Normal pov –

Hidan forced his lips to Kakuzu's starting there kiss, Kakuzu was quick to return the kiss his heart beating so fast he could hear it his checks so red he was surprised Hidan couldn't feel it. There tongs battled and danced around one another fighting for dominance. Hidan with his cocky attitude thought he was winning he could fell the much taller melting in his arms that was until Kakuzu pushed past his embarrassment and switch there position breaking there kiss. Hidan went to open his mouth to complain about now being pinned the boys toilet wall but once he looked up to the taller of the two he froze it. He only now realised how much Kakuzu towered over him. The other teens eyes where glazed over with lust, a scary yet sexy smirk played on the others lips. The sadistic look in Kakuzu's eyes sent a thrill down the masochist's spine. Hidan let out a growl and tried to struggle out of the Kakuzu's grip only to find the other boy was stronger than he thought. Kakuzu grabbed Hidan's wrists and pinned them above the smaller teens head.

"You sadistic bitch!" Hidan barked playfully a cocky smirk on his face as he stared up at the other. Who would have thought Kakuzu was sadistic he seemed so quiet. Kakuzu moved his lips to Hidan's ear licking the shell before he spoke.

"I don't see you complaining" his voice hitting a new low growling sound sending more shivers down Hidan's spine.

"Am I interrupting hmm…" a new voice broke the moment. Kakuzu quickly let Hidan go and walked quickly out the toilets leavening Hidan alone with the intruder.

"Deidara you son of a bitch!" Hidan growled glaring at the blond and he casually went over to the urinals.

"What I needed a piss didn't know you would be in here" the pyromaniac smirked unzipping his trousers and began doing said task. Hidan rolled his eyes and crossed his arms.

"He must have been a good kisser un" Deidara smirked looking over and the pissed off other who made a confused face. "He sure got you worked up un" Deidara snickered and began to zip up his trousers. Hidan quickly realised what the blond was on about and blushed.

"Fuck off" Hidan shouted as he stormed out the toilets. Deidara just laughed quietly, the blond began to remove his gloves to wash his hands but quickly stopped when he heard the door open.

"Hey dei" a nervous voice spoke. Deidara smiled he knew that voice.

"Hey danna… ooo I mean err...hmm" Deidara stuttered. Sasori smiled and walked over to the other teen placing his arms around the blond, snuggling into his shoulder.

"It's ok dei-Chan" Sasori spoke softly into the pyromaniacs ear. Deidara turned around so he was facing the red head who arms where now round his waist.

"Dose this mean where…err" Deidara looked away nervously

"Yeah… if you want… I've liked you for a long time dei-Chan" Sasori's soft voice spoke and he pulled the other into a sweet soft kiss.

"Danna want to skip school?" Deidara whispered

"Don't you that's a bit soon Deidara" a new voice spoke in a bored tone a much taller teen stud behind the one who spoke.

"Itachi!" Deidara jumped pushing Sasori away who in turn let out a quiet growl.

"Oh please don't let us stop you" the taller one spoke.

"Kisame" Sasori growled and glared at the other who it turns just smiled.

"Wait a minute what are you to doing here?" Deidara asked walking over to Itachi.

"If you must know kisame need to pee" Itachi said in a matter of fact way.

"I'm sure that what he wanted to do" Sasori smirked looking over to his tall friend. A faint blush appearing on his cheeks.

"How about we all go mine now then?" Deidara questions looking pleadingly at Itachi. The smallest of them all u (Itachi) just rolled his eyes.

"Fine but how about we go mine instead?" Deidara looked at Itachi confused he or Hidan and never actually been to Itachi's house. "There is a pool there and it's much bigger my family is out where as yours will not be Deidara" Itachi explained in a bored tone.

"oh… yeah ok un… let find Hidan and Kakuzu get them two to come with us" Deidara smiled as he pulled Itachi out the toilets, Sasori and kisame following quickly.

- back to Hidan and Kakuzu (who have found a empty classroom)-

Hidan let out a loud moan as he felt Kakuzu trousers rub against his own, there hardened members pushing the fabric to try and be free. Hidan was currently sat on one of the empty tables his legs rapped around Kakuzu. The taller teen's arms where around Hidan's strong but slender waist.

"Kuzu you sure you not done this before" Hidan shouted in-between the hot kiss's and the graceful yet forceful grinding of Kakuzu's hips against his own. Kakuzu stopped his kissing to give Hidan a quick nod and began there fight for dominance once again.

"Hidan-Chan!" Hidan let out a very load growl he knew that voice who had once again interrupted him. He felt the heat of Kakuzu leave him as the taller teen stepped back a blush on his face and he tried to quickly sort out his clothes.

"Deidara I swear to jashin!" Hidan grumbled as he jumped off the table he only then noticed it was not only Deidara that had ruined his moment but Itachi his boyfriend and the red head as well Hidan took and look at them his arms crossed and an angry frown on his face "there better be a jashin dam good reason you walked in here". Kakuzu tried to hide his blush as Sasori and kisame walked over to him.

"where going to Itachi's house" kisame smiled Kakuzu looked over to Sasori who just nodded to agree, Kakuzu rolled his eyes.

"Hidan where going to my house" Itachi told his other friend.

"what seriously we never go yours dude this is fucking awesome oi dickheads you three meet us at the gate I want to talk to Itachi and dei alone a second" Hidan smiled using one hand to wave the others off. Kakuzu just rolled his eyes once again and began to leave Sasori and kisame following quickly after.

"Hidan what do you want un?" Deidara asked sitting down on one of the close by tables.

"To tell you if you interrupt me one more time when I'm with him your waking up with no hair" Hidan growled. Itachi rolled his eyes.

"Hidan if you must fuck him in the first day of going out like your ex's then you must do it in a spear room" Itachi complained.

"Hidan un cant you at least wait with Kakuzu?" Deidara asked he knew his friend very well.

"I'll have you know that's not what I meant you sun of a bitch!" Hidan barked at Itachi.

"Really un? Of course not you couldn't go a week without shacking up with him" Deidara laughed

"Oh bet you I could go longer than you and Itachi I'm a fucking nun compared to you two" Hidan shouted.

"Without jacking yourself off?" Deidara smirked. Hidan paused but still angry shouted again.

"Ok I bet you I can go longer than the both of you" Hidan said cocky crossing his arms.

"Ok it's a bet Hidan no fucking and no jacking off" Itachi spoke until interrupted by Deidara.

"If you can go longer than me or Itachi you win" Deidara smiled.

"Loser's have to dress up as a girl for a week" Itachi quickly spoke.

"Your both on" Hidan smirked this would be a peace of cake right?