Ok, I was really happy with the reviews I got for eyes only, so here it is, the official sequel to Kyle-091, enjoy.

Disclaimer: If you have not read Kyle-091 and Kyle-091: Eyes Only, this fic will not make sense, read those two first. Oh and I don't own Halo, all OCs are mine

Prologue: Uniform Foxtrot Oscar

April 15, 2009

location: Colorado, Cheyenne mountain complex

Tech Sergeant Danny Lewis reclined back in his seat in NORAD's old control center. Cheyenne mountain wasn't considered NORAD anymore, now that most of the operations had been moved over to Peterson AFB, but the facility was still being used for some low key operations. He was the only one in the control center and his gaze was drawn to the large board suspended over the wall which showed a digital picture of the world. Several circles were positioned over the map at different places on the US, the range of the PAVE PAWS radar system. Designed to track incoming ICBMs from Russia, it was nothing more than a cold war relic. It was the middle of the night, graveyard shift and Danny was considering taking a nap when the status board started to blink. He thought it was fatigue but when he rubbed his eyes sure enough there was a SATCOM warning coming in from Cape Cod AFS, where the easternmost radar instillation in the US was situated.

"Uh, Major Bennett, you better get in here" Lewis said into the intercom. A minute later Major Paul Bennett arrived.

"Whats wrong?" he asked.

"Cape Cod is reporting a contact, sir."


"Negative, sir" Lewis replied, "RAF Fylingdales and Thule AFB are also reporting the contact. Its descending through the atmosphere."

"What!" Bennett cried as he settled into his desk and picked up the red phone. "This is Bennett, initiate scram protocol, lock up the mountain and get me General Denning."

On the SATCOM screen, Air Force General Jeffery Denning appeared.

"Sir, approximately ten minutes ago, three radar instillations reported a contact, we're plotting its course now" Bennett reported.

"Is it directed at us?"

"Sir, we do not believe its an ICBM because the unknown is heading across the northern Atlantic."

Major, NASA believes its a comet or some kind of meteor" Lewis said as he hung up his phone,
"they have a preliminary trajectory of it landing somewhere in the middle east."

"So what you two are telling me is that a large asteroid is about hit the god damned middle east!"

"Sir, we have not confirmed this is an asteroid, we would have a heads up from NASA of any meteor heading for us."

"Holy shit!" Lewis cried "sirs... its slowing down."

"What!?" Bennett and Denning cried in unison

"sir, the unknown appears to be entering a landing trajectory" said Lewis. "Getting revised landing coordinates from NASA."

Next to the general appeared a map of the middle east which zoomed in on the Iraq-turkey border region. A red line went across a swaft of the region and well into Iran.

"We expect the unknown to pass out of radar range in the next ten minutes and make contact five after that" said Bennett said as he read the report on his computer.


"understood, keep me apprised" Denning said as he switched off the feed and picked up his phone. "This is General Denning. We have a situation here, get me General Petraeus on the line and wake the secretary of defense."

April 16, 2009

location: Arlington, Virginia- the pentagon

"Thank you for coming" said Denning as he took his seat at the conference table an hour an a half after the object crashed, a slide show played behind them. On video was General Petraeus from CENTCOM and the secretary of defense from his home.

"At approximately 23:56 hours an unidentified object entered Earth atmosphere over the northern Atlantic and began a semi-controlled landing according to NASA's data. Twenty minutes later the USGS registered a 2.7 earthquake in Iraq's Arbil Provence which fell within the object's estimated landing zone. Several air traffic control centers in the middle east reported the object as it passed low over the area and reports of a fireball are coming in from the region. We still don't know if this is an asteroid or meteor, but NASA thinks... it may be a UFO."

There were several hushed whispers from the officers in the room as denning continued.

"We need to send a team into the LZ to find out exactly what landed there. But we can't wait to call in specialists. That area is an insurgent hot spot and god knows the Turkish military is going to send their own people across the boarder, along with the Iranians."

"General" said Marine Colonel Andrews, "there's a marine expeditionary force stationed in Mosul. They're trained for biological and radiological emergencies. If we get the ok, I can have them suited up inside the hour, they can be at the site within three."

"What's the best response time we can expect from the Turkish military?" The secretary of defense asked.

"They've scaled back their border troops since the troop surge put in place by the previous administration, I'd say about four to five hours" said Colonel Andrews.

"I'm giving the recon mission the green light, General Denning. Colonel Andrews, I want you to place the call" said the secretary of defense.

"Yes, sir" said Andrews.

"The officers began to file but of the room and the video feed from CENTCOM switched off, leaving only the secretary and General Denning in the room."

"Sir, under the circumstances I think you should consider waking up the president" said Denning.

"This is simply a check-up mission that we can easily prove was a small earthquake to the public. I'll have this put in his morning briefing though. Keep me apprised."

April 16, 2009

location: Iraq, Ninawa Governorate, Mosul- US Marine barracks

First Lieutenant Simon Florence strolled into the room housing the other six members of their response team. Two were sleeping, one was on a laptop, presumably writing home, and the others were simply mingling.

"Listen up, men. Word's been passed down by the SECDEF, we are to gear up and investigate the site of last night's earthquake. Working theory is that insurgents may have had a low-yield nuclear device supplied by terrorist forces or Iran, that accidentally blew up in their faces."

"So what's the real story then, el-tee?" one of his men asked.

"Last night some kind of fireball crashed there at the exact moment of the earthquake" Florence explained. "We're going in to figure out what it was so SECDEF has a better idea of whether or not to call in the egg-heads. Get your gear in order, wheels up in fifteen."

His men started to file out, and noticed the one with the laptop was busy putting it away. He was a Corporal, their newest team member, and the son of a personal friend.

"David, you ok for this?" Florence asked.

David met his eyes and said "yes, sir."

"Kid, listen, there was nothing you could have done with that IED the other day, be thankful we didn't loose any of our guys."

"I know, sir, and that's not what I was thinking about" David replied.

"I know he was your brother, but it was a brain aneurysm, he could have had it for years. He was just a walking time bomb. Be thankful you got to spend as much time with him as ya did, kid. Now get suited up."

"Yes, sir" David said as he went to strap on his gear. He started with his desert fatigues, followed by his rucksack, containing all the equipment necessary for handling hazardous materials, although that wasn't his specialty. He was the team's scout and rifleman, three of the members of the team held the doctorates, they were the real team in a sense. Some of the other specialty equipment the HAZ-team was equipped with included the newest vaccines designed to protect against a wide range of biological weapons. He secured his Beretta and M4A1, then met the rest of the squad at the landing pads.


It was two hours into their mission, and after stopping in Iribil, they were almost to their target sight. This part of Iraq reminded David much of home, it wasn't like the dry, hot desert, but this area had grasslands and trees, it was hard to imagine you were in a different country.

"Listen up" Florence said as he addressed the team, "we're two minutes from touchdown, we're heading in on foot because of reported insurgent activity in the region. There are a lot of caves in these hills, perfect hiding spots. I want your eyes on them at all times. Simmons, constant radiation sweeps. It it was a nuke I don't feel like glowing in the dark any time soon."

A few of the men chuckled, but that one bit of humor didn't last as their UH-60 settled into a hover over their LZ. Florence uncoiled the rope and threw it over the side, screaming "GO, GO, GO!"

David was second to last to leave the safety of the helicopter, and the second his boots hit the dirt he brought up his rifle and sighted down the red-dot scope, scanning the hills surrounding the LZ. After everyone was down, the pilot cut the rope and pulled out, holding station keeping a few miles away, ready to extract the Marines if necessary.

"HAZ-team, move out" said Florence.

"Sir", reported Simmons, "radiation levels are normal, trace gas and particulates are also green."

"We're still a couple of clicks out" said Florence, "do a scan every five minutes."

"Yes, sir" Simmons replied.

David kept a firm grip on his rifle as the proceeded through the foothills, trying not to get distracted, but a conversation he had with his mother over a webcam a few months ago.

"David, when will you be able to come home for the funeral?"

"Mom, I told you, I'm on the Marine HAZ-team now, I'm on 24 hour alert up here."

"David, this is your brother we're talking about."

"mom, I can't, what if something goes wrong and people are hurt because I wasn't there to do something about it?"

"David, this is hardly the poin...".


David snapped himself back to reality with the sound of the first gunshot, followed by Simmons keeling over with a bullet in his gut. There was screaming from in the foothills and David could see several heads popping up from rock cover, followed by their weapons. David sighted down his scope and saw these troops were better equipped than insurgents, but their uniforms weren't Turkish, which left only one possibility.

"El-tee, we've got Iranian revolutionary guards closing in!" David yelled to his superior.

Copy that said Florence as he radioed for help. "This is US Marine Corps HAZ-team, calling Gunship 3-6, we are pinned down by IRG troops that have crossed the border, request air assistance and extraction, over."

David hit two of the snipers but didn't see the Iranians were larger in number, and they were quickly flanked, with one Marine down. The remaining six dragged their comrade over to a small circle of rocks and laid him inside while they took up defensive positions and waited for rescue.

"Running low on ammo" said one of the Marines.

David himself had three magazines left for his M4A1, and four spare for his 9 millimeter. David saw a few Iranian troops attempt to rush his position, so he removed a frag grenade from his belt.

"Frag out!" He called as he pulled the pin, tossed it, and ducked as the grenade went off, doing it's job and stopping the Iranian advance in it's tracks.

"Marines, we need to attempt a break out to get to the LZ, Simmons is bleeding out!" Said Florence.

David prepared to lay down a covering fire, followed by a frag grenade, but something happened that stunned both sides. There was a defining roar followed by a fireball from the general direction of the target site. Suddenly a massive dust cloud rolled over the hills and straight at the Marines.

"Hit the deck!" Florence cried, but the order came too late for David as he was propelled onto the air and carried along with the dust. He didn't know how long he was airborne for, or when he even landed, but he landed hard. Thankfully his goggles kept the dust out of his eyes, and gave him some sight thanks to the new lenses designed with partial infrared technology.

David could make out a couple shapes moving towards his position, at first thought it was his team, but when he received a butt of a AK-47 to his gut, he thought otherwise. He herd the two Iranian solders laughing in Arabic, probably gloating about his capture. David moved his hand to the last frag grenade on his belt, and prepared to use it rather than let the Iranians take him alive.

"At least these two bastards are going out with me" David thought as he hooked his thumb through the tab.

Suddenly, there was a blood spray from one of the soldiers as he collapsed dead, a large figure standing behind him. The other soldier turned and fired his AK at the figure, David caught a shimmer of yellow coming from the figure as he took two long strides toward the Iranian, and suddenly, a white hot light erupted from his hand and he thrust it through the Iranian, skewering him. The light disappeared and the body dropped, the figure approaching David.

David had probably hit his head on the fall because the last thing he remembered was the figure throwing him over his shoulder, his metal shoulder.