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Gwen's POV

Trent finished washing the dishes and looked at me. Even if we had just finished eating 5 minutes ago he looked starved. But for what?? He made his way toward me. I continued to flip the magazine I was pretending to read when he came over. He took the magazine out of my hand and began to kiss me. His tongue once more battled for dominance in my mouth. Then the kissing got intense. He tried to get on top of me, but the couch was too small. He looked over to the bed room. I hesitated. I really wanted to. But could I ???? I guess I could. Nodding my head was all he needed before he picked me up bridal style and toward the room.

When we enter the small, intimate room, Trent lays me gently down on the bed, and then lays close down next to me. We kiss with more heat and passion for several minutes, Trent lines my neck with kisses and gently nibbles and sucks my neck as I couldn't help but moaned in pleasure. Then Trent slowly begins to move his hands under my shirt. He slowly slid his hands to my back and unhooked my bra. I was slightly frightened. I mean this is my first time. Once he unhooked my bra, he moved his hands to my chest and started rubbing and squeezing my breasts, making me moan slightly. I pulled his shirt over his head, breaking the kiss but giving myself an amazing view of his strong, muscular chest, now glistening with sweat. Oh god was he sexy!! He slowly lifts up my shirt and throws it to the floor gazing lustfully at me. He returns to kissing me and feels my breasts, squeezing them, massaging them. Trent goes down to kissing my neck and makes his way down to my chest and proceeds to taste my breasts, licking, sucking, and slightly nibbling on them, getting moans of pleasure to slip from my thought.

Trent pulls away from my breasts and goes back to kissing me on my lips, only this time he moves his hands down to my waist. He stops to look at me, silently asking. I hesitated again. Last chance to back out? I thought. But I really wanted this. Subtly, I nod and immediately returns to kissing him as he slides off my skirt and moves his hand down my panties. He begins to rub me there. Something I never knew could give me so much pleasure. I can also tell by his look it was something he's been yearning to do for what seemed like an eternity to him. I can tell I am getting hotter and wetter, and heard myself moan louder as he rubbed harder and faster. I wonder if hearing her pleasured yells was enough to get him hard. Then, he removed his hand from my panties and took them off, giving me time to catch her breath and quiet my moans fearful that the other campers might hear my enjoyment. But that didn't matter know, the only thing that mattered now was what Trent was doing to me. Trent quickly undid his pants and threw them on the floor, along with his underwear.

Once he got his pants and boxers off, we moved under the sheets, and began to quench our human desires. He positioned himself over my hot, sweating body, looked right into my, black eyes and asked in a soft husky whisper, "Are you ready?" Without missing a beat I replied quicker than I thought I would, "Ready as ever".

He then forcefully shoved his long, hard dick into my tight, virginal pussy. I squirmed in pain when my hymen broke, but my pain quickly faded to extreme pleasure as Trent continued his thrusting. I cried, begged, and pleaded for more. This feeling of over-all pleasure which I long waited for thrilled me down to the soul. I practically screamed in pleasure as he rhythmically trusted in and out of me.

Trent's POV

I marveled at how tight she was, I had never had it with a virgin before. I felt myself building up inside of her and felt Gwen getting so much hotter and wetter. And then, in a beautiful, sensual instant, we both came, simultaneously. I pulled out of her, and laid beside her, panting.


He knew that he loved her, and he wanted to be with her forever. He turned over and kissed her gently on the lips. "I love you." He said as he pulled away from the kiss. Gwen wrapped her arms around his neck and said, "I love you too."

Nothing could ruin this. This love, this passion, this connection. Trent was her prince charming, night in shinning armor, her savior. As the cuddled intimately after their experience, Gwen thought silently to herself "I guess fairytales really do come true"

End of STORY. Hoped you liked it. If I get a couple of requested I will keep it going. But if not it end here.

THE END!!!!!