Title: Little Moments

Author: angellwings

Sub-title: When She Steals My Heart Again

Rating: K+

Genre: Romance/Humor

Pairing: Chad/Taylor

Summary: Chad contemplates his relationship with Taylor. Set during HSM3.

Little Moments

When She Steals My Heart Again

Chad & Taylor


When she's layin' on my shoulder on the sofa in the dark,
And about the time she falls asleep so does my right arm.
And I want so bad to move it 'cause it's tinglin' and it's numb,
But she looks so much like an angel that I don't wanna wake her up.
Yeah, I live for little moments,
When she steals my heart again and doesn't even know it.
Yeah, I live for little moments like that.

A year a half ago Chad never would have imagined that he'd be in the situation he was in now. Taylor McKessie was asleep with her head on his shoulder. If someone had told him a year ago that he would be in this situation one day he would have laughed in their face.

"McKessie?" He would have asked in shock. "I would never go on a date with McKessie. She's nowhere near my type."

He felt his arm begin to tingle and sighed. Of course, his arm would have to go to sleep right now. Taylor had a rough couple of days. She had been exempt from most of her exams, but with Gabriella no longer helping her edit the yearbook she had been crazed. She had to have the entire book finished and at the printers by yesterday at 5 PM. Chad had driven her himself in his early graduation present. Chad had put his Lava Springs money from the summer before into a savings account at Taylor's urging, and as a graduation present his dad had paid for half of a used car of his choosing. He was thankful that, unlike Troy, he was able to buy something that ran. He had gotten a 2003 Honda Civic. It wasn't as butch as he would have liked, but at least he wouldn't need to apply duct tape to any part of his engine.

He smiled softly and glanced at Taylor as she slept. She was completely exhausted. He didn't want to wake her up because she needed the sleep, but his arm was killing him.

What's more important, he asked himself. Blood circulation or Taylor's rest?

He stared down at Taylor's peaceful face one more time before resigning himself to his fate. There was no way he was going to have the willpower to wake her up. She needed sleep more than he needed his arm at the moment. He occasionally wished Taylor would slow down. If she wasn't careful she was going to burn out, but then again her work ethic and determination had been two of the things that had drawn him to her. She wouldn't be the Taylor he loved without them.

Loved? Did he just think that? Did he really love Taylor?

A third glance at her beautiful features was enough to tell him that he certainly did.

That complicates things a bit, he thought to himself. Taylor would be halfway across the country when the fall rolled around. What was he supposed to do then? He had been trying to tell himself that he and Taylor were nothing more than a passing high school thing, but that was becoming harder and harder to believe.

Especially at this particular moment. Taylor looked so vulnerable, and he knew that was hard for her. She didn't like being vulnerable and he had taken a while for her to let her guard down around him. It made this moment one hundred times more meaningful.

He placed a soft kiss on the top of her head, and closed his eyes as he began to drift off as well. One thing was for sure; Chad wasn't letting her go anytime soon. He didn't care how difficult the future would be.