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"Why did you bite him, Edward?"

I let out a feather light laugh between my shaking breaths, feeling like a fool. "I was so stupid…"

I ran through the trees, now and again playfully jumping from their sides and up and down branches, in a good mood. I would be the first to admit that, like Emmett, I had been a bit moody. I wasn't used to being without my wife and daughter. Just those words alone filled my still heart with such joy; I would do anything for the people I loved. I would do anything for my family.

Including chasing after a certain shapeshifter who had left his wristwatch behind. Jake was responsible for my good mood actually; he had spent the afternoon at the house being cheerful and stupid. Which was bizarre, thinking about it as I chased after him. And he wasn't often there without Bella or Nessie… actually this could be the first time…Bizarre. What was also bizarre was the fact that he'd had a wristwatch to leave behind, where the hell did he put it when he was in wolf form?

Maybe he wasn't, but that didn't explain why I still hadn't caught up to him yet.

Suddenly I caught a glimpse of a bare, caramel coloured back amongst the green surroundings and slowed down. I saw him in the distance in human form, taking his time to walk along the uneven woodland ground. I drew in a breath to call out his name, but it froze in my chest as I heard the thoughts of a stranger approach him. I saw this form as fast as me tackle him out of sight.

Jacob's thoughts exploded into a confused mesh of shock and panic. My hunting mode kicked in and I sped up, my eyes desperately flitting through the foliage to find Jacob and the attacker. With nothing more than a hideous scream, the alien smell of shape shifting blood hit the air. I choked; I was blind to all else.

No, no, no, no, no. This can't be happening. Another scream, this time longer. Another layer of blood hit my nostrils.


"Jake!" I roared, wildly.

I skidded to a halt in a clearing where a strange vampire eerily leant over Jake. My inner predator seeped into my bones, and all human emotions disappeared. A skeleton of myself leaped forward, my teeth hitting the neck of this vampire who barely had time to look up. There was a scuffle, barely a fight. There was no time for fear until I blinked and suddenly there are two still forms lying before me. That part was done.

"Jacob…" I barely whispered, my voice seemingly hiding in fear. I leant down to him. He was in shock. Jake was on his side, his long body uncontrollably fitting. Blood was everywhere. Disorientated eyes slid up to meet mine. I tried to meet them, my eyes avoiding the blood covering his face, probably spattered from the bites.

The bites.

"Oh, no," I mumbled as I saw the two of them, glistening against his dark skin mockingly. I panicked, my hands moving over them from his wounds, unsure what to do.


I couldn't think, I just looked at his mess of a body. I was terrified.


His hand suddenly grabbed my wrist.

"Ed-" He cut himself off with an excruciating roar. Here came the pain; the transformation had begun.

It was more than I could bear. The sight of Bella's friend, my daughter's soul mate and my… my family going through this trauma could have been as painful as the hurt Jacob was feeling.

Jacob caught my frightened eyes once more. There was a determination in his. He groaned, "I- d-d-don't…want to…ugh!" He was overcome once more. I tuned into his thoughts.

To die.

To die.

To die.




To die.




To die.

To die.

To be a vampire.

Silently, I looked down at him and made a decision in five seconds.

If he was going to change then I had to make it as painless as possible. As fast as possible.

I pulled him up into a sitting position. Through the pain I could see confusion in Jacob's eyes. I gave him a grave look and they widened.

Ed, no.

"I'm going to help you." I insisted in a quiet voice, I leaned into his neck. My hands holding him were weak and shaking but Jacob was far too weak to fight back.

Edward, no. Please.

"Please forgive me." I pleaded through clenched teeth, before baring them wide.

"Ed, no-!" He shouted with what strength he had left.

But it was too late.

"It was too late. I did it; I bit him," I said in a voice so quiet no human could understand. I started to speak quickly, trying to defend my confession, "I-I panicked. I thought he was going to die from blood loss and I was thinking of Nessie, and Bella –we both were!"

Carlisle said nothing. I tried to read his mind but he'd put up a barrier, his thoughts only echoing what I had just said. I continued, still unable to lift my head and look at his face.

"I knew straight away I had made the wrong decision. Not even a second after I started pulling the poison out of the bite. It was horrible… I don't know how you changed us all I," I could barely contain my sorrow as I tried to excuse what I had done, "I almost killed him just panicking and I almost killed him sucking the poison out after. I did it. His blood felt disgusting but even then it's hard to pull away. I took it all out just as Emmett and Jasper found us. I… Bella made her choice long ago but I'm not going to inflict it on him. He didn't want it, I didn't want it. I…I'm sorry!"

I said it over and over as I felt Carlisle pull me into a hug and softly murmur, "Its okay, its okay" over my apologies. Who knows how long we both went on like that, pitifully repeating ourselves like broken alarms. All I knew is, as he continued to comfort me I knew it would be alright. My father had forgiven me at least.

But all the same, I wish I had never bit him.

So there you have the explanation, but will Jacob forgive him? The story isn't over yet!