[Scene: Early 1998. A movie theater. Caroline and Annie are seeing Titanic.]

ANNIE: Why didn't Richard come with you, again?

CAROLINE: He absolutely refuses to see this movie. Apparently he thinks it's a 'stale love story template set on a boat filled with aristocratic British produced by corporate America for the purpose of profit without regard for artistic value.'


CAROLINE: I know. He repeated it ten times to make sure I got it right.

ANNIE: You'd think he'd enjoy something that involves lots of people drowning.

[Scene: The apartment building hall.]

CAROLINE: I got an idea tonight, but I'm not sure about it.

ANNIE: Don't tell me you're thinking about going on a cruise.

CAROLINE: No, it's about Richard and me.

ANNIE: Well if Richard went on a cruise I bet plenty of people would be going overboard.

CAROLINE: You know we haven't slept together yet.

ANNIE: I figured that as you never told me you did.

CAROLINE: Hey I didn't tell you about Del for almost… 2 days.

ANNIE: You've been going out for almost three months.

CAROLINE: I know, but I've had so many one night stands and relationships that have ended badly and I really want it to work out with Richard so I've been taking it slow.

ANNIE: Well maybe you should do it before Manhattan sinks into the Atlantic. If you think you're ready, then go for it!

CAROLINE: Not quite.

ANNIE: Then what's your big idea?

CAROLINE: This is embarrassing to say. Let's go into my apartment.

[Enter Caroline's apartment.]

RICHARD: Hey honey!

[They kiss]

RICHARD: I got all of the panels ready. Your syndicate called and said that your next strip is due a day early. Tuesday at 9pm, instead of Wednesday.

CAROLINE: What why?

RICHARD: Something about a new digital computer thing. Y2K. Computer taking over the world. Who knows? I need to get going. I'm going to meet David Miller.

CAROLINE: David Miller, the owner of that museum on the upper east side?

RICHARD: He's not the owner, just the curator.

CAROLINE: Well all that matters is that he likes your art.

RICHARD: Not likely. This guy is the harshest critic on the East coast. Painters are said to end up at the Louvre or flipping burgers on his opinion.

ANNIE: Don't worry Richie. With your work, I'm sure you'll end up flipping burgers at the Louvre.

RICHARD: Hopefully, if in your next Broadway show you play a cow.

[Exit Richard]

ANNIE: What a fun little man.

CAROLINE: You know you don't help when he's on edge and uptight like that.

ANNIE: He colors in cartoons for dirt money. The fast food thing might be a step up for him.

CAROLINE: Yes, but he gets to spend all day with me. That's reward enough.

[Caroline opens her door and looks out]

ANNIE: What are you doing?

CAROLINE: Checking to make sure he's gone.

ANNIE: Oh, that's right. You still haven't told me of your dirty little X-rated fantasy.

CAROLINE: No, this is PG13.

ANNIE: Must you ruin everything with your Midwest restraints?

CAROLINE: That's all very relative. In Wisconsin what I'm thinking might…

ANNIE: Will you get to your fantasy already?

CAROLINE: I'm a little embarrassed to say considering all of the dirty stuff I've told you over the years…

ANNIE: What? Is it about someone other than Richard?

CAROLINE: Oh no, it's not that.

ANNIE: Is it about something Richard might actually enjoy doing? Because if it is, you should be scared.

CAROLINE: Yes and it does scare me. But something tells me it's a good idea.

ANNIE: I could tell you if it's a good idea or not if you let me know what the idea is.

[Caroline pauses for a moment]

CAROLINE: I want Richard to paint me naked, the way Jack drew Rose naked in the movie.

[Annie stands silent and in shock for several seconds]

CAROLINE: Annie, are you ok?

ANNIE: [stuttering] You know technically, if you were to measure it, like a scientist, on a scale, that's not as dirty as even the most gentle and loving kind of sex, but it still sounds pretty shocking.

CAROLINE: I know, but I think it would be fun.

ANNIE: What are you going to do with it when he's done?

CAROLINE: I'm going to see if they'll put it up in Times Square. What do you think? Lock it in the vault.