Important Note: Please read or review Season 8 (by me) before reading any further. It is IMPORTANT that you know most of what happened in not only the actual television series, but also my virtual series. I cannot stress that enough.

Setup: It has been eleven months since the end of Season 8. Rory and Nate left for Africa for the summer, after which, they were to find an apartment together in New York City, working for the New York Times. While Nate holds a larger role at the New York Times as a senior editorialist, Rory works as a contract editorialist. Meanwhile, Luke and Lorelai, now having their hands full with an 'almost' one-year old baby boy (Nicholas Abbott Danes), are cohabitating and finally evolving into a wonderful family while they hold the award for Stars Hollow's favorite married couple.

Unlike the format of the previous Season 8 episodes, this epilogue will consist of six to eight parts. I haven't yet decided how long I want this movie to be.

The story starts a couple of weeks before Nicholas' very first birthday.


Gilmore Girls: The Mini-Series
by AudiRox

PART ONE: Gilmore Revisited


The infamous la la las begin to play as the scene fades in.

Scene opens on a blue-eyed toddler in a stroller as he examines the activity around him in the town square. As the camera zooms out, we see Lorelai pushing the stroller as she greets fellow townies. Lorelai bends a bit to adjust the small blanket on Nicholas' lap, and then she straightens and continues to walk toward a specific building…

La la las continue to play in the background.

As mother and child near the building, the camera closes in on the establishment and we see that it is Luke's Diner. Lorelai opens the door and backs the stroller up the stairs.


La la las fade out.

LORELAI: (Occupied with the stroller, speaks to the person behind her) Guess who wanted to have breakfast with his daddy?

Luke appears from the back with a smile.

LUKE: Hey! (Quickly helps Lorelai with the stroller, and then holds his son's hand for a moment) Hey you.

LORELAI: (She sets her purse and baby bag on the table closest to the door) He insisted he wanted to see you.

Luke looks up and smiles at his wife. They greet each other with quick a kiss.

LORELAI: Mm, so what do you say we treat our son to a small bowl of cheerios while his mother wolfs down some blueberry pancakes with a side of bacon and some much needed coffee?

LUKE: (Sighs) You got it.

Luke quickly moves to the back as Lorelai picks up her son from the stroller. As she settles him on her arm and turns to the counter, she sees Kirk sitting not too far away.

LORELAI: G'morning, Kirk!

KIRK: (With an expressionless face, briefly looks up from his newspaper and nods) Good morning, Lorelai. Good morning, Nicholas.

LORELAI: (Wears an amused grin and whispers to her son) He's more of a night owl.

Luke returns to the counter with a 'high' highchair, which he sets next to Lorelai's bar stool.

LUKE: Here you go.

LORELAI: (As she sets Nicholas down on the handcrafted chair and secures him) Thank you. Now, how many baby boys can say that their father built them a chair to sit with the grown-ups at the counter?

To this, Nicholas stretches his arms and jiggles himself with a quick giggle.

LORELAI: (Smiles and looks up at Luke as he walks behind the counter) So, how's your morning going so far?

LUKE: (Opens the register and starts to stuff money in it) Not bad. The morning rush came and went (gestures at Kirk and a couple of others scattered in the diner), just a few customers left.

LORELAI: Perfect timing on our part then. (Pulls out a clear Sippy cup filled with what looks like orange juice and sets it on the counter in front of Nicholas) He already had his milk this morning.

As Lorelai watches, Luke grabs a box of cereal, and pours a few loops in a bowl and hands it to his son.

LORELAI: Friday night dinner tonight.

LUKE: (Looks up quickly) Oh, I'm closing tonight.

LORELAI: (Nods) Yeah, I know. I've already let mom know you won't be joining us this week.

LUKE: (Adds) Or the next.

LORELAI: (Repeats as she rolls her eyes) Or the next.

LUKE: (With a sigh of relief) Good.

Luke goes back to his register.

LORELAI: (Remembers) So hey…

LUKE: Yeah?

LORELAI: (Softly) You know, it's you-know-who's birthday in a couple of weeks.

LUKE: (Looks up at her odd discreetness) You don't have to whisper, you know? He doesn't understand what you're talking about. (Looks over at his son) Besides, he's occupied with his snack.

LORELAI: (Frowns) Shh!

LUKE: (Rolls his eyes and goes back to his work) So what about you-know-who's birthday?

LORELAI: (With a cheeky smile at how Luke gives in, she continues softly) Well, I know how you feel about parties, but I was really hoping we could make a big deal out of it.

LUKE: Of course, it's a big deal. It's his first birthday.

LORELAI: Exactly, so Sookie and I were talking on the phone earlier this morning…

LUKE: Oh no.

LORELAI: (Ignores it) Rory and Nate were planning to spend that weekend here anyway, so what about a big party in the town square on that Sunday afternoon?

LUKE: Not just the family, huh?

LORELAI: We could have just the family over that evening. You, me, Rory, Nate… (adds after a pause) Emily, Richard. (Pouts) Wish April could join us as well.

LUKE: Yeah, me too. She won't be here till mid-summer. (Sighs, and then after a pause, he continues) Sure.

LORELAI: (Smiles) Sure?

LUKE: (Nods) Yeah, it's a good idea.

LORELAI: Great! (Pulls out her cell phone and steps down from her seat) I have to call Sookie.

LUKE: (Notices that Lorelai is moving towards the front door. Surprised, he asks) You're 'finally' going to adhere to my diner rules?

LORELAI: (With a blank stare) What? No! I can't talk about the planning in front of, ahem, you-know-who!

Luke rolls his eyes and sighs. Father and son look at each other.


Lorelai walks out with her cell phone up to her ear. After a few rings, the call goes to voicemail.

LORELAI: Sookie, it's me. I discussed it with Luke, and the party is on! May 10th, in the square, the whole town's invited! Spread the word… let's talk about food when I come over. Okay, bye!

Lorelai hangs up and decides to dial another number. She holds the phone up to her ear as she paces in front of the diner.

Scene CUTS between Stars Hollow and Rory's apartment in New York City.

RORY: (Still in her pajamas, grabs the phone in the kitchen) Hello.

LORELAI: Rory! Are you on your way to work?

RORY: (Shakes her head) Nope, you called the apartment.

LORELAI: Oh (quickly looks at the display of her phone), I sure did.

RORY: (As she sips on her coffee, she turns around and leans against the counter) Yeah, I'm working from home today.

As the camera zooms out we see her laptop on the island counter in front of her.

LORELAI: (Shakes her head) You lucky, lucky person, you.

RORY: (Grins) I can't complain.

LORELAI: So… party for little Nicholas on May 10th, in the square… are you in?

RORY: We're totally in!

LORELAI: (Smiles) Great. Where's that wonderful man of yours? Is he at work?

Nate shows up in the kitchen area in his work attire. He nods at Rory as she continues on the phone.

RORY: Nope, he's right here. On his way out though… late start today.

LORELAI: Say hi to him for me, and tell him not to work too hard.

RORY: Mom says not to work too hard.

NATE: (Walks over as he puts on his corduroy jacket) I will try my hardest to slack at work today.

He takes a sip from Rory's mug, gives her a quick kiss on the forehead, grabs his messenger bag from the counter and walks across the living area to the front door. As the camera pans out, it's clear that Nate and Rory are living comfortably in the modern, yet cozy, New York apartment.

RORY: (Sighs as Nate closes the door behind him) He's got an editorial due later today, so he was up most of the night finishing it.

LORELAI: Awe, the Times sure works him hard.

RORY: He loves it.

LORELAI: (Curiously) So, how are things?

RORY: (Nods) Good… things are good.

LORELAI: That's good.

RORY: No, I take that back… things are great. Amazing, in fact.

LORELAI: (Sincerely) I'm happy for you both.

RORY: We've been talking about going back…

LORELAI: (Curiously) Going back?

RORY: (Nods as she walks up to her laptop on the counter) Yeah, back to Africa… specifically to Kenya for a month. It has been over eight months since we returned, but we've been aching to go back on our own, you know?

LORELAI: Yeah, I figured it wouldn't be long before you decided to go again.

RORY: We've only discussed it briefly… but it's something to think about later this year.

LORELAI: (Proudly) You know, I think it's great what you both have accomplished in just a year.

RORY: (Blushes a bit, but segues) Well, enough about me. Where's that little brother of mine?

LORELAI: (Looks through the window at Luke and Nicholas – Luke seems to be slicing a banana for his son) He's having breakfast with his dad as we speak.

RORY: Awe. I miss you guys.

LORELAI: We miss you, too!

RORY: Nate's dad runs that shelter like a well-oiled machine that we haven't had the need to take off from work and drive up there, but…

LORELAI: (Cuts in) But you're going to be here in a couple of weeks. So it's all good.

Rory's cell phone (which is on the counter next to her laptop) starts to beep loudly.

LORELAI: Hey, is that you?

La la las fade in again.

RORY: (Takes a look) It's a text from Nate. (She chuckles, looks around and sees what she's looking for) he forgot his flash drive – which happens to have the final copy of the editorial that needs to go out today. (Sighs with a sympathetic smile) Mom, he's outside the building and can't get in because he also forgot his keys.

LORELAI: (Chuckles) Old age, I tell ya.

RORY: (Nods) Yep, and lack of sleep.

LORELAI: Alright, talk to you later, babe.

RORY: (Smiles into the phone) Bye, mom.

Rory places the phone back on its dock and walks to the front door.

Lorelai walks back into the diner.

The scene along with the la la las fade out.

Short commercial break. Yes, we've got those too.


Scene opens on Emily as she fixes her hair in front of the mirror attached to the wall table. Making sure everything looks good; Emily catches Richard walking past her in his golfing attire.

EMILY: (Turns with a disapproving expression) Oh Richard, I really wish you'd go to this event with me. (Examines his hat) Must you go golfing today?

RICHARD: (Sighs) Emily, I had already made plans with Dusty and Paul when you were invited to this luncheon. First time in months of bad weather; I can finally do something outdoors. Besides, I'm sure the other DAR ladies won't even notice my absence.

EMILY: (Still not approving of Richard's decision, raises her brows) It's not often we have events like this where everyone can join in.

RICHARD: (With a smile, kisses his wife on the forehead) I'm sure they'll appreciate our extra large check to their Scholarship Fund.

EMILY: Richard, Arthur Ridgeway will be there. And you know I've invited him to dinner next week. What am I going to tell him when he asks for you?

RICHARD: Tell him I had a very important meeting. He will understand. (Pulls up his golf mitten) Well, I should get going… have a wonderful luncheon, Emily.

Emily, with a heavy sigh, turns back to the mirror.

Scene CUTS to the event.


Scene opens as Emily greets her fellow DAR members as she walks from table to table.

EMILY: (Smiling) Oh Martha! So glad you could join us today…

MARTHA: Emily! Yes, I tried to convince Paul to accompany me… but men and golf seem to be made for each other.

EMILY: (Nods in agreement) That's what they call a 'perfect union'… didn't you know?

MARTHA: (Chuckles) Indeed.

EMILY: (Looks around) I'm pleased with the turnout. (Someone catches her eye) Oh, I'm sorry, I see someone I need to speak with.

MARTHA: We'll catch up later, Emily.

Emily nods and walks closer to the person in question. As her curiosity heightens, a benefactor, a man in his 70s, approaches Emily.

BENEFACTOR: Emily Gilmore!

EMILY: (Slightly jumps as she turns) Oh, Mr. Ridgeway. Hello…

RIDGEWAY: Please, I've asked you to call me Arthur.

EMILY: I'm very glad to see you today.

RIDGEWAY: You know I will support the efforts of the DAR until the day I die.

EMILY: I'm pleased to hear that. (Adds) I hope you're still joining us for dinner next Friday?

RIDGEWAY: Of course! I cannot visit Connecticut and not have dinner with the Gilmores. I hope I finally get to meet your new grandson?

EMILY: (With a smile) Why yes, you will. (Softly to herself) I'm sure you will.

RIDGEWAY: Wonderful! (Sees someone approaching them) Emily, have you ever met my youngest daughter?

EMILY: (Slightly turns and notices a blonde woman in her late 30s accompanied by someone familiar) No, I don't believe so.

RIDGEWAY: Emily Gilmore, I'd like to introduce you to my daughter, Eliza Ridgeway.

EMILY: (Pleasantly nods) It's wonderful to meet you.

ELIZA: It's a pleasure to meet you, too.

RIDGEWAY: (Gestures at the man accompanying her) And this here is my future son-in-law, Max Medina.

EMILY: (Surprised) Max?

MAX: (Smiles knowingly) Emily. Nice to see you again.

RIDGEWAY: Oh, the two of you know each other?

MAX: Yes, we uh…

EMILY: (Cuts in) My granddaughter attended Chilton when Max was teaching there. (Max sighs)


ELIZA: (Remembers) Oh yes, I had forgotten you worked there before you moved.

MAX: Yes.

RIDGEWAY: (Looks around at the spread) Well, I'm actually looking forward to the food. The DAR sure knows the best way to a benefactor's heart is through his stomach.

Everyone chuckles and follows Arthur.

Scene fades on Emily as she ponders on the blast from the past.


Scene opens on Rory as she walks through the hallways, flipping through her mail. As she closes in on the lady behind a desk, she smiles…

RORY: Hey there Jinny.

JINNY: (Smiles up at her) Rory, hello.

RORY: (Gestures towards the offices behind Jinny) Is he in?

JINNY: Go right in, his schedule's open for a couple of hours.

RORY: Thank you, Jinny!

Rory continues to walk through the hallway and then stops in front of a door with the name plate that reads "N. DiLuca" – this makes her smile.

She knocks on the door, slightly opens it and peaks in.

Nate looks up in surprise. He gets up from his seat and gestures her to enter.

NATE: (Walks around his desk and leans against it) I thought you were working from home today?

RORY: (Closes the door behind her, walks up to him and gives him a quick kiss on the lips – then places some envelopes in her tote) Decided to come over and get my mail.

NATE: I could've gotten them for you.

RORY: (Stays close to her man and smiles) I know, but I also wanted to see you.

NATE: See me? We see each other every day. I'm surprised you're not sick of me…

RORY: Never. (Stops to think) Wait. (Nate is amused by her confused expression) Are you sick of me?

NATE: (With a cheeky smile, he kisses her) Not yet.

RORY: (Slaps his arm) Gee, thanks. (Her faux frown turns into a shy smile – and then she leans against the desk) Guess what?

NATE: Not fond of that game.

RORY: (Sighs, and then smiles again) I got a call from a 'reputable' magazine today.

NATE: (Interested, he crosses his arms and turns to her) Another freelance opportunity? (Rory nods) How "reputable" are we talking about? (Sarcastically) 'The Nation' as in "reputable" among liberals or…

RORY: (Rolls her eyes) Okay, maybe not that reputable anymore. But they've seen my work this past year, and wondered if I'd write a few online pieces for them.

NATE: Okay, I give up… who are they?

RORY: Let's just say that I finally get to say, "been there, done that" to Matt Taibbi.

NATE: (Surprised) Rolling Stone?

RORY: (With pride) Can you believe that? I know, it's still a long way from where I want to go – but this is the biggest gig I've gotten since… since the Times took me on. And I'm happy.

NATE: (With an encouraging smile, he nods) And I'm happy for you.

RORY: Good. (Takes a deep breath, stands straight and continues with confidence) Now all I need is for the New York Times to offer me a permanent position once my contract is up at the end of summer… or renew it for another year.

NATE: You have a few more months to worry about that.

RORY: Right. (Remembers) Hey…

NATE: Yeah.

RORY: May 10th is coming up soon.

NATE: (Pushes himself off the edge of the desk and walks around to take a seat) Nicholas' birthday?

RORY: That's right. So, I was thinking about that weekend…

NATE: (As he goes back to his laptop) I thought we were driving up for the birthday?

RORY: We are, but I was wondering what you thought about taking a few days off prior to his birthday and spending more time in Stars Hollow.

NATE: (Looks up from his laptop) Missing home?

RORY: (Pouts) Terribly. We've been so busy; we haven't been back there in a while…

NATE: (Nods) I think it's a good idea.

RORY: (Smiles) Yeah?

NATE: Yep. We could surprise Rose and Tony too.

RORY: (Excited) Exactly! I miss your parents, too.

NATE: (With a subtle smile, he nods) Let's make it happen, Gilmore.

Scene fades on Rory as she smiles at the thought of seeing Stars Hollow again and spending time with her family and friends.


Scene opens as Lorelai walks out of the stockroom with Nicholas in her arms. Lorelai and Nicholas are dressed for Friday night dinner.

LORELAI: (As she places Nicholas on her hip, she places a few clean diapers in the big tote bag) There we go, all changed.

LUKE: (Smiles at his son from behind the counter) You have years of Friday night dinners to endure, kid.

Just then, Kirk and Lulu enter the diner. Kirk, with a handful of fliers, walks up to the counter where Luke and Lorelai are.

KIRK: Hello Luke… Lorelai. (Luke nods)

LORELAI: Hey Kirk… (looks back and smiles) Lulu… how are you feeling?

LULU: (Now completely visible, smiles as she touches the subtle bump on her stomach) The morning sickness is almost gone… (giggles) but I can't stop eating.

LORELAI: (Jokes) I can never stop eating.

KIRK: (Cuts in) We're actually here to pass these around (gestures at the stack of fliers in his hands).

LUKE: What's it for?

KIRK: (Hands one to Luke) Taylor has called for an impromptu meeting… on Monday night.

LUKE: (Sarcastically) And he killed a few trees for it?

LORELAI: (Curiously tilts her head to read the flier) Does this mean next Thursday's meeting is cancelled?

KIRK: (With a deadpan look) No. (Points at the content on the flier) As you can see, it's mandatory since it's regarding this year's summer festival.

LORELAI: Can't it wait till Thursday?

Kirk gives her a blank stare, prompting Lorelai to give up on an answer from the man.

LUKE: (Tosses the flier on the counter) I'm not going. (Lulu nods in agreement)

LORELAI: I'll be there, Kirk. (Looks up at the time and at her son) Oh, we should get going before grandma gives us yet another lecture on punctuality. (Lorelai leans forward so Luke can give Nicholas a kiss on the head – and then she gives Luke a quick peck on the lips) Bye all.

LUKE: (Nods) Drive safe.

LULU: Bye Lorelai.

Scene fades as Lorelai exits the diner and Lulu and Kirk proceed to take a couple of seats at the counter.


Scene opens on the elder Gilmores as they nervously sip their alcohol. As the camera zooms out, we see Lorelai entering the room with a baby monitor in her hand.

LORELAI: (Sets the monitor on the coffee table and takes a seat) He's fast asleep.

RICHARD: Oh good. (Clears his throat) The little one must be tired.

EMILY: Yes, yes… must be very tired. (Takes a big sip of her martini)

LORELAI: (Notices something odd about her parents) Yeah… yeah, he had a long day.

A pause as Lorelai looks curiously at her parents who refuse to make eye-contact with her.

LORELAI: So, umm… May 10th will be Nicholas' party.

RICHARD: (Remembers) Oh yes! The little fellow will be turning a year old.

LORELAI: (Continues) So we've decided to make a big deal of it…

EMILY: (Curiously) Big deal?

RICHARD: (Responds before Lorelai) As it should be! Turning a year old is very big deal indeed.

LORELAI: (Nods) And that's why we're planning a party so the whole town can join in…

EMILY: (Starts to shake her head in disagreement) Why on earth…

RICHARD: (Clears his throat loudly and cuts in) Emily…

EMILY: (Sighs and stops herself) Well, I was hoping it would be a small celebration… so we could join in.

LORELAI: (Calmly, she explains) That's why we decided to have the big party in the afternoon and have a small family gathering in the evening.

EMILY: (Protests again) But Nicholas will be exhausted by the time he gets home…

RICHARD: (Warns) Emily.

LORELAI: Not as exhausting as this conversation is right now. (Sighs) Mom, I promise it will all work out… and you know we want you there.

EMILY: (Touched, she decides to let it go) Well, then.

LORELAI: (Decides to change the topic) So, how was the luncheon this afternoon?

The elder Gilmores look at each other nervously. Lorelai notices, once again, that the awkwardness had returned.

LORELAI: What is it?

EMILY: (Tries to be discreet) The luncheon was a success, Lorelai. Thanks for asking.

LORELAI: (Curiously) Uh huh, and…

EMILY: And Arthur Ridgeway confirmed that he would be joining us for dinner next Friday. He's very keen on seeing little Nicholas.

LORELAI: Well, as I promised before, I plan on being here with Nicholas. However, I doubt Luke can make it but…

Richard cuts Lorelai off by clearing his throat once more, prompting Emily to sigh.

LORELAI: (Looks at her parents) What is it?

EMILY: He will be joined by his youngest daughter, Eliza.

LORELAI: (Smiles) More the merrier.

EMILY: And her fiancé.


RICHARD: Emily, I think you should just come out and say it…

LORELAI: (Confused) Say what?

EMILY: Max Medina.

LORELAI: (More confused) What?

EMILY: Eliza's fiancé's name… (Lorelai tilts her head) Max is Eliza's fiancé.

LORELAI: (Tries to process) Oh.

EMILY: (Hurriedly explains) Lorelai, I had no idea.

RICHARD: (Echoes) Your mother had no idea.

EMILY: Arthur went on and on, in the presence of Eliza and Max, about how much he's looking forward to dinner next Friday. (Looks at Richard) Almost as if he wanted me to extend the invitation. (Shakes her head) I tried to resist… I really did. But he is a very important man to the DAR. (Lorelai has a subtle smile on her face as her mother goes on) Lorelai, you have to believe me.

LORELAI: (Calmly assures her) I believe you. Really, you don't have to worry about it.

EMILY: (Surprised) So, you will still be joining us next week?

LORELAI: (Sighs) You did promise Mr. Ridgeway that he'll meet Nicholas. Besides, I've moved on. It has been ages, and I'm sure Max has moved on, too.

Emily and Richard smile at each other in relief.

EMILY: Are you sure Luke wouldn't mind?

LORELAI: (Sighs and smiles) I'm sure he'll be fine.

Scene fades on Lorelai's tentative smile.


Scene opens on a dimly lit living room as Lorelai sits on the couch and watches a random TV show, waiting for Luke to arrive.

Just as Lorelai changes the channel, the front door opens and Luke steps inside. Lorelai looks back and whispers…


LUKE: Hey, you're still up.

LORELAI: (Turns off the TV and gestures him to come to her) Of course, I'm up.

Luke takes off his wristwatch and places it on the coffee table as he takes a seat next to Lorelai.

LUKE: (With a heavy sigh, he looks at his wife) It was a long day.

LORELAI: (Sympathetically takes his hand) Awe, you look tired.

LUKE: (Leans back) I feel tired. (Looks at his shirt) I also feel dirty.

LORELAI: (With a grin) Ooh, dirty!

LUKE: (Rolls his eyes and changes the topic) Is he asleep?

LORELAI: Yep, fast asleep.

LUKE: Hmm.

LORELAI: (Moves closer to him) Why? What did you have in mind?

LUKE: (With a slight smirk) A lot. But first, I think I need to get out of these clothes.

LORELAI: (Teases) Ooh, another dirty!

Instead of rolling his eyes, Luke leans in and gives his wife a long and passionate kiss. Lorelai places her right hand on his face and moves in deeper. A few seconds later, they pull away slightly but linger with eyes closed.

LUKE: (Pulls away and inquires) How was dinner?

LORELAI: (Takes a deep breath and opens her eyes) It was fine. (After a pause, she sighs) I have to tell you something…

LUKE: (Looking exhausted, tilts his head) Can it wait till I take a shower and change?

LORELAI: (With a sympathetic smile) Yes, it can.

Luke leans in and gives her another kiss before walking away.

Scene fades as Lorelai's eyes follow Luke as he walks up the stairs.


Scene opens on Nate and Rory walking down the hallway to their apartment. As they get closer to the apartment, Nate turns to Rory and digs in his pockets for the keys.

RORY: (Lovingly watches him as he searches for the keys) Thanks for dinner.

NATE: (Stops looking for the keys, looks up and smiles) Thanks.

RORY: (Waits for him to finish) Thanks?

NATE: (Steps closer and looks down at her face) Just thanks.

RORY: (Repeats) Just thanks…

Nate leans in and kisses her on the lips. A few seconds later, he pulls away – but Rory isn't finished. She pulls him by his jacket…

RORY: (Softly) I'm not finished.

NATE: (Teasingly) No? (Finds and pulls out the keys) But I have the keys…

RORY: (Explains) This is not some cliché movie scene where the guy and girl make out outside the apartment until they find the keys and they just break it off to walk inside and close the door behind them, leaving the viewers to their imagination.

NATE: (Continues teasingly) Would you rather we take care of business out here for our neighbors to see? (Mockingly starts to take off his jacket) Because I'm all for it.

RORY: (Blushes but protests. Grabs the keys and steps closer to the door) Oh hush.

NATE: (Grins as she opens the door) Gilmore, you tease me.

Cuts to the interior of the apartment.

The couple enters the living area and closes the door behind them.

NATE: (Leans in and gives Rory another kiss, but pulls away and takes off his jacket) I'm going to get ready for bed…

RORY: (Throws the keys on the counter and walks up to her laptop – looks back at Nate and smiles) I want to check if I've gotten any messages from Rolling Stone - I'll join you in a bit, okay?

Nate nods and walks into their room with a subtle smirk on his face.

Rory opens her laptop and turns it on. While she waits, Rory picks up the unopened mail and flips through them. She opens one that needs her immediate attention. As she reads the letter, her facial expressions turn sour. She looks up from the piece of paper and takes a deep breath, but looks down to read it again.

Scene fades.

End of Part One.

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