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Ruth's POV

Sometimes, he can be extremely hard to read, much apart from your average open book. He also happens to be very naïve, which can be both a useful tool, and a royal pain. I know that he is almost 26 years younger than myself, but I can't help but feel that our ages wouldn't matter much at all. This was all just a plot to get his own woman, and I think that that is very wrong indeed.

Somehow, I allowed myself to believe that there truly was something there between us. It had taken me so long to be able to confess my love for him; because I didn't want to lose his friendship if things just so happened to go wrong. Once I had informed him of my situation, I had felt lighter. That is, until he told me that he was not interested.

I'm 47, but I don't believe that age really matters in this case; in fact, I know deep down that it doesn't. Frederic is 23, more than over adult age. I had held the belief for so log that we could've been together, as I have never had a man before in my life. And alas, I never had the chance, mostly because of the young lad. In a way, he truly owes me for all that I have done for him; but I do not believe however, that he will ever take responsibility. Being a young man as he is, he cannot even begin to comprehend my feelings for him; the feelings that will never be returned.

Truthfully, I cannot allow myself to think that we would be a troublesome couple, and it may take some getting used to if people think that I am his auntie, or nanny. But this is a risk that I was, and still am willing to take. Unfortunately, my Frederic is married to young Mabel, Major- Stanley's own daughter (and I dare say his favorite.) It would be awkward to be around my young lad Frederic anymore.


Frederic's POV

Truly, I do miss my "little Ruth", and I long to speak with her yet again. I am skeptical, however, and so is my beloved Mabel. Mabel has held the belief that Ruth would try to steal me from her, which is indeed not the case. I love Ruth like an aunt, not a wife. It is almost sickening, thinking about marrying Ruth. And though I would never tell her, I do not think that we would be together all that long anyway. Ruth is 47, and in order to be considered an elder, you must be 60. She is only 13 years off of being an old woman, although in my book, she still is.

I felt forced into a relationship, without the proper chance to say nay. I don't fancy being forced into something that I know that I won't be allowed to opt out of. No sir, Ruth is just not my type; which is why Mabel and I are thinking that perhaps I shouldn't even speak to Ruth again; and like I said, I would like to speak with her very much, but we don't seem to think that it is for the best.

Mabel and I are expecting our first child, and that is very good for us indeed. But we do seem to have a very large problem: dead parents. My mother and father died long ago, and so did my beauty's mother. Apart from the Major- General, our child will not have grandparents. This is why I would like to keep in contact with Ruth, for the sake of my children. Is that selfish? I do not know. But it is for the best, and this I do know.

In justice to Ruth, and in justice to my Mabel, I may not leave her behind.



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