Cold Secret

xxxmidnightstarxxx: Yeah, yeah, this is my first story….

Ikuto: Wow…….

Sammie: Ikuto say that again and I kill you with my bazooka!!(Sammie is my best friend)

Amu: You'd be killed by Ikuto fans then

Sammie: -looks- Good point…..

xxxmidnightstarxxx: ANYWAY I DON'T OWN SHUGO CHARA OR IT'S CHARACTERS!!!!!!!!!!!

Yoru: Enjoy nya!

xxxmidnightstarxxx: When did you come????

Chapter 1

"It's really cold today!" Amu Hinamori cried. It was November, and winter was coming soon.

"Yup," her best friend Rima Mashiro agreed. Rima was actually from France, and had transferred to Seiyo Academy. At first, she seemed like a spoiled little doll, until Amu became friends with her.

"Amu-chi, let's go get ice cream!" Yaya Yuiki whined. Yaya was also Amu's friend and was a grade lower than her and Rima. She had a soft spot for sweets.

"Yaya…," Amu started to say when she heard-

"KYAAAH!!!! It's Ikuto Tsukiyomi!" WHAT?! Ikuto Tsukiyomi was the richest, handsomest, intelligent, coolest boy in the WHOLE school, maybe the world. Because of that, he's super popular. Oh, right, description. Well… he has midnight-blue hair and eyes, his hair's a bit messy, he's got a well-built body, and he's sort off tall. (A/N: Dang that was long!)

"Oh, it's that playboy again," Rima scoffed. She, unlike other people, loathed Ikuto.

"Erm, Rima, that's a bit harsh to say. What if he heard you?" Amu quavered.

"Who cares? And I don't give a care to his idiot fangirls and others who worship him either," Rima replied.

"Oooh, Rima-tan is tough!" Yaya marveled.

"Hey you with the blond hair," a voice called. Rima turned, along with Amu and Yaya. Amu's eyes widened. It was Ikuto.

"Oh, no," Amu thought in her head. What if something happened!

"I heard what you said, and I don't like it. So you think I'm just a playboy, huh?" Ikuto said coolly.

Rima glared at him. "Yeah, I do. Got a problem?" she shot at him.

A girl with long dark-brown hair that reached to the middle of her back stepped forward. "Say sorry you spoiled brat!" she yelled. When Amu heard that she couldn't help but defend her friend.

"Don't call Rima that!!!" she shouted back at the girl.

"Amu…," Rima said, obviously happy.

"How kind, you stepping up for your friend," the girl said mockingly, her red eyes taunting Amu. Amu just wanted to sock her!

"Mimiko, that's enough," Ikuto said. His eyes were on Amu, interested.

"But Ikuto-sama!" Mimiko complained.

"I said, enough," he ordered, sternly. He looked at Amu a bit coldly. She flinched. She didn't want to admit it, but she had a little crush on Ikuto.

"Let's go," he said, bored. He walked out the school gate, his "guards" following him. Ikuto looked back at Amu.

"Interesting," he thought.

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Ikuto: Am I like the evil guy…?

xxxmidnightstarxxx: No, you're a good guy. You're interested in Amu.

Amu: Um…is Tadase not in this story?

xxxmidnightstarxxx: Most likely. Just don't tell Nicki because she'd kill me. –sweatdrop-

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