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Epilogue: Parallel Universes

Date unknown

Location: unknown

The prophet was mad, more mad then he had ever been.

He was cursing the day he deciphered the location of that world on the rim of the galaxy here he found the Forerunner, Arynn. It was he who promised to restore the Covenant and failed to give the prophet the technology to do so. And when he finally did give him the means to bring his revenge on the humans did it backfire. The prophet had thankfully been on the opposite side of the station when half of it had been destroyed by a fusion device detonated from within, and the reaming half was pulled into the black hole. They found themselves in an unfamiliar star system next to that system's primary.

Although one of the asteroids that made up the station had been destroyed, the docking ring and other asteroid were still intact along with the main fusion generators; which means the station still had use. The brute ship master had been overzealous when he fired on the unknown ship that had apparently witnessed their appearance into this star system. And while he had been dealt with, the prophet needed to know where they were so he demanded the Captain of the alien vessel come aboard or his ship would face destruction.

The threat proved well enough to work, and the prophet now looked at the Captain of the vessel, a human!

"You will bow before the holy prophet," one of his brute bodyguards said to him.

"Ask your prophet, what gives him the right to attack a Federation vessel?"

The prophet had no idea what this federation was, probably some unholy alliance the humans and the Sangheili entered into.

"He won't tell us anything, kill him and destroy his ship," the prophet ordered, hoping this act of violence would quell his anger.

The brute swung his gravity hammer and killed the human Captain almost instantly.

And from his position in the captain's chair of the USS Kelvin, Acting Captain George kirk could only watch the viewscreen as the word' terminated' flashed across his captain's vital readouts.

"They've locked on our signal!"

"They're launching again!"

"Bravo 6, maneuver fire full spread..." Kirk had ordered before more weapons fire rocked the battered hull of the Kelvin.

The End

Well folks, this is it, and when I say this is it, I mean this is it; this does not mean I'm gonna book 50 shows at the O2 in London and then die a week before the first one. Michael Jackson references aside, this I can say is the end of the Kyle-091 saga that I began 2 years ago, and don't assume this little one off epilogue is a stepping stone to a Halo/Star Trek crossover; although I will tell you my next fic will be a crossover and I hope you all come and take a look at it.

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