Title: Catch Me If You Can
Author: Selly87
Summary: Harry's up for teasing Draco...
Disclaimer: The Harry Potter universe is owned by J.K. Rowling, various publishers and Warner Bros. This story is based on characters and situations created by the amazing J. K. Rowling, however no money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended. This story is written for fun and all I own is the plot idea which is part of my warped imagination.




Nudging his boyfriend out of his thoughts, Harry pulled his hand from Draco's loose grip and cheekily grinning at him he put a little distance between Draco and himself.

"What are you up to, Potter?" Draco eyed his boyfriend of just over six months suspiciously, clearly not trusting him.

"Nothing." Harry shrugged, trying his best to sound innocent.

"Yeah right, Potter. Like I believe that." Draco rolled his eyes, scoffed and then returned to eying his boyfriend warily in an attempt to figure out just what exactly he might be up to.

"Well I might have a little evil plan…" Harry grudgingly admitted.

"Which is?" Draco raised his eyebrow and Harry did his best to look suggestively.

"Shag you senseless?" He asked, sounding as innocent as possible and grinning madly when Draco sucked in a sharp breath.

"This close to the Hogwarts grounds and in plain sight of all the other students? Kinky, kinky, Potter." Draco smirked. "I never really had you down as someone who enjoys sex in weird places."

"We're not that close to the Hogwarts grounds so it's hardly a weird place and just for the record I'm not kinky. Not naturally anyway. But I blame it entirely on my gorgeous boyfriend that I am no longer adverse to kinky suggestions."

"Oh, now it's my fault again, yes?" Draco inquired and glared at his boyfriend, who just laughed.

"Absolutely." Harry nodded and took another safety step away from Draco.

"Are you planning on annoying me? Because believe me, Potter, I do not have to spend the afternoon with you. I can just leave you standing here and return to the Slytherin common room and decide not to speak to you for the rest of the weekend." Draco snorted at Harry and then stuck his nose up and sulked, making it apparent that his boyfriend – the great Harry Potter – had greatly insulted his pride.

"Merlin, you are incredibly entertaining when you're trying to pretend that you'd rather spend time with your Slytherin friends than with your boyfriend." Harry laughed heartily and almost doubled over when Draco glared at him. "Sweetie-pie, it is not working. You can't possibly expect me to believe that you're intending to kill me by staring at me when not so long ago those eyes were begging me to let you come." Harry continued to laugh.

"What did you just call me?" Draco asked, visibly shuddering.

"I called you a Sweetie-pie." Harry shrugged nonchalantly.

"Did I not teach you anything about the use and choice of pet names?" Draco crossed his arms over his chest and finally stopped walking.

"Uhm… you might have mentioned that I may not invent or use any pet names that include the words sweet or cute…" Harry responded carelessly and stopped walking as well, still ensuring that there was at least a metre between him and Draco.

"In that case I expect you to apologise for the absolutely horrendous pet name you just attempted to give me right this very moment."

"Most certainly not." Harry shook his head.

"Excuse me? I believe I did not hear you… Did you say that you are sorry?" Draco pretended that he had overheard his boyfriend's refusal.

"No, I did not say sorry and I will not say sorry."

"I believe you will." Draco growled.

"Then you're wrong…" Harry shrugged.

"Do you have a death wish, Potter?"

"Absolutely not, Malfoy."

"Are you sure?"

"Quite sure, yes."

"I swear, Harry James Potter if you do not apologise for giving me an absolutely horrendous and most irritating pet name this instant I will draw my wand and hex your balls off." Draco snarled and Harry, who had been biting his lip to keep himself from chuckling, finally lost it and began to laugh. There was just no way he could keep a straight face when Draco was acting like that.

"Draco, love, you would not dream about hexing my balls off, you love them." Harry grinned but placed a protective hand over his groin anyway – with Draco you could never be sure what the Slytherin's plan might be. He was cunning, that was a given. And he usually always did exactly the one thing you least expected him to do.

"Don't tempt me." Draco glared. "I can assure you, it will be painful. Especially when Madame Pomfrey has to grow them back."

"Oh Sweetie-pie, you would not dream of hurting me in any way. You love me to bits and pieces." Harry shrieked and pretended to look appalled.

"Ugh, you said the dreadful word again." Draco shuddered and went to draw his wand, but Harry beat him to it by placing his hand gently on Draco's wand arm, stopping him effectively.

"Let's make a deal. I let you punish me for calling you a Sweetie-pie, providing that it does not hurt of course, if you catch me if you can." Harry suggested and before Draco had any chance to process, let alone object to his boyfriend's offer, Harry had broken into a sprint and was dashing down the path in a bid to get away from his lover.

"If you think I will chase you down to Hogsmeade you thought wrong, Potter!" Draco yelled after his boyfriend and glaring after Harry, he remained right where he was, idly watching his lover run off.

"Spoilsport…" Harry shouted back and stopped running when he was about 100 metres or so away from his lover.

"I'll show you what a spoilsport is…" Draco mumbled and knowing that they had long since crossed the anti-apparition wards, which surrounded the Hogwarts grounds, he grinned smugly as he disapparated with a faint pop. A second later he appeared behind Harry's back with the same faint pop – it had taken him a good while to practice disapparating and apparating without drawing everybody's attention on him, but now that he'd mastered said skill it did come in handy a lot of the times. Grabbing Harry from behind, Draco confined Harry's arms to his back before his boyfriend had a chance to protest. "Caught you, you should have known that I could." Draco whispered into Harry's ear and nibbled at his lover's earlobe, pleased when Harry moaned softly.

"Catch me if you can is a Muggle game." Harry murmured, trying his best to fight Draco's teasing touch.

"You did not specify any rules." Draco chuckled and sucking at the skin on Harry's neck he produced a nicely shaped love bite.

"Damn you, you sneaky, cheating Slytherin." Harry groaned.

"Now, now, Harry, you should have known that I cheat. Why even try?"

"I had a tiny bit of hope you might be honest."

"And I effectively crushed it. So now that I have you, what do you expect I will do with you?"

"I have no idea."

"Are you certain you have absolutely no idea?" Draco whispered seductively.

"I might have one or two…" Harry moaned, feeling his knees buckle slightly. He knew that as long as Draco had full control over him and access to his neck he did not stand a chance.

"Care to share them with me?"


"Well then you've just effectively ruled out any possible chance on having a vote in what I'll do with you which means you are at my mercy, Potter, so you better start getting accustomed to begging for forgiveness pretty soon."

"Fuck you…" Harry mumbled.

"Oh, so you do have an idea of what I am about to do." Draco whispered and when Harry shuddered with anticipation, he chuckled softly.




Author's Note: Originally this chapter was a standalone, a moment in time... But my muse didn't agree and after a little hesitation I began to write all sorts of moments in Harry's and Draco's life and together they now make up the Timeless Moments series. I chose the moments at random and for no particular reason other than that I saw it fitting to write about them...