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Sometimes it is the quiet observer who sees the most. Kathryn L. Nelson, Pemberley Manor, 2006.

I walked slowly into the cafeteria, unwillingly.

I walked straight to an empty table opting to skip lunch and sat, revelling in the solitude.

Nobody joined me, they never did. I didn't know if I preferred it this way or not.

My family sat three tables away laughing and joking together, I would have expected this sight to evoke some sort of emotion within me, but it didn't.

Perhaps I was just so withdrawn into myself I could no longer even recognise my own feelings. Perhaps they were there and I just couldn't tell.

They invited me to join them every day, but I never did.

Perhaps it was from sitting here, seeing them together they looked so perfect, so complete. Even with the people I called family I didn't fit in, I was a blemish on the picture perfect image.

There were five of us, all adopted. I had been adopted first, and then Emmett followed by Alice and then Rosalie and her twin brother Jasper.

Though I had been adopted first I was the outsider the one who didn't fit into my otherwise jigsaw puzzle family.

I didn't really understand why that was, I loved my family or at least I thought I did. Truly I didn't know, I felt numb, lost almost. I couldn't even decipher my own adoptive parents Carlisle and Esme took in troubled youths. In the hopes that they would be able to help them heal.

It had worked to some extent. My brothers and sisters were happy or at the very least, content.

But me? I didn't really know. I would catch various members of my family giving me these looks, worried, anxious glances.

I had overheard on several occasions Esme and Carlisle talking about whether to bring me to therapy. I suppose they chose not to because they couldn't quite put there finger on what exactly is wrong with me. It's not like I lash out, or show any common physical signs that would lead one to think I had 'issues'.

Really I was just a bit of a recluse. I kept to myself and didn't talk much.

So perhaps that was putting a bit of a spin on things. Really I didn't communicate at all to anyone outside my family or ever initiate contact. I couldn't remember the last time I had any form of physical contact with anyone. I didn't desire it.

Truthfully I couldn't bear to be around people. I had seen enough of the world to know that there was very rarely any good in people.

Human nature both fascinated and terrified was why I preferred to observe people rather then involve myself.

Perhaps it was more then just a fascination perhaps an obsession.

And what I had discovered was that there was little good, Human nature both fascinated and terrified me.

My first foster home sent me back after only two weeks, I had scared them. I had watched constantly, observing every little thing, silently.

And what I had discovered was that there was little good, that human nature was made up of relatively negative features. Vanity, greed, selfishness. But what made it all exponentially worse was that there was no one to blame. These things were natural. We could not help it.

So I searched perhaps in vain, for some good.

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