50 Sentences

Response to the Gamma Challenge table over at LJ at 1Sentence. 50 Prompts, 50 sentences, if a little bit of overextended grammar to make them one sentence. ugh, a couple mentions of Spixie, otherwise all various forms of JaSpiny goodness. Boy's aren't mine. Enjoy!

001 - Ring – The simple gold band is all it takes, to bind him to Stone Cold for all eternity.

002 - Hero – "Don't try and be a hero, cyber boy," the armed man warns, waving his gun cautiously against his hostage's head, Jason's head.

003 - Memory – Sometimes Spinelli wonders how different things would be if Jason had never been in this life, if Jason had never found him.

004 - Box – The last thing in the world Jason wants is for some reminder of Spinelli to end up in that metal box in the hall closet, so he pushes his self-proclaimed protégé away.

005 - Run – They're on a beach in Cabo, with blue skies and bluer oceans, and each other, far away from the threat of FBI Agents and life sentences.

006 - Hurricane – A storm is coming, and Jason fears for the innocent that will undoubtedly be trapped in its path, Spinelli most of all.

007 - Wings – For several long, long seconds, he feels like he's floating, flying above everything that's going on below before Jason's voice calls him back, and he wakes with a choked cough to stare up at blue eyes that have been begging for him to do so.

008 - Cold – The winter weather is enough to prompt Spinelli into shivering, and Jason carefully drapes his leather jacket over the younger man's shoulders

009 - Red – He's seen blood before, sure, but this is Spinelli's blood flowing over his hands and it's showing no signs of stopping.

010 - Drink – The cashier gives him a weird look when he piles three cases of orange soda on the counter, but he's learned that weird looks are better than Spinelli's sugar withdrawal's.

011 - Midnight – The clock chimes twelve, and Spinelli stares at him expectantly, "I'm not… kissing you," he protests, and yet he ends up with his hands curled in Spinelli's hair and his lips pressed soundly to Spinelli's.

012 - Temptation – The people Spinelli loves keep letting him down, dubbing him best friend material and nothing more, and Jason's not sure why he's kind of relieved each time, even when it is left up to him to pick up the shattered pieces of Spinelli's heart each time.

013 - View – The night sky leaves much to be desired when it's filled with smoke and the last of the ashes that once made up General Hospital, but with Jason's arms curled protectively around Spinelli's frame, it looks like the most wondrous thing he's ever seen.

014 - Music – "Perchance if Stone Cold didn't think to inquire as to the nature of Vixenella's intentions on the matter at hand, you would like Jackal PI to do some proverbial digging into the enigmatic details…" Since when did Spinelli-speak become music to Jason's ears?

015 - Silk – Jason should be mad, should be yelling at Spinelli for the stunt he'd pulled today, but the younger man is curled up in the silk sheets of Jason's bed and now he can't even remember why he was mad in the first place.

016 - Cover – "I won't leave because it's not Maxie I'm in love with."

017 - Promise – He listens to the monotonous beep, the only sound in the room, and swears that no one will ever, ever touch Spinelli again; he'll die before he lets anything else happen to him.

018 - Dream – Spinelli yawns for the seventh time in three minutes, and he can tell Jason is beginning to notice his lack of sleep – if only the nightmares would stop.

019 - Candle – The power is out, and candles are scattered everywhere, to the point of a fire hazard, but Spinelli doesn't even notice them with Jason kissing him so intently.

020 - Talent – "You'll really go to the video game convention with me, Stone Cold?"

021 - Silence – Spinelli has been gone for less than an hour, and already Jason is going mad without both the subtle and not so subtle signs of his presence.

022 - Journey – "In LA, did you really think I wouldn't come after you?"

023 - Fire – The smell of smoke clings to their clothes, to their skin, flames dancing around them, and as Jason watches Sam try to revive an unconscious Spinelli, he can't help but think how ironic it will be if this hospital claims the life of the one person who shouldn't have been there at all.

024 - Strength – No one else ever sees weakness out of Jason Morgan, but, while Spinelli carefully bandages the gash on his face, he gives up his façade and proves that he is not indestructible.

025 - Mask – "Spinelli, you're not fooling me, enough with all of this man-up stuff, you're mine and you're not going anywhere."

026 - Ice – Spinelli's eyes widen in absolute horror as the snowball he'd been throwing at Maxie manages to nail Jason square in the chest.

027 - Fall – Jason opens the door to the penthouse to find a carved Jack-o'-lantern mere inches from his face – It must be Halloween.

028 - Forgotten – Jason can hardly remember a time when the quirky computer hacker was not residing in the regrettably pink room, though it wasn't that long ago.

029 - Dance – As a general rule, Jason does not dance, it just does not happen - but, at Spinelli's consistent persistence, he finally gives in and offers a hand, leading Spinelli out onto the dance floor.

030 - Body – "What do we do what do we do what do we do…" Spinelli rambles insanely as the corpse of a man who tried to kill him stares up at he and Jason with dead eyes.

031 - Sacred – Jason sits at Spinelli's computer idly tapping away at keys as the younger man looms behind him, "Left," Spinelli says, and Jason glares, because he listens - all he was trying to do is see what all Spinelli managed to divulge in this game of his, and now he's hooked on it.

032 - Farewells – He sticks the letter Spinelli wrote him in with everything else that is working to destroy him, and there it will stay, even though he has Spinelli back, because someday, when something worse than the FBI happens, he'll have wished he's let Spinelli go.

033 - World – Sometimes he catches Spinelli singing Disney songs – "And the World will know! And the Journal, too! Mr. Hearst and Pulitzer, have we got news for you!" – Jason can't really say it bothers him.

034 - Formal – "Are you wearing my tux again?"

035 - Fever – Spinelli first notices Jason's state of illness when admissions of emotions Spinelli never would have believed come spilling out of his mentor's mouth – not that he is not thrilled to be hearing them, but it hurts knowing that Jason is only delirious with fever and doesn't mean them.

036 - Laugh – Jason watches on as Spinelli entertains a giggling Jake with wondrous fairy tales and what appear to be rather creative puppets made from Jason's socks.

037 - Lies – Jason stares at the wedding announcement and covers his distress, "I'm happy for you two, and of course I'll be your best man."

038 - Forever – "You're welcome here for as long as you want to be."

039 - Overwhelmed – Spinelli gasps out something decidedly unintelligible and curls his fingers in the sheets the first time Jason brings him closer and closer to the edge of release – he's never felt something as overwhelmingly intense as this.

040 - Whisper – Words whispered quietly in the dark of their room, words never said when both are awake, but Spinelli hears the three words this time, and he smiles and curls closer to Jason's chest.

041- Wait – It's been three weeks, two days, seven hours and fifty two minutes since Jason left him alone in this place – for his own protection, he claims– and Spinelli can only hope that Jason deals with the FBI and comes back for him soon.

042 - Talk – Some guy at Coleman's place is nursing a fresh black eye and bleeding nose, and now he knows that the way Jason Morgan's cyber boy talks is not something he needs to be wasting air commenting on.

043 - Search – Jason checks the entire Penthouse in search of Spinelli and he's on the verge of panic when he finds the younger man curled up in the pink room – where he hasn't slept in forever – and he heaves a sigh of relief that Spinelli didn't run off just because they had a fight; the next thing he does is carry him back to their room.

044 - Hope – "I trust you will be alright without the Jackal's unnecessary presence here," Spinelli says, and he hopes the answer is a firm and resounding 'no'.

045 - Eclipse – Sometimes Jason's reputation of being the big, bad, brainless mob enforcer for Sonny Corinthos overshadows have amazing he really is, but Spinelli sees him without all of that and knows that Jason truly is a good guy in the world.

046 - Gravity – Raynor doesn't think he grasps the gravity of the situation with the FBI using Spinelli as some sort of glorified poker chip to get to him and Sonny, but, God, he does, and there's no way on Earth he's letting Spinelli go to jail.

047 - Highway – Road-tripping to some remote town in Tennessee with Sam had not been Jason's favorite experience ever, but how was he to know he'd come back with a dubiously willing hostage who would change his life in so many ways?

048 - Unknown – They're both blindfolded and tied, and thrown in the back of a van headed to who knows where, but he can feel Jason working intently at the knots and he knows everything will be okay, because Jason is telling him so.

049 - Lock – The first thing he does upon getting Spinelli back from L.A. is to return Spinelli's key to him, with one minor change – he's added a tag to it that says 'Casa De Jackal & Stone Cold' just so Spinelli never forgets that this is his home, too.

050 - Breathe – His lips cement themselves against Jason's for the longest time until air and breathing become unignorable necessities.