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Max's POV

"Fang. Truth or dare?" I asked, knowing he would pick dare.

"Dare." HA!

"Dye your hair back to black. Please."

Fang smiled. "Why? You don't like blondes?"

"I prefer darker colors."

"We'll have to go shopping, you know. For you, Nick, and the hair dye."

"Ugh. Fine. I'll deal." I said.

"Yay!" Angel yelled.

~Nudge's POV

The kiss with Iggy had turned into a major make-out session. His shirt was on the floor already. I was on my back, him hovering over me. I really do love him.

Iggy's hands went to the hem of my shirt, roaming over my flat stomach. He broke away. "Ummm…we need to stop. We can't go that far." he murmured.

"You're right," I sighed. I kissed him lightly on the lips. He got up and got his shirt.

"Nudge?" he asked.


"You're beautiful." I blushed.

"And I'm yours."

He grinned really wide. "Hell yeah you are! I love you."

"Love you, too." we kissed again. "We should get back to the others."

"Yeah, we should."

We walked down to the flock's room. Fang Jr. was on Max's lap, with Fang beside her.

"It's Nick now," Angel said.


"Fang Jr. He's Nick now."

"oh! Cool! Cause that was like Fang's fake name back in Virginia! And it will be like a lot less confusing! I lo-" I was cut off by Iggy's lips. I blushed.

"Babe- breathe." he murmured.


~Next day. Max's POV!~

I was entering a mall. A mall. I was going crazy.

I HATE malls. Malls mean shopping. Shopping means hyper Nudge and Angel. Hyper Nudge and Angel mean a scared to death Maximum Ride.

We all went into American Eagle. Greaaatt.

Nudge and Angel made me get really tight tops and dangerously short shorts. Finally, after about an hour, we were ready to check out. We went up to the register and put everything down. The guy gave me a once over- twice- three times.

"You want to hang out after my shift?" he asked.

"I have a boyfriend, now back the hell off and ring up our stuff."

"So ditch the guy. You can come with me."

"Fang? A little help here?" I called, "Feel free to bring Nick."

"Fang? What kind of name is that?"

"The Kind you get when you can take down 15 grown men at the age of 7."

The guy snorted. "Yeah right."

Fang wrapped an arm around my waist and whispered in my ear, too low for the guy to hear, "I remember that day. They had knocked you out with meds and were trying to get me down." Nick was in his other arm.

"Actually, I bet my son here could take you down single-handedly and he's three." I said.

"Yeah. Ok lady. And maybe Santa Claus exists, too."

"Show him, Nick." Fang said. Nick jumped out of his arm and pounced on the guy. He was flat on his face in 3 seconds, my little 3-year-old standing above him.

"Woah!" he yelled,

"Keep away from my mommy, bastard!" (A/N: quote from 123-Cat-Cat-321)

I laughed, though I was wondering where he heard it.

"When you were cursing the Whitecoats in you're head, Mommy." Nick said, wrapping his arms around my leg. Figures.

The guy hurried to check out our things. We paid then left. Me, Fang, and Nick met up with Nudge, Angel, Iggy, and Gazzy, then, finally, walked out of the store.

"Nick!" a voice came from behind us. Oh. No. "Oh my god, Nick! I missed you! Where'd you go? Baby, what happened? Why is your hair different?"

She. Did. NOT. Just. Call. Him. Baby. No. way. In. HELL!

My hand clenched in to fists. Fang placed a hand on my lower back and I calmed down a bit.

We turned around and I managed a fake smile at Lissa.

"Hey Lissa! We've been here and there. Jeff died it in Nick's sleep."

"Did I ask you?" she shot. I glanced at Fang and he shook his head slightly. He doesn't want to talk to her.

"Well, Lissa, you're stuck with my voice, F-Nick lost his voice."

"Oh! Poor Nick baby!" my fists clenched again. I shifted Nick on my hip. "Oh! Who's this?" she asked.

"Turns out Nick had a baby cousin. Poor baby's parents died. " I lied smoothly.

"Oh! What's his name?"

"Ni-- Nate."

"Oh! Okay. Can he talk?"

"Very well, actually. He doesn't like strangers."

"Oh!" If she says 'oh' one more time, I'm going to snap her neck.

"Well, we have to go, Lissa. It was nice seeing you." Lies, lies, lies.

"Oh!" Grrrrrrr. "then I'll see you later, hopefully! If you're ever back in Virginia, give me a call! Bye Nick!"

"Bye Lissa." I managed out.

We turned and headed the other way.

"Calm down, Max. Calm. We won't see her again. Let's just go get the dye and head back out." Fang soothed. I nodded. We headed into some store and got to the hair dye section.

"Max? can I dye my hair back? I don't like having black hair very much." Angel asked.

"Of course, sweetie. Go ahead and get some dye."


Me and Fang went to the cash register. The lady batted her eyes at Fang.

"Hey, you want to go get a bite to eat later?" she asked.

"No. Now hurry up and ring me, my girlfriend, and my son up."

"A little young to have a son doncha think?"

"Nope. Not to young at all. Now hurry the hell up."

"Tsk tsk tsk. That's not good roll-model behavior."

"We've been through things you only see in movies. We've seen things that haunt your nightmares. Now hurry the hell up before I do something I'll regret." her eyes widened and she hurried. Haha. Serves her right. We left quickly and went back to the hotel.

We got the hair dying thing done then just hung out. It was getting pretty late.

"ok guys. I'm going back to my suite since there aren't enough beds. Nick, you coming or staying?"

"Stay pwease." I nodded, grabbed my bags and headed out.

"Guys I'm going with Max I gotta talk to her." I smiled and waited for him. He came out and slipped an arm around my waist. We walked back to my room and he closed the door behind us. He pulled me into a kiss and I kissed him back. We ended up with me flat on my back on the bed. His shirt was somewhere to one of the sides. My hands traced his abs then found their way back up to his perfectly black hair.

He broke off. "Ok. I love you, but I don't want to go to far yet." I smiled.

"Me either." He rolled over to the side and pulled the locket out. He took it off.

"Here. Take it." I smiled, took it, and put it on.

"thank you." I murmured. He smiled. My mind wondered back to earlier today.

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