Tony: Vance told her to take the week off…


"Miss me that bad?" Gibbs appeared in front of his own desk to find Abby typing away at his keyboard.

"Um, it's not what it looks like…okay; it's exactly what it looks like. But only because there's no other thing it could really look like, other than me using your computer without permission. But I'm only doing it because I knew you wouldn't mind…"

Gibbs stepped behind her. "You should be home."

"I am home…" she replied quickly. "Well not, home, per say…but you catch my drift." She took in his expression and decided to explain herself. "I'm just using your email real quick."

Gibbs squinted at the screen. "Didn't think it still worked."

"Yeah, well, luckily for you, programs don't just delete themselves because they're not used Gibbs."

"Well they should…"

She managed a smile. "Right."

"Your email broken?"

"No…just playing a little trick on the boys."

Gibbs stopped squinting and rubbed at his eyes. "I don't want to know."

She rolled back in his chair accomplished. "Thanks Gibbs."

He met her embrace unexpectedly. "Yeah…just make sure I don't see your butt in this place for the rest of the week, clear?"

"Crystal." She threw a mock salute before leaving the bull pen with a smile. She had some sponges and buckets to find.