"Kakuzu... KAKUZU!!"

"Huh sorry… what" I said turning to face my friend kisame.

"Dude you have been staring at Hidan all year talk to him" how can he be so confident.

"Says you" I give him a you-have-no-right-to-tell-me-that look.

"What's that meant to mean?" he seems quite defensive but that's kisame for you.

"Have you spoke to him yet" I said nodding my head towards a teen in front of me.

"You mean itachi? I'm working on it" kisame looks away from me now I think I hit a nerve oh well he'll get over it"

"You two are so pathetic just talk to them" that's Sasori. me and kisame turn to face him I can tell we have the same thought at that moment because kisame says.

"So you spoken to Deidara yet" Sasori just glares. Yup where all as pathetic as each other really but we cant talk to them I mean. Hidan, Deidara and itachi are really popular and all the girls want them even though they are very open about saying there gay… well Hidan is bi. They're still the hottest people in this school and me, Sasori and kisame well… where sort of the opposite no one really likes us. Sasori (or better know as panocheo or puppet fucker according to everyone else at are school) has bright red hair, brown eyes and loves to work with wood his favourite thing to make is puppets he's really good at it to but you know what people at school are like they take the piss out of him all the time, he lives with his grandma (who he hates) cause his parents was killed away on a business trip kind of sad really. Kisame (or better knows as shark boy) well he has a rare disorder it turned his skin and hair blue, some say he resembles a shark and he dose even I have to admit it. He's really tall and loves swords. Though I have to fell sorry for him he lives with his dad as his mum passed away a few years ago. Me well I'm Kakuzu (or as everyone else calls me rag doll or freak) I'm tall, tanned strange green and red eyes, even I think I'm a freak, I'm covered in stitches (that's what you get when you have a abusive dad but no there's no proof he did them… social services are idiots).

"Hey Kakuzu you're gorming out you ok?"

"Oh sorry kisame just thinking" I smile to reassure him I'm fine.

"Ok class dismissed off you go to lunch" the teacher smiled. You've never seen kids run so fast to get out a classroom. Well everyone except me Sasori and kisame ran we didn't really have anything to run for, all three of us where on dinner and only us three where friends everyone hated us… except Tobi the school idiot he got on with everyone.

"So what you got for lunch kisame?" Sasori asked witch is a shock as he doesn't normally start a convocation. Kisame just rolls his eyes.

"Did your gran forget to go shopping…Again?" Sasori lets out a small grumble.

"I'd take that as a yes if I was you kisame" kisame just laughs, Sasori looks unamused but he looks like that all the time unless he is near Deidara on the rare occasion he asked him for the time or something daft it's me or kisame that has to answer though cause Sasori freezes up and begins to stutter.

"Kakuzu watch where you're…!" kisame yells I don't see why until I bump into someone smaller than me witch makes me trip up, landing on top of the smaller person. It's only when I notice a pissed off Hidan staring up at me I panic. I quickly jump up, stepping back, my heart betting so fast I'm afraid that everyone could hear it. Hidan quickly stood up looks really pissed off at me, everyone's gone quiet just staring wondering what will happened next. Hidan's face screw up into a scowl and then he began yelling "YOU STUPID MOTHER FUCKER WATCH WHERE YOUR FUCKING GOING ASSHOLE" followed by a lot of swear words every time he speaks he walks closer to me forcing me back into a wall. Its not because I'm scared of him no I just want him close to me. I gulp he's still swearing when he stops and realises there's hardly any space between me and him. His eyes never stopped looking into mine, I couldn't deal with him so close I can feel his breath. It's only then people begin to laugh because me and him are quiet and…. My fucking face was bright red. I inwardly curse myself. Hidan smirks even when he smirks he's so cute… dam if possible my face got redder that's when someone from the crowd of people watching in silence shouts.

"Kakuzu you're a little red you got a crush on Hidan!!!" crap crap crap I didn't want them to notice. Hidan moves closer I can fell his body touching mine my minds to foggy to notice anything around me I just stand there staring at Hidan,

"Aww you a fucking crush eh kuzu" grate now he's mocking me he turns to walk away when I hear someone yell,

"Oy Kakuzu you've either got lots in your pockets or you're really happy to see Hidan!!!" oh fuck nooo I just then realise what there on about this cant be happening, there was a whole lot of gross and eww and what the fuck's followed by The crowd the chanting.

"Kakuzu's hard over Hidan!!!" threw out this whole thing Hidan dose not seems fazed he just turn's s around to face me smirking. He slowly walks back over and leans up towards me dam his face is way way way to close to mine my mind is racing. Then he whispers for only me to hear.

"I'm way out your fucking league" the whole crowd begins to laugh as Hidan walks away kisame and Sasori grab me and pull me out the corridor into the nearest bathroom. There's only a little year 7 in their so kisame kicks him out and leans against the door so no one can enter. I sit on one of the sinks just staring at nothing I can feel my face burning… and I still have a little problem…

"Well at least you spoke to him" kisame says letting out a few nerves laughs. I glare at him sideways.

"Come on Kakuzu it'll be fine" my glare is now and at Sasori. Sure it will be fine FOR THEM!!!! They didn't just embarrass themselves.

"Come on Kakuzu I'm sure everyone will have forgotten by tomorrow" I give him a I-don't-believe-you-look.

"Yeah but I wont" I practically yell. The room goes silent. My face is still burning but it has calmed down a lot well… that's one problem sorting itself out. Just one more to go.


"Don't let them in" I say my voice all panicky


"Let me in un!!" A voice yells Sasori's eyes lit up he knew that voice it was Deidara's he gives me a pleading look. I roll my eyes and nod at kisame who moves away letting the blond enter. Running at me full speed the blond gives me one huge hug. Sasori is glaring daggers at me. I give him a I-cant-help-it look. When the blond finally lets go he begins to speak.

"I'm sorry about Hidan un… he can be a right asshole I know" Deidara smiles.

"…So…dei…erm" Sasori begins to mutter.

"Yeah un" Deidara turns to face Sasori, who just gulps and begins to go red.

"Erm… you ok un?" Sasori quickly nods, then there's a noise from outside the door.

"Fucking blondey you in here!!" before kisame can block the door Hidan slams it open. Grate now my face it red again… and my small problem getting worse.

"Blondey get the fuck out here now you dam moron leave these idiots alone" Hidan smirks at me. Deidara smiles saying a small bye to everyone as Hidan drags him out the bathroom.

"And you can breathe again" kisame laughs, me and Sasori just glare.

"Come on lighten up" this is when Sasori snap's,


"Your laughing at the word come aren't you" kisame bursts into laughter wile me and Sasori shake are heads at least one of us can be happy.