held wide open and I let go of Jacob as he was carried through by my family. They lay him on our giant dining table. The blood from his stomach dripped down and onto the table. Everyone seemed to recoil at the temptation of blood but Carlisle. Jacob was still gasping and crying out, his fingers twitching over his body as if searching for a switch to stop all the pain. I could see another bite on his opposite shoulder.

"Make –it –stop!" He managed to choke out.

I couldn't deal with this. This was way, way out of my league. Flashbacks of my own turning flickered through my head. I turned to leave. I found Jasper following me too, his face twitching. I heard Alice hiss like a feline, and she ran out the door too. Jacob's wounds were healing but the blood remained, and we were dropping like flies.

"I'm sorry." I mumbled, holding a hand out on the door frame to steady myself. I felt the wood crunch under my hold.

"It's alright," Esme called softly. "We understand."

"Call Sam Uley. We need a blood donor." Carlisle's voice was much stronger, more serious.

I nodded.

Wandering into the living room, I found Alice already dialling in numbers, her fingers swayed like she was playing an instrument.

Putting the phone to her ear and waiting for an answer, her eyes met mine.

"What's wrong with Edward?" She mouthed.

I stared ahead, guessing my face looked much like hers.

"I don't know."

So would you like to read more? :D With each point of view the whole story will be pieced together. I've not written like this before, so bear that in mind!