Hey I thought of this idea while listening to "Call me when you Sober" by Evanescence. I think it's because of the video….I am no too sure as to why, but what ever. I thought this could be a good one-shot. Fairy Tale Challenge!!!!! Oh almost forgot this is after Eva leaves.

Fairy Tales are real!!

Normal POV

It was a lazy day at Camp Wawenakwa (is that right??) when Chris came to give us our challenge.

"Today you will be reenacting fairy tales…" "Gag." Said Gwen pointing down her thought. "Who wants to do something based on extremely over done sugar coated lies?" she complaind.

"What do you mean? Fairy Tales are so happy, and…" the ditzy Lindsey began to ramble.

"No. the grim brothers made them that way. Fairy tales are really scary, true, not happily ever after, stories based on magic, witches, vampires, wolves, etc, etc. Not 'Happily Ever After.'" The Goth girl nearly screamed.

"What are you? The original holder of the tales?" Chris asked.

"No. but I read the originals. Anyone want their childhood dreams crushed, I can give you the links to read them."

"Back to important matters." Chris said ignoring Gwen. "The girls will be assigned a fairy tale. They need to guess what story they are, before the ever, after. The boys will not participate in the challenge. You have another challenge with Chef, so follow him." All the boys trailed the angry cook into the forest. "Ok ladies ready?"

"No. how are we supposed to find out what story we are?" Heather asked.

"By guessing." Leshawna said in a smart ass tone.

Christ handed out clothing boxes to all the girls. "Here are your clothes. First clue to your story. Put them on, and the rest of the clues are secret. Oh 3 more things, the cameras are working, but this will not be aired. We are watching, so when you think you got it, say it to the camera, and we'll now. Also no elimination, just a prize."

"What's the prize?" Izzy asked "A SUR-prise" Chris explained before leaving.

The girls opened there boxes. "What fairy tale is this?" Leshawna asked holding out a white dress. All the girls were confused by their dresses.

Normal POV –But this is the guys challenge

"Listen up maggots, your challenge today is to help the ladies. You will be the enemy, or prince charming in their story. Your goal, take them to the happily ever after, aka don't let the girls figure out what story they are in but still following the story. The challenge is not up until every story is done. So tell me what girl you want and we can get started." Chef yelled at them

Trent- Gwen

Owen- Izzy

DJ- Lindsey and Leshawna

Geoff- Bridget

Duncan- Heather

Trent is the big bad wolf in little red ridding hood. DJ is the prince in Cinderella. Geoff is also the prince in snow white. Duncan is the beast from Beauty and the Beast. Owen is the mad hatter in Alice in Wonderland. They head off to 'help' their partners.

Trent's POV------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I hated the fact of what I had to do with Gwen. Christ thought it would be nice to use the original tales, before they were sugar coated. In Gwen's story (I don't know if this is true I took it from what a friend told me) the wolf, wasn't a wolf but a man, attempting to rape a young girl then leave her for dead. Of course I won't do that; Chris is not the devil he gave us a limit…..mine was not very far. Not like the others. I had to attempt to rape her, but not really. I was told to stop when I think I have gone far enough. That's Chris's idea of a challenge? I hope Gwen knows all about these stories like she said.

Gwen's POV--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I sat on the cabin steps in my outfit. It was a black dress with a red corset that had a huge cape. I thought Goth superwoman but no go. I decide to go for a walk in the forest.

As I walk I hear something following me. I turn around and sigh, its just Trent. "Hi Gwen" he seemed to growl at me. "Hey. Done with your challenge already?" I asked. "Not yet, but almost." He said eyes staring at me almost like he was hungry. "You should not be in the middle forest by yourself Gwen." He said coming closer to m making me back up. "You could get hurt." He said still coming closer. I was scared now. I am alone with Trent in the forest. But this is so unlike him.

He pushed me to the ground and pinned my wrists above my head. "See how easy it is for someone to take …..Advantage of you…" he said into my ears. I gasped know fully aware of his plans.

"Don't you dare.." I started. "Or what? You can't do anything. Your big eyes can't save you now." He said with laughter. 'Big eyes'

He began to kiss my neck and undo the corset with one hand, the other still holding me down. OMG I can't believe he would do this. I thought he likes me, and no like in this manner. He pulled the red sting that held the corset and used it to tie my hands to a tree.

I tried so hard to get him off of me, but he is strong. "Please don't." I begged, but he just ignored me. He began to slide his tongue in my mouth and I bit him (TEE-HEE) he jolted back with a scream "OWW. What nice teeth you have my dear." He said as his hand slid up my black skirt. Now not only was I terrified to death but I knew what was going on. This is the story I was assigned. It must be…if not, I need to think of a plan B. Might as well give it a try.

As soon as his fingers, brushed my inner thigh I screamed out, "LITTLE RED RIDDING HOOD!!!" he stopped and moved his hand out of my black skirt. "What did you say?" He asked.

"Um, little red ridding hood is my story, right? You're the wolf, and I am the girl. This is how the original went. (EDN: Once more I am not sure; I am taking this from a friend) The real story was of a girl, who was rapped in the woods by a man who was like a wolf." I explained closing my eyes. "Right?" I said holding back tears.

"Yup, your right. Wow close to, almost lost. I don't know what I would have been able to go through with it though." He said untying my hands. When I was free I sat up, but he was still sting on me. I rubbed my wrists, and he asked me a question.

"You all right? I didn't hurt you write. I am so sorry but Chris…" he began to explain and I punched him in the face.

"Don't you ever do that again. You hear me?" I said as he rubbed his face.

"Yup. Got it." I walked out of the forest to collect my prize, but write now all I cared about was why would he even agree to do that….unless if he wanted to???


What do you think? My first one-shot. But I will keep going with the other challengers, if you want m too. Other wise it will remain a one-shot. Review pleas!!!!!!!