Chapter One

Just another Day at Hampton High

She walked upon the stairs where three people stood. She walked up to a blonde, brown eyed girl. The girl looked at her. She took a step and spoke to the girl.

"Hey Maggie." she said.

"Hey Courtney." she said back to a girl who was taller then she was. The girl had blonde hair too. The girl also had blue eyes, her skin was a tan colored, and she had freckles on her nose.

"Maggie where's Dona?" She asked.

"Well, actually, I don't know. She disappeared when you got here." Told Maggie as she and Courtney walked up the stairs to there California high school called Hampton High.

They walked in the tall white doors of the school. In the hall there where wondering teens walking to their classes or taking to their friends. The girl's walked over to a group of teens. There where two boys and three girls.

"Hey you guys. Where is Dona?" Asked Courtney.

"I don't know. I'm sure she's around here somewhere." Told a short, brunette girl.

"Well that's a big help." Told Courtney.

"Well sorry I can't help you." Told the short brunette.

"Why are you acting like that Bridget?" asked Courtney as she tucked her blonde hair behind her ears.

"Acting like what?' asked Bridget.

"Acting like, a bitch maybe." Told Courtney as Bridget rolled her brown eyes and walked away.

"What the hell is her problem?" She asked the group of teens.

"Well lets see you don't give her the respect that she deserves." Told a tall, dark, brown eyed boy named Calvin.

"Whatever I'm out. Anybody with?" Asked Courtney as her and Maggie left the group of teens.

Courtney and Maggie walked over to their locker. The black locker was right next to the main hall. The girls grabbed their books for their next class. The bell rang warning them that they had only five minutes until class started. Courtney and Maggie walked along the main hall until they reached their class, which was Biology. The two girls sat at their table. They sat at the last table located by the football players. The football players got into their seat. They waved at Courtney and Maggie. The girls smiled and waved back. They knew that it was corny to wave back, but they where football players, they didn't care. The girls grabbed their expensive Apple phone's and began to text away. Courtney was texting to Calvin while Maggie was texting to Bridget. The tall, shaggy brown haired teacher approached the two girls. He wasn't a very happy man.

"Girls, class has began. Please put your phones away." Demanded Mr. Hunt as the two girls looked at him and gave him the evil eye.

"But this class is boring. We need something to entertain us." Told Courtney as she put her phone back in her white purse.

"I'm sorry you find this boring Miss. Brookes." Replied Mr. Hunt.

"I don't find this class boring because believe me it isn't. I just find you boring." said Courtney as the whole class giggled.

"May I ask you what makes me boring?" asked Mr. Hunt.

"Well first of all that green tie is so last season. The shaggy hair is very stand offish. And last of all sweeter vest are like over three billon years ago." Told Courtney as Mr. Hunt began to go in front of class. The class giggled and some agreed with Courtney.

"Ok. Where done with this conversation. Now lets talk about Atoms. Does anyone know where a nucleus is formed?" asked Mr. Hunt as Maggie began to talk to Courtney in a whisper tone.

"Wow. You defiantly told him off."

"Well its true. The man needs a new wardrobe. Maybe that's why he isn't married." Told Courtney as Maggie began to chew her pink gum harder.

Class finally came to an end. Maggie and Courtney snuck out of class before Mr. Hunt could see them. They walked over to their friends once again. There standing there was Dona a tall, tan, blonde curly haired girl.

"Dona, I was looking all over for you." Told Courtney as she hugged her.

"You where. I'm sorry. I've been super busy." As she hugged her back.

"Oh it's ok. Have you guys seen Danny?" Asked Courtney who was looking around to see her sexy boyfriend.

Then she saw him. He was walking towards the group. He was tall, with brown hair, and arms of steel. He walked over the Courtney and kissed her on her soft pink lips.

"Hey sorry I'm late. Math was hell. Mrs. Bunch wouldn't let me go." He told everyone.

"I bet not, she's a witch." laughed Courtney as Danny put his arm around her and they began to walk. Danny yelled something back to the group.

"See you guys at lunch."

The two of them went to their next class which was English. They arrived and took the last seats open. Luckily the last seats where next to each other. While they sat down the teacher began to talk.

"Ok well it's time to take out your homework. You had to create a story about you future and what you think your future holds for you. Now I expect this to be really good."

"Well don't expect mine to be readable. Maggie spat her gum all over it." Yelled Courtney to the teacher as Danny began to laugh and so did others.

"Mr. Luster do you find this funny?" Asked Mrs. Tan as Danny stopped laughing.

"No Mrs. Tan." Replied Danny as he looked down.

"Mr. Luster where is your homework?" asked the angry teacher.

"Its right here." replied Danny as he gave her the three page essay. Courtney smiled she knew him. He looks like a hard man on the outside but he's a softy on the inside.

The class seemed to take a life time. All period long Courtney and Danny wrote notes back and forth while the teacher talked. The bell rang letting the students know that it was lunch time. Danny and Courtney walked out of class. When they walked out Mr. Hunt walked towards them. He yelled out Courtney's name. She turned around knowing she couldn't turn back.

"Courtney. Hey I'm sorry. To bug you. But during class today where you telling the truth about me?" He asked her as he caught his breathe.

"What, about you clothes?" She asked him as she rolled her eyes.

"Yea. Do I dress stupidly?" He asked her.

"Yea. You do. Can I go now?" She asked as she got anxious.

"Yea go ahead. Thanks for being truthful." Told Mr. Hunt as Courtney and Danny left for lunch.

The two of them sat at a table outside by two big apple trees. Danny opened his black backpack. He pulled out a water and a cupcake. The cupcake was chocolate flavored with white cream frosting with red heart sprinkles on top. He headed it to Courtney.

"Here you go sweetie. Our one year anniversary is tomorrow but I thought I would give you a taste for tomorrow." Told Danny as he smiled and kissed Courtney on her lips.

"Ah. Thank you Danny. This is so sweet. I am even more excited for tomorrow to come." She said as the other friends arrived to their table.

"Hey Courtney and Danny." Told a small, oriental girl.

"Hey Tawny. I haven't seen you all morning." Said Courtney as she got up and hugged her.

"Sorry, I was late. My mom woke me up super late." told Tawny as she sat next to Courtney and began again.

"Oh that cupcake looks supper good."

"I know what your thinking and your not having it." Told Courtney as Maggie sat next to Tawny.

"Oh I wasn't thinking that. I need to watch my diet." She replied back as a tall, blonde boy came over to the table and gave Danny a high five.

"Hey Peter. What's up?" Asked Danny as Peter sat next to him.

"Oh nothing. I'm tired of my girl nagging at me." said Peter as he rolled his eyes.

"If you can't handle Bridget you can't handle any girl." said Courtney as Bridget came to join them.

"Hey babe. Where have you been? I've been texting you for like thirty-five minutes." Angrily said Bridget as she sat next to her blonde boyfriend.

"Sorry but I had to pay attention in class." annoyingly said Peter as he began texting to some girl.

"Oh I bet. I bet you where all into Miss. Gilbert." Laughed Danny as Peter punched him.

As soon as that the bell rang. The group got up and headed to their next class. Courtney and Peter went to their second to last class together. Their class that was together was Government with Mr. Hills. They sat in the back of the class.

"Hey do you really like Miss. Gilbert? It's ok if you do. I wont judge." asked Courtney.

"And why would I tell you?" he asked back.

"Because I'm your friend. And friends tell friends stuff." she replied.

"Well where not the best of friends." he told.

"So what. You gotta tell me. I wont tell Bridget. Promise." said Courtney as the teacher came over to them.

"Miss. Brooks please tell me who was the twenty seventh president?" asked Mr. Hills

"Umm. I believe that it's James Hampton." told Courtney as the teacher walked in front of the class.

"Well you are wrong Miss. Brooks. It's Tomas Jefferson." told the teacher as Peter whispered to Courtney.

"Ok, fine I'll tell you but only over texting."

"Thanks." she said.

Ok yes I'm having a fling with Miss. Gilbert. But she's f****** hot. So that will answer your question. But don't tell Bridget. KK


Ok fine I promise not to tell. And you know I can't brake a promise. But to bad for Bridget she'll die knowing so I'll defiantly not ever telling her. XOXO

XOXO Courtney

After an hour of texting to each other class was over. Courtney went to her last class. It was her worst class yet. It was math with Mrs. Hawk. Courtney thought that Mrs. Hawk was the evilest teacher ever. The class walked into the small square class. The classroom didn't have any windows. It was the only classroom that didn't have a window. She sat in the seat next to the door so she had an easy exit. A brunette girl sat next to her. It took Courtney a while to realize that it was Bridget. Bridget wore bright purple baby doll and black leggings underneath it.

"So did Peter tell you about what happened after lunch?" she asked to Courtney.

"Yea he did. He said that nothing happened. Courtney please don't start anything." she said.

"I'm not trying to start anything. Mrs. Gilbert is very pretty. I would be defiantly be scared of her stilling your man, but that's only me." Courtney said as she pulled her Apple phone out.

"Peter loves me ok. He would never cheat on me." said Bridget as she gave Courtney an evil eye look.

"Stop looking at me like that. What ever if he loves you he loves you. I don't want to get in the middle of this dumb love triangle you got going on here." she laughed as she began texting again.

The class was over and it was time for everyone to go home. Courtney walked out of the class and met up with Danny.

"So Peter told me that he told you his little secret." said Danny.

"Yep he did. I promised that I wouldn't tell him what he told me, but it doesn't stop me giving hints to Bridget about what he said." she said smiling.

"Courtney, don't say anything about it. Let her find out on her own, or let him tell her what is going on." he said as he took her hand. Bridget was standing right behind them while they where talk.

"What secret dose Peter have that I'm not supposed to know?" she asked as she glared at them.

"Nothing. All you have to know....." began Courtney as Danny hit her arm and interrupted her.

"No Courtney."

"Is that he has a big case of b.o." she finished as she rolled her eyes.

"Yea what ever." told Bridget as she walked away.

"Wow that was a close one." told Courtney as she began walking again.

"Yea it was." replied Danny.

Danny walked Courtney home for the night. He kissed her soft, pink, moist lips goodnight. Tomorrow was going to be a special day for them.