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Hi I'm Isabella Swan but I prefer Bella. I'm 17 yr old and a junior in high school. My mother and father got divorced when I was very young. My mom is the CEO of her own clothing line Gucci. And if you haven't figured it out by now yes we're filthy rich. And my dad is a big time lawyer and CEO of his own Law Corporation and he lives in Forks WA. Forks WA is a small rainy town where the sun never shines and everything is green. Ugh! According to my mom my father thinks its time I come to leave with him for a while. He asked me plenty of times before but I refused. But now it seems like I have no choice so here goes nothing! Good-bye sun hello rain!

Chapter 1 Good-bye Phoenix

I kissed and hugged my mom good-bye before getting on my private jet.

"Oh my god honey I'm going to miss you SO MUCH!!" my mom said through her tears

"I know mom I'm really going to miss you too!" I choked out

We hugged one last time and she told me I didn't have to go but I told her its time I get to know Charlie better and she smiled.

"Honey don't forget that you can come back if you don't like it there."

"I know mom." I said with a chuckle with tears still coming down my face.

She wiped them away and kissed my cheek. And with that we waved good-bye and I got on the jet.

The flight wasn't to long just a couple of hours. I thought about my friends I as leaving behind in Phoenix. I also thought about the people I would soon meet in Forks. But must of all I thought about how it would go with Charlie. I mean I know he's my dad and all but I don't like calling him dad. I never really see the man. There were just the awkward phone calls 3 or four times a month. My dad is a great guy and all but I know it is going to be kind of awkward because we don't know much about each other hopefully not to awkward. I was snapped out of my thoughts when I was told that we were about to land. We've just landed bring on the rain.

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