Title: 108 Roses On Valentine's Morning
Author: Selly87
Summary: Draco has a surprise for Harry.
Disclaimer: The Harry Potter universe is owned by J.K. Rowling, various publishers and Warner Bros. This story is based on characters and situations created by the amazing J. K. Rowling, however no money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended. This story is written for fun and all I own is the plot idea which is part of my warped imagination.




"Harry," Draco whispered as he gently tried to shake his sleeping lover awake.

"Hmmm," Harry mumbled and buried his head even deeper underneath the countless pillows in a bit to drown out Draco's coaxing voice.

"Come on, wake up, you," Draco cooed.

"Idonotwantto," Harry's reply was muffled by his pillow.

"For me… please?" Draco ignored Harry's light protests and shaking him again he leaned down to cover the back of his lover's neck with tiny, teasing kisses.

"Hmmm…yes…nice," Harry moaned and shuffling closer to Draco he sniffed at his lover's smooth skin, making an appreciating sound.

"You're so weird," Draco laughed and ruffling through Harry's messy raven hair he couldn't help but sigh as his heart melted at the sight before him. A sleepy Harry could be very entertaining and he was quite cute when he tried everything to refuse waking up.

"Not weird!" Harry growled and attempted to kick Draco's leg, which of course did not work out as his coordination was still below zero.

"Oh yes, most definitely weird. But you're also the sweetest and most intelligent and loving and adorable gay saviour of the wizarding world that I've ever put my eyes on and I am most certainly head over heels in love with you,"

"Stop trying to boost my ego, you just want me to return the favour," Harry mumbled and rolling onto his side he threw is arm across Draco's stomach. Looking up, he blinked sleepily as he tried to focus on his lover.

"I don't want you to return anything," Draco smiled lovingly and brushed a few stray strands of Harry's soft hair out of Harry's face. "Good morning, love. Did you sleep well?"

"I would still be sleeping if it wasn't for you insisting that I wake up," Harry scowled.

"I'm so sorry for interrupting your precious beauty sleep but I just had to wake you up. I've got plans,"

"Oh no!" Harry glared defensively. "You shagged me into exhaustion three times yesterday! I am so not in the mood! Use your hand or whatever you want but don't you dare count on me! I ain't going anywhere near your bits!"

"Who said anything about sex? Would you stop jumping to conclusions?" Draco frowned slightly before taking a relaxing breath to keep his temper in check.

"Sorry," Harry looked sheepish. "It's just usually when you have plans,"

"I mean sexual plans…well I don't have those kind of plans today. Well maybe…but those will only be put into action much, much later. For now I just wanted you awake,"

"Okay… I'm sorry," Harry was relieved to find out that he was save from being jumped first thing in the morning and shagged senseless. It wasn't that he didn't enjoy it but after yesterday, sex was most definitely the last thing on his mind.

"Apology accepted," Draco winked and leaning down he caught Harry's lips in a slow and sensual kiss from which both men only very hesitantly withdrew even when they ran out of oxygen.

"What kind of plans do you have then? "Harry asked, curious as to what was on the agenda.

"Now that would be telling. You just relax and don't bother about anything. I worry about the rest," Draco smiled and Harry looked utterly blissful.

"Am I going to be spoiled rotten?" He asked.

"Most definitely," Draco smiled and reaching out he grabbed his wand from the bedside table and with a flick he removed the glamour from their bedroom, revealing nine white vases – filled with a large bouquets of one dozen red roses each. The vases covered every possible surface.

"Oh," Harry looked around the room, amazed. "Those are gorgeous," He whispered, admiring the long-stemmed, dark-red roses from afar. "Why so many? How many are there even?"

"There are 108 roses and that's because I thought it fitting for the occasion," Draco smiled and kissed Harry's forehead.

"Occasion?" Harry squeaked and frantically scrambled into a sitting position. "Oh God…please don't hex me…I'm guilty…yes I know…I am sorry…maybe you should hex me…oh Merlin…I'm in trouble…Oh shit…I'm so sorry, Draco, love…I am sorry…" Harry babbled and attempted to move away from his boyfriend, who looked slightly bewildered at Harry's reaction.

"Calm down, Harry, will you?" Draco smiled. For a second he'd been tempted to take the bait and tease his boyfriend but today was still not the day for any such stupid bantering. Any other day, yes.

"I'm sorry…I…I honestly forgot…I am sorry…Happy Anniversary…really I am sorry…please don't hex my balls to the northpole…" Harry continued to babble and Draco burst out laughing.

"Why thank you, Harry, but it's not our anniversary today," Draco giggled and Harry looked utterly dumbstruck.

"It's not?" He asked; his voice about an octave higher than usual.

"No, it's not," Draco shook his head and putting his wand aside he pulled Harry back into his arms and held his tense boyfriend tight until Harry had calmed down and gradually began to relax. "Happy Valentine's, love," Draco whispered once Harry had relaxed in his arms and kissing the top of Harry's head Draco pulled him closer to his own body, enjoying the simple closeness.

"Oh…" Harry sighed. "Happy Valentine's," He then replied quietly, his cheeks flushed with embarrassment.

"You're fucking cute when you're convinced that you forgot something, do you know that?" Draco whispered.

"No, and you really scared the crap out of me because I never ever forgot one of our anniversaries before and I do not intend on starting now. But overwhelming me with 108 red roses this early in the morning was just plain mean of you," Harry pulled away from Draco just enough to be able to pout at his lover.

"And I thought you'd find it amazing…no you just think I am mean. Harry, seriously, you need to rethink your view on things," Draco chuckled and ruffled his boyfriend's hair affectionately.

"It is amazing. Don't go twisting my words, Malfoy," Harry shot a pretended glare at Draco, who just continued to laugh quietly.

"You know…for once I just won't jump at the bait. But only because I think we should be having breakfast now," Draco dodged Harry's lame attempt at bantering.

"Ugh no…I am not getting out of this bed any time soon," Harry pulled a face and shuffling in bed he lay back down and pulled the duvet up to his nose.

"Who said anything about getting out of bed?" Draco raised his eyebrow at Harry who just rolled his eyes. "We'll of course be having breakfast in bed," Draco winked and looked pleased when Harry's green eyes lit up with excitement. Reaching for his wand Draco slowly called a large breakfast tray to himself and carefully set it down in front of him before nudging Harry, telling him to sit up.

"Oh God, this is delicious…I love you, do you know that?" Harry squealed very un-Potterish as he surveyed the breakfast tray. There was fresh toast, butter, jam, honey, lush red strawberries, cream, chocolate sauce, champagne (!), pieces of fresh watermelon and little croissants. "Oh this is Heaven… I could get used to it." Harry sighed and helping himself to a fresh strawberry he dipped it into the cream before eating it slowly.

"Well don't get used to it. You won't get this pampering treatment every day," Draco smiled as he watched Harry eat the strawberry. "You look very sexy when you're eating a strawberry," He winked.

"Uh…thanks." Harry crooked his head and smiled at his boyfriend. "I really do love you,"

"I love you too," Draco said and leaning in he gave Harry a tender kiss on the lips, moaning slightly when he could feel the taste of the fresh strawberry and the cream on Harry's lips.

The End