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Chapter 1: 10 years ago

It was ten O' clock at night and eight year old Sammy Winchester was sitting alone, tucked under a blanket, and reading a book in the Impala, which was parked outside a forest. But he wasn't reading an ordinary book, no he was reading his dad's journal, the one he'd swiped before his daddy and brother had tucked him in, told him to call them if there was any problem, locked the door, and then left.

It had been over two hours and usually Sammy would've been worried to death, but he was too absorbed in what he was reading. This was interesting, awful and terrifying, but still interesting. He couldn't believe it, the stuff his dad's journal talked about, demons, ghosts, witches, werewolves, reapers, chupacabras, and a lot of other scary supernatural creatures you didn't want to dream about. His Daddy and Deanie had always been his heroes and now Sammy had proof that they were superheroes, they killed evil things and saved people.

Sammy was interrupted from his reading by the sound of a scream, one he would recognize anywhere, it was his brother's scream. His body moved of its own accord and within thirty seconds he had dropped the journal, pulled himself out of his cocoon of blankets, and was out of his safe haven, the Impala, and heading toward his brother, egged on and led by the sounds of his pain-filled screams, which were soon joined by those of his father's.

When he arrived at the spot, Sammy saw a scene he knew he would revisit in his nightmares for the rest of his life. Both his daddy and his brother were lying on the floor covered head to toe in blood, their hands and feet bent at unnatural angles. Racing towards the gruesome sight, Sammy dropped to his knees near his beloved big brother and placed his ear on top of where his brother's heart was, and was terrified when he didn't hear the regular thump-thump that lulled him to sleep when he was upset.

Remembering something Dean had told him, Sammy placed his tiny hand on his brother's neck where his brother's pulse point was, searching for a beat. He started sobbing, shudders wracking his entire body, when he didn't find one. Remembering his dad, Sammy forced himself to calm down, and after kissing his brother's forehead, sprinted towards his father.

He performed the same routine on his father that he had performed on Dean and was met with the same results. Sam fell flat on his little behind, blood and various other liquids soaking his jeans, but he didn't notice any of it. He was shocked, his entire world had just performed a three-sixty, spun on its axis, turned upside down. His family, his brother and daddy, the most important people in his life, the only constants in his life, were gone, dead, never coming back. And when these dreadful truths sank in, Sammy Winchester broke down, realizing that his family was gone and that for the first time in his life he was truly alone.

When Sam was done crying, he realized that he wasn't alone and quickly wiped the wetness off of his face. Looking up with his red and puffy eyes, he saw a man who looked to be about his dad's age, he was wearing blue jeans and a camouflage jacket, but what caught Sam's attention were the man's eyes, mainly the fact that they were black. The man was possessed by a demon and, unlike most people when they encountered demons, Sam's heart filled with hope.

When the man turned to leave, Sam called out, "Wait," and scramble to his feet, ready to follow the man as far as the depths of hell if he didn't stop, but that wasn't necessary because the man paused and turned, looking at him expectantly. Gathering his wits and hoping he remembered what he'd read right, Sam stammered, "I…I wanna make a deal." The demon's eyebrows shot up in surprise and he questioned, "Do you even know what that means, Kid?"

Insulted, Sam said, "Yes I do, and I'm serious, I want my dad and Dean back, exactly the way they were and," Sam paused getting his thoughts together, "…and I don't want them to remember that they died. And..umm… no evil creature on earth can tell them about this deal."

The demon smiled, although it came out looking like a painful grimace and said, "All right," he then grabbed Sammy underneath his shoulders and hauled him up. Smirking at his flinch, which was followed by a surprised look, he stated matter-of-factly, "You know how to seal the deal." Sam did know, so, scrunching his nose up in disgust, Sammy leaned in and pecked the man on the lips, pulling away after his lips made contact and the man let fo, dropping him on the ground. Landing on his ass and grimacing, more at the little kiss then than the pain of his fall, Sammy used the back of his right hand to wipe the feel of the other man's lips on his.

"All right," said the demon and then after snapping his fingers, continued, "they should wake up in a couple of minutes." Grinning evilly, the demon stated, "I'll see you in ten years," then before Sam realized what was happening, the man who was being possessed by the demon howled, as if in pain, releasing a great amount of black smoke, which soon flew away. The demon was gone, leaving Sam alone with his family, who were showing signs of coming back to life. Walking toward them, Sam grimaced at the cracking sounds their bones made as they realigned themselves, leaving them looking normal when it was over. That is if your idea of normal includes being decorated with numerous cuts, bruises, abrasions, and wearing blood like a second skin. So yeah, for them, normal.

When they started moaning, Sam knew that to avoid any suspicion or questions he had to get back to the car. Looking at his family longingly, Sam raced back to the Impala, stopping near the river to wipe the blood of his family from his hands. He had no idea how he was going to hide the fact that his pants were soaked with blood. When he reached the Impala, he situated himself as he'd been sitting earlier, placing the journal back where he'd found it, tucking himself back in the cocoon formed by the blankets, effectively hiding the bloodstains, and lastly locking the door. He then resigned himself to the task of waiting for them to show, staring out the window.

His face lit up with a smile that was unmatched by any other than the one that parents wear on the day their child enters the world. He stared as if looking at something ethereal as his family walked towards the car, soaked in blood, bone tired, but alive, and Sammy knew that that was the only thing that mattered. He waited as they loaded the stuff into the trunk, and when their father finally unlocked the door, he jumped out and launched himself into his brother's arms, ignoring his gasp of pain and surprise, he just grabbed onto him and held on with all his might, doing the same to his dad when he joined them, worried about Sam.

He held onto the both of them, finding comfort in the rise and fall of their chests, in the steady beating of their hearts, in them. He didn't regret a thing, and as for when the ten years passed, well, he'd cross that bridge when he came to it, right now he, Sammy Winchester, was happy as could be.


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