Abby: I'm staying period. I'm just as safe here as I am at NCIS, safer actually. Because they have bigger dogs.

Gabby Ahead!



Abby had hoped he'd let it go. He didn't. "Gibbs, we've already talked about this. No place is safer than where you are…even if I have a complete marine platoon surrounding me, if you are not there…I am not safer."

"Safer?" He repeated in his previous tone.

She huffed. "I already promised not to say that ever again. What more do you want?"

"Nothing…just wanted to see you get pissed again. Its refreshing."

She punched him in the shoulder hard. "Gibbs," she whined. "I swear, one of these days I'm gonna punch you in the face…"


She grimaced at him. "Don't tempt me…I've been practicing."

He was still rubbing at his shoulder. "I can tell."

"Are you gonna let it go now?"

"Let what go?" He watched her stew. "Oh, right. The fact that you insisted you were safer somewhere other than NCIS with me…yeah, I've definitely let it go."

She crossed her arms. "Believe it or not Gibbs…you're not superman. You can't deflect bullets off your chest, and you can't swoop in and save me every time I'm in danger."

"The hell I can't." His tone intensified a bit.

"Look, it's not that your obsessive over protectiveness isn't welcomed…in fact, it's actually kinda hot…but that aside, its unrealistic to think you can be two places at once."

Gibbs contemplated for a moment. "I'm well aware of that Abs."

Abby watched him step past her and grabbed his arm gently. "I'm not mad at you for caring…I just don't want you to blame yourself if something ever does happen…"

"Don't!" He put his finger up and tried to lower his decibel. "Don't say that."

She looked down. "I'm not saying it will…but if it does."

"I said don't." He interrupted again. "Don't."

She released his arm. "Okay."

He stepped a few feet away before turning back towards her. "Its my job to keep you safe. So if blaming myself…getting you pissed and believing I have super powers is what it takes to do that. Then so be it."

She managed a small smile; which seemed to calm him a bit. "And I wouldn't have it any other way…superman."

He smiled slowly. "Just don't expect to see me in tights and a cape…"

She took his hand and led him upstairs. "Aww come on, just once…for me?"