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I was sitting out on watch when something grabbed me. I was about to scream when another paw clamped over my mouth. Shit.

"Don't struggle, Maximum. They will be safer if you are not with them. You were the one putting them in danger. Without you, they can have a home. They can go to school and be normal. Don't you want that for them. Especially Fang. You want him to be happy don't you? If you come with us, they'll have no worries." a voice in my ear told me.

My Flock can be safe? They won't have to deal with erasers? Or saving the world or anything else? They can be happy? Damn it! They knew my weakness. I stopped struggling. We had just escaped the school again, so everyone was bushed. They wouldn't wake up for a while.

The paw was removed. "You won't hurt them? They'll be free?" I asked.

"yes. Free as the little birds they are. All you have to do is give them a note telling them not to find you. Simple as that."

"Okay. Anything to protect them. You have a piece of paper and a pen?"

He let me go and handed me paper and a pen. I started to write. Hopefully they could decipher the code.

Iam sorry guys. But I have to go. You don't know where I'm at. The last time at the school made me realize I cant do this anymore. I can't go on pretending to be your mother. Again, I'm sorry guys. I can't. Go buy a house. Go to school. Live as normally as possible.

With all my love,

Maximum Ride

By now I was crying. "Can I have another sheet? I'm not going if I can't tell Fang something first." he gave me another sheet. Wow- they're being nicer today.

Fang, I love you. I always have, always will. But I can't do this. I have to go. Please help the others and save them if they need it. I know you don't love me like I do you, but I had to tell you.

I love you so much,


I put the note for my flock where I was just sitting for watch, then headed over to where Fang was sleeping, his backpack by his side. He looked so peaceful. I put the note where I knew he would look. On a pair of jeans that were covering the locket he would have given me if this didn't happen. I've known about it, but I knew he would give it when he was ready. I had looked at it the night before, while he was sleeping, and it had. I love you Max engraved into it. I have no idea how he got the money, but he did. I laid my Max Ride endless credit card on top of the flock's note and took off my watch and set the timer for 10 minutes from now. I set it down by Fang. The sun was already starting to come up.

I turned back to the eraser "Okay before we go, I want you to sign a contract saying that no one will EVER hunt my flock again."

"That's fine." he took out a already typed up document. I read it through quickly. It said they wouldn't hunt my flock if I went with them. And that I had to have Fang's kid. Apparently they have his DNA and will get be pregnant without me having to do anything. I signed the document and took off with the Eraser.

Fang's POV 8 minutes later!!!!!!

I woke up to an annoying beeping in my ear. I opened my eyes to see Max's watch on the ground. Huh? I looked to where she had been for watch. She wasn't there, just a piece of paper. I walked over to it and read.

No. no way. I CAN'T BELIEVE MAX LEFT US!!! I was going to tell her today, too. I growled, and the rest of the flock woke up. "Where's Max?" they all asked. About 2 seconds later Angel burst into tears.

"what's like going on? Where's Max? what's that paper Fang's holding? Where the heck is Max?!" Nudge asked.

I knew my face looked deadly calm and my voice was sharp. "She's gone. She left. She said she can't handle it anymore." Gazzy started sobbing and so did Nudge. Iggy had an astonished look on his face.

"You were going to tell her today weren't you?"

"Yeah. But apparently she doesn't give a shit."

I went to my backpack to get the locket out. I won't need it anymore. Before I got to it though, I found another note.

Fang, I love you. I always have, always will. But I can't do this. I have to go. Please help the others and save them if they need it. I know you don't love me like I do you, but I had to tell you.

I love you so much,


If she loved me, why would she leave? But, even though they weren't true, they said the words, so I put it in my pocket. I couldn't bring myself to throw the locket away, so I put it in the pouch on the side of my backpack I never use. Everyone was still crying. Even Iggy had tear streaks.

"Come on guys, if she doesn't want us, we'll go get a house and go to school. Live more normal lives. We have the card." they dried their tears, but sulked. Nudge didn't say a single word. Not one.