Yoruichi woke up, feeling delightfully refreshed. She looked over at Kisuke, which was a perfect sight except for, there was no Kisuke. He did this often, always getting up right before Yoruichi can. She pulled on some clean clothes and put her hair in a neat ponytail. She walked out of the room, yawning as she did so. She came face to face with her missing bed partner.

"Yoruichi!" he called, joyful as ever,"Look who I found digging in the garbage outside the shop!" He then proceeded to pull out a puppy, happily wagging her tail. She barked once and licked Kisuke's cheek. Yoruichi glared at the small lump of fur that Kisuke dared to call a dog and turned to Kisuke.

"Why is this thing in here?" she asked. Kisuke looked distraught for a moment, but quickly gained his composure after thinking for a while.

"Because she looked cold." She. She?! Yoruichi hated dogs, especially mutts. That was the first reason why she hated the dog. But a girl dog. That meant competition for Yoruichi. Kisuke may not have realized it, but he just let in a potential threat to his and Yoruichi's perfect relationship. It could've just been from staying in her cat form for too long, but this dog was public enemy number one. She knew that it wasn't stupid. Correction. She wasn't stupid. The dog realized that Kisuke was a fine sight to look at, and she wanted a bit of him. Was it even possible for a man to fall in love with a dog? Probably not, but there was one thing Yoruichi was sure of: That mangy mutt was in love with Yoruichi's lover.

She could see the way the small dog reacted when Kisuke snuggled closer to it. She felt the heat and cuddled as close as possible. Warming up was one thing. Snuggling was another. The puppy could tell that Kisuke was a main source of heat and good looks at the same time, so she only did what instinct told her. What stupid instinct told her to do was get closer to him. At least the dog had one good thing going for her: A good taste in men.

"I think I'll name her Hana," Kisuke decided, stroking the puppy, now newly named Hana on her soft, velvety head. Yoruichi cringed at every touch, frowning on the adorable sight. He knew that she hated dogs, so why did he have to help someone in need?

"I think you should put her back in the rain..." Yoruichi mumbled, gesturing outside of the window. It was pouring cats and dogs (ironic, isn't it?) outside. The rain collided with the concrete ground, making Hana whimper. Kisuke delicately calmed the small pup down, holding her closer as if to protect from harm. Yoruichi growled lowly.

"Put her out in the rain?!" Kisuke exclaimed. "I would never do such a cruel thing!" He put Hana down, allowing her to explore the new surroundings. She snuggled up against Yoruichi's leg, causing her to move over. Hana looked up at her, big brown eyes penetrating Yoruicho's golden ones. If the dog wasn't so dang cute, Yoruichi would've kicked her. She didn't like the idea of having another animal in the house, let alone a girl one. Another type of animal that was male would've been perfect. Except for a cat. Yoruichi knew the boundaries and stuck with them.

Kisuke smiled and patted Hana on the head. Hana wagged her tail furiously and rolled on the ground, signifying that she wanted her tummy to be rubbed. This disgusted Yoruichi. What human or animal in their right mind wanted someone to rub the stomach? Of course, this little dog did.

Kisuke did as the small pup told him to and rubbed her tummy. Hana licked the blonde man's face. Then Kisuke did what REALLY made Yoruichi's blood boil. He laughed. He laughed at the disgusting show of affection. He laughed at the happiness of a flea-ridden puppy. Yoruichi's eyes widened as Hana proceeded to lick him, completely satisfied with her new master.

"We need to get her a bed," Kisuke said, once again picking up Hana. "She'll also need a food and a water dish. Oh, it's going to be so much fun to have a pet..."

Yoruichi glared daggers at the small doggy. "You may live here, and you may sleep in the same room that I do..." Yoruichi quietly told Hana, shifting into a cat. "But you will never, I repeat never, have Kisuke. Do I make myself clear?" she asked in a low growl. Kisuke was already gone, preparing for the preparations of a new puppy. He had a childlike act about him, telling Tessai, Ururu, and Jinta about how much fun a dog would be. But what about having a cat? Kisuke had once told Yoruichi that cats were his favorite animals?

Hana turned towards Yoruichi, her innocent demeanor wiped off her face. "Crystal..." she repeated in the same tone. Yoruichi, in her cat form, was able to comprehend the speech of any animal, so she was not taken back by this.

"You may be cute, cuddly, and innocent looking, but I have all the moves."

"Then why do you sound like a guy?" Hana shot back. Yoruichi looked towards the ground, refusing to make eye contact with the worst thing that was ever put onto the earth. "I would never dream of liking Urahara, but just so you know, we really are alike..."

And with that, Hana happily scampered off and snuggled against Kisuke's leg. He bent down to pet her. He had a gentle touch with her, as he always did with Yoruichi. Then she remembered something very important: Kisuke loved Yoruichi. He didn't realize what Hana said, neither did he truly care. He was a reliable person when it came with romance, and he would stay true to his kitty. Yoruichi smiled as well as a cat could smile, allowing a wave of relief wash over her.

Yoruichi furrowed her brow in confusion. What did Hana mean when she said,"...we really are alike..."? It was confusing, but Yoruichi figured that she would just wait and see what happened. There was just one problem left: Getting rid of that mutt.

A.N.: Alright, this is my first UraYoru story. I'm going to try to make it funny and exciting, with a bunch of twists and turns. Hope you enjoyed it!!!