Title: Complication
Author: Cindy Ryan
Spoilers: Transporter 3
Category: Missing scene,one shot
Summary: Frank reflects on his life and decides to take a chance at happiness.

Frank Martin rested his forearms against the white marble as the hot water beat down on his shoulder blades.

It was well past two in the morning. The luxury hotel room he and Valentina were staying in was too extravagant for his taste but her father had insisted. The best Odessa had to then Frank had been far too tired to refuse.

The hot water stung the cuts and bruises but Frank barely noticed. It was nothing new to him.
Though he was always amazed at what hot water and steam could do to the human body.

Half an hour in his muscles were starting to ease but not the tension. The adrenaline had long since worn off but his mind was still racing.
Still back at the train.

Frank sighed and straightened turning his face to face the stream of water. It'd been a long time since he'd felt the fear he'd felt on that train.
Not for himself but for her.

He knew now as he had then that he would've sacrificed everything in a heartbeat if it had meant Valentina would live a long happy life.


His life wasn't one for complications.
His life wasn't one to share.
Too many dangers.
Too many people that would see her as a way to hurt him.

That was one thing Frank didn't want to see again.

Seeing her crumpled on the floor of the train buried under debris had made his heart stop.
For a second a very long second Frank thought Valentina was dead.
That had brought up feelings he hadn't wanted to acknowledge.

Tarconi had teased him saying he was a romantic.

Frank shook his head as he reached for the gold plated faucet to turn off the water.
Maybe the inspector was right.

Frank had his share of women over the years.
Some he had even thought he'd loved.
That was until Valentina had broken down his barriers.

Frank stepped out of the shower and grabbed a plush white towel and began to wipe away the water.

She deserved better than him.
She deserved stability.
A house, a family.

Things Frank wasn't sure he could ever give. At the last thought Frank shook his head.

There it was again….complication…..thoughts of the future.

Frank finished drying off and pulled on a white t-shirt and a pair of dark blue boxers. He padded quietly back into the bedroom.

He leaned back against the wall by the bathroom watching Valentina sleep.
The moonlight making the fresh bruises stark against her skin and the white sheets.

Another reminder of how close they'd been to death.
Too damn close.

Frank pushed himself away from the wall and crawled back into bed pulling the blankets up around him.
Valentina stirred in her sleep at the movement but didn't wake.

Frank smiled and pulled her close resting his head against the pillow. Tenderly he brushed a stray red hair away from her face before he closed his eyes.

Maybe just maybe it was time to think about changing some of his rules.