50 Sentences

Yet another installment of 50 Sentence things. This one isn't from 1sentence, I dunno where it's from, actually. a few other characters, and a couple of Spixie. Please forgive the intentional grammar errors, sometimes I overextended the one sentence part. ^^;; Boys aren't mine. Enjoy!

01. Passion – They've been apart for over a week, with Jason off to some mob thing in California, and when he comes home, he finds himself promptly assaulted by a rather seductively inspired Ace of Cyberspace, not that he's complaining in the least as he mutters aginst the younger's lips, "I missed you, too."

02. Trouble – It's late, and he really, really, shouldn't be out like this, but Spinelli finds himself backpedaling, and he's running out of room as his assailant draws closer – he can't help but wish that Jason were here to rescue him.

03. Red – The dim crimson lights that decorate the sleazy club cast an eerily alluring glow on Spinelli's confused face, and Jason presses forward, his lips on the hackers.

04. Give – Spinelli is shivering, soaking wet, just rescued moments ago from the likes of some unsavory enemies, probably in shock, Jason figures, so he tucks his leather jacket around the boy's shaking shoulders and he stills in something maybe distantly related to relaxation and that's when he knows it will be okay.

05. Sick – Jason had been confused after the attack had happened some years ago, thought he was turning into a monster or something, but now he knows better, it's not a sickness, it's a way to protect the people he loves.

06. Lost - He hadn't slept, hadn't eaten in close to two days now, subsisting solely on orange soda and water bottles – he couldn't, wouldn't stop his searching, not as long as Jason was out there, missing.

07. Nostalgia – Had someone told him years ago that he would be sharing his beloved home with a quirky computer geek, or that said computer geek would soon become his best friend, his brother in arms, his lover, he would likely have suspected that they were quite insane, but now…

08. Future - Eternity is, in theory, far too long a time to hold a grudge, but damn it all if Jason Morgan isn't going to try – after all, they were talking about the man who had slain Damian Spinelli in cold blood.

09. Bound – The ropes bite into the flesh of his wrists as he struggles to escape, but that is of little import to him right now – Spinelli, Spinelli is in here somewhere and in danger.

10. Fall – A new house, in a new town, and one of the first things Spinelli's opts to do – on their break from unpacking – is compile as many leaves as he can in the backyard, and he's pleasantly surprised to have Jason tackle him into the mountain of fall foliage.

11. Fluff – The argument had died off quickly with the explosion of one down pillow that had once made a home on their bed, its contents now spilling down like snow around Jason and Spinelli, who burst out in laughter at the absurdity of it all.

12. Anxiety – The doctor had been paged before he could report fully on Spinelli's condition and Jason, in his anxious state, plucked the device from the man's hand and tossed it aside, demanding answers with his Stone Cold glare.

13. Hungry – Spinelli has been hard at work on some huge project at Jackal PI all day long, when Jason suddenly appears with some take-out bags and a case of orange soda in hand.

14. Feel - Maxie… doesn't take finding out about Jason and Spinelli well, but, as the younger explains – and he casts a kind of lovesick look at Jason at this point – that they can't help the way they feel.

15. Curse – Spinelli always wonders where Jason disappears to on the three nights of the full moon, and it isn't until he's out late one night and a rival mobster tries to attack him that he finds out.

16. Urgent – Jason rushes into the ER with the weak and unconscious Spinelli still clinging to him, "I need some help here!" He's shouting, even though he doesn't even realize he's talking, all he can think is 'Spinellispinellispinelli…'

17. Silence - Spinelli is oddly still and silent when he sleeps, as opposed to the rest of the time, and Jason finds it – as he does near everything about Spinelli – fascinating, the stark difference, like night and day.

18. Poison – Revenge, Jason knows, is like poison -it builds and builds and takes over, but, since he no longer has Spinelli to supply the anti-venom, he's almost okay with that.

19. Heat – Stone Cold's touch was like fire on his frozen skin, but he'd never felt anything better in his life as he was scooped into the stronger man's arms and swept away from the hellish place he'd been confined to.

20. Secrets – Jason hates that he can't tell this secret to Spinelli – the kid has always known, well, everything, and this, this- where he goes on the three nights of the full moon - he has to hide, because it's for his own good.

21. Discovery – The envelope, which had been slipped under the penthouse door, was filled with some distinctly worrisome photo's taken over a disturbing length of time – not only did they catalogue various public moments such as Michael killing Claudia, the shootout where Johnny had taken a bullet for Spinelli and various others, it also inventoried the more private moments between Jason and Spinelli.

22. Desire – He watches Jason silently as he paces about in the living room, wondering if there's any way that the older man feels the same way.

23. Wet – The wet snow that's piling up all over the city is making it more and more likely that the inhabitants of 122 Harbor View Towers will not be going anywhere, a fact which Jason and Spinelli are not particularly concerned with arguing.

24. Alcohol – Coleman swaps out his empty beer bottle for a full one in silence, just as Jason approaches, and the next thing the bartender knows, the kid is falling into the mobster's arms – stuff of freaking fairytales, this is.

25. Fantasy – Jason wakes from a rather… vivid dream with a sheen of sweat on his skin, wondering when on earth he'd started finding quirky computer hackers and cyber speak so ridiculously attractive.

26. Dizzy – Perhaps he's overdosing on orange soda by-proxy, Jason thinks, because he can't think of any other logical reason why kissing Spinelli should make his so dizzy and love drunk.

27. Cold – The cold concrete of a basement floor bites into his shirtless back as Spinelli struggles to escape his captor's well-orchestrated attack.

28. Need – Damian Spinelli is utterly convinced that he's had one of the worst days of his life – his laptop met an unfortunate fate in the Port Charles harbor, he'd gotten a black eye thanks to Sonny, Maxie's betrayed him yet again, and he'd been unable to solve an important PI case – so by the time he gets home, he's about ready to fall apart, which he does, in Jason's arms.

29. Dream – "I want to get out of the mob, so we can be safe," Jason admits late one night in the sanctity of their room, and he really hopes that one day he can make that come true for them.

30. Night – Some nights Jason just stays awake and watches Spinelli sleep against him, never knowing how much longer it might be before someone tries to take him away.

31. Now – Jason covered the gunshot wound as best he could, but he knew what was happening to him already, and he has to do one last thing first, and that's get Spinelli away from here; "Hey, Spinelli, listen to me, alright? I need you to go, right now, and find help, okay?"

32. Mistake – Spinelli stirs to find the other half of the bed deserted, and his mind jumps to the only logical conclusion it can make – Jason has dubbed last night's heated encounter a mistake and has already moved on, so he shall as well.

33. Music – Jason loves waking up to the sound of Spinelli singing in the shower, today's choice is apparently 'You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You' by Frank Sinatra, and at the song's conclusion he finds himself reminding Spinelli that he's not a nobody.

34. Storm – The power flickers forebodingly in the penthouse, as the storm rages on outside, and Spinelli is so, so, so glad that he talked Jason into staying at home with him.

35. Sweet – When Spinelli wanders out of the kitchen at three in the morning having successfully completed an attempt to create orange-soda popsicles, Jason just laughs.

36. Angst – He'd seen too much to believe in happily-ever-after's, and this situation was no different, Jason realized, as Spinelli flickered further and further away from him.

37. Soul – Sonny pulls the trigger on the loaded gun aimed at Spinelli, and it is then that Jason knows that the man who trained him has no soul.

38. Luck – It's not skill, not patience, not anything but luck, Jason knows, that the bullet hadn't done any permanent damage to the boy lying in the hospital bed before him – it always comes down to luck.

– Spinelli's had a long week, and today he opts to simply bum around the penthouse in old sweats of Jason's and a well-worn t-shirt with holes in it, and still, Jason thinks he's the beautiful.

40. Break – Jason leans across the pool table to break, and Spinelli, standing just a few feet away, will admit, with no argument, that the view such actions created might have cause his focus on the game to suffer from that point on.

41. Breathless – The small space was sending Spinelli into a panic attack, Jason realized, as the walls seemed to be closing in on them, "Relax, Spinelli, breathe, we'll get out of here, I promise." He says, over and over again, trying to find a way to do just that in the darkness.

42. Tired – They're both home now, a little worse for wear, and a few scratches and bruises here and there, but alive and safe – and there is a wordless conversation in which Jason and Spinelli silently decide that closeness is more important than whatever else there is, and collapse in the pink room together, immediately falling into a deep sleep.

43. Hurt – Maxie had hurt him for the last time, having cheated on him again; so he turns to Jason so fix his broken heart.

44. Misunderstanding – "The Jackal was not making a grave error in his perception of the situation, was he not?" Spinelli asks, looking all kinds of nervous as he pulls away from the brief kiss at record speed, it's only when Jason catches his arm and pulls him back that he knows that the answer was a strong and resounding 'no'.

45. Skin – There's a bruise on Spinelli's shoulder that hadn't been there when he'd left that morning, and Jason feels compelled to question it; as a result of continued pestering (over a series of similar occurrences) he discovers the truth, and the one who's been harming his best friend shall pay dearly for his crimes.

46. Love – "Hey," Jason traps the skeptical Spinelli beneath him, "You, I love you, okay?"

47. War – "All is fair in love and war," or so the saying goes – Spinelli would have to disagree; He and Jason had just discovered the former when the latter took it all away.

48. Communication – Jason isn't even surprised when he sees that all of the names in Spinelli's cell phone are listed with nicknames, though he is amused to find that his reads 'Stone Cold :)'.

49. Wild – "Don't. Move." Jason says, doing the same as he'd demanded of Spinelli, the creature, monster, whatever it is, is just feet away, and it's unclear if they've yet been spotted – they have, "Run!"

50. Favorite – The store is out of Orange Crush and Sunkist, Spinelli's two favorite brands of orange soda, but it does offer some non-descript store brand, so Jason grabs up some of that while trying to figure out just when shopping trips began centering around soda availability.

51. Blood – The stains on the carpet are never coming out, just as the blood on his hands never seems to actually go away, and he almost doesn't want them to – it would be like washing away one of the few traces of Spinelli's presence in his life that he has left outside of the memories he's fighting to deal with.

52. Clothes – The day after they end up in bed together, the result of a little too much alcohol, Spinelli comes downstairs in one of Jason's t-shirts and its then that the elder decides that he would most definitely like to see that happen again.

53. Death – The 'Organization' is a blood-in, blood-out kind of thing, and now that he and Spinelli are both firmly trapped within its unmerciful grasp, Jason is going to fight tooth and nail to defy the odds and get Spinelli out safely, even if it proves to be the last thing he does.

54. Mind – The day he admitted to his relationship with Spinelli was the day that Sonny claimed he had lost his mind and the day that several others claimed he'd finally gotten one.

55. Wish - He's lost track of how long they've been keeping him here - days, maybe weeks, for all he knows – the hunger, the thirst, those had gone, all that's left is pain and cold, as he wishes for his mentor to come charging in to rescue him from it all.