Lucas Scott sat at the river court. The river court was always his place. He always said that this was where he came from. It's where he liked to go to think, which is exactly why he was sitting there now. In a few hours Lucas was getting married to Peyton Sawyer. He wasn't sure that this day would ever come, yet here it is. So why is he sitting at the river court thinking when he should be getting ready.

"Brooding as usual I see"

Even in his current state, Lucas couldn't help but smile at the words, or more at the girl who spoke the words.

Brooke Davis.

She was deffinetly something special. There was once a time when he was sure he would spend forever with her. But life happened and he now finds himself marryign her best friend in only a few hours. Lucas turned his head and sure enough there was Brooke. She looked beautiful, already in her bridesmaid dress. her hair was all done up and her makeup looked perfect - she looked perfect, of course she usually did.

"Hey Brooke" he mumbled.

"You know, you'd think on your wedding day you could stop brooding, but I guess not" she sais as she sat down next to him.

"I guess I had a lot on my mind. Shouldn't you be at the church?" he asked.

"Shouldn't you" she shot back.

Lucas chuckled. "Yah I guess your right".

"So tell me Broody, what are you doing here?"

"Brooke did you ever think this is where we would end up?"

"With you and Peyton about to get married? Yah I think we all saw that coming"

He laughed without humour. "Yah I guess. It's just I think back to highschool and everything that went on, with you especially, and I just wonder. Do you remeber when I asked you if you ever wondered if we chose the right path?" He continued without waiting for her response. "I do. I woner all the time. Maybe this isn't how it was supposed to happen. You know I used to think I would marry you? Where did we go wrong?"

Brooke sat there unable to answer him. She wasn't sure she could. Where did they go wrong? She does remember when he asked her that and of course she wonders, how could she not? She can't help but be brought back to the moment she let him go.

"I love you Lucas, and I probably always will. But we go days without having a meaningful conversation...I stopped missing you...I can't do this anymore"

What if they had tried harder? What if she hadn't walked away? Would she be the one marrying him today? She decided it wouldn't help to wonder what if.

"I don't think it was so much that we did something wrong Luke. We just didn't work out. It doesn't help to wonder what could have been. It's better to focus on what is" she stood up and put on a smile. "So get up stop brooding and get your ass to the church." she said as she pulled him up from the bench.

"I guess your right Brooke" He stood up and a smile slowly spread across his face. "I'm getting married!"

"Yes you are" Brooke said through her laughter.

Brooke felt Lucas' arms wrap around her. "Thank you Brooke" he mumbled into her hair. "Anytime Broody" she whispered back.

Lucas let go of her and began to walk towards his car. "I'll see you at the church" he called back to her as he got in and drove away.

Brooke smiled until his car was out of sight. Her smile slowly dropped and she was left standing on the court. She thought a lot about Lucas and their relationship.

I love you Lucas, and I probably always will.

Brooke slowly walked to her car. She headed to the church ready to stand by her best friend and watch as she married the boy she would always love.