Prequel Announcement Pt.2:

I feel so horrible about what I'm about to say, but thankfully the bad news is followed by good news. Bad news: I won't be continuing "The Forbidden Apple". Good news: it's being rewritten in "Los Bandoleros". And I felt so guilty about it that I out out two chapters. Usually I wouldn't do this. But I was in the Blockbuster today, looking for Fast & Furious to rent primarily because I wanted to get my hands on the prequel that Vin Disel directed for the fourth Fast and Furious. Of course, the DVD in the store was the one disc with no special features. So, I went home and went to the all reliable Youtube, and of course found it. I had to do some hunting but it's there. The prequel was pretty decent (it still didn't answer my questions of what the hell happened to Vince & Leon) but it had 6 minutes of Dotty goodness that almost...almost made me forgive the writers for killing off Letty in the first ten minutes of the movie. Almost. ;) In any event, after I watched a few times one particular line that Letty said stuck with me, "That's right all the way from Mexico, sucker." My first reaction was: why was she in Mexico and why the hell does it sound like and look like (it's hilarious when she comes on the screen) that he left her there? Which of course got me thinking. So the prequel inspired a totally different twist that I didn't think about and when I thought about what I had orginally planned, this made so much more sense and I knew it could actually work. And in the end I want to write the best quality story, so The Forbidden Apple should be gone by the end of the week, but before that's gone Los Bandoleros will be up. I highly encourage that you find the actual prequel on Youtube. At the current moment, I think it's masked under some music on raylee705's Dom Letty- Los Bandoleros, but if you look at the note she has referring to the video it will lead you to the English verison in great quality (espicially for bootleg ;) Or you can PM me for the webaddress, won't let me post it in this note.

Edit: Los Bandoleros is now up!

Much Love,

Santiva Potter