I didn't know that Hannah would die the day she did, in her car on the way to work. It could just have easily been me. And yet, fate led me up the stairs and into her room- seemingly driven by grief. I didn't know I'd be forever changed by the things I found there, changed by the letters.

I had simply found the shoe-box that we'd made as children. Our "box of treasures." Many items had been added over the years, some of which made my heart clench and the tears to fall freely down my face. She had kept the picture of us, the one taken six years ago when the two of us were eleven years old. Hannah with her radiant smile and halo of golden hair and her kindly green eyes. She was my best friend, almost a sister to me.

In the picture she had her arm wrapped around my shoulders, looking like a mother hen really. That's how it was with us, I was always too shy for my own good and Hannah was the one who was bold and outgoing. People naturally flocked to her. But when I saw the letters, I couldn't contain myself. A certain curiosity sparked and I found myself kneeling in my best friend's room and reading letters she'd gotten from someone by the name of Edward Cullen.

Dear Hannah,

If Bella is anything like you describe her in your letters, I have no doubt that she'll get over whatever you two were fighting about. She doesn't seem like the type of person to dwell on that kind of thing. You shouldn't beat yourself up either, though I am pleased you trusted me with your problems. Not much has happened on my end; Alice has started dating Jasper and seems pretty happy. But how long will this one last, is the main thought that keeps coming up.

Are you enjoying your winter break? Is it still raining or has it actually frozen yet? Anyway, I'm rather anxious for winter to pass and summer to come. I can't wait to visit and finally meet the one and only Hannah Williams. Plus let's not forget about the riveting Isabella. I'd like to meet the person who seems to occupy your thoughts most. I hope also that she realizes how much you care for her.


Edward Cullen