Thank you, Artisan Brown and Orangechima. You comments encouraged me to write more. This isn't any of the "Remember the light" chapters, but something that I really wanted to write. I needed to get something off my chest.

This isn't a chaptered story.

The POV is Nova; this is inspired by a true story



"I let them get away? If you hadn't..."

I shivered in the corner, staring as Sprx and Mandarin continued their fight. We had lost a battle against the Skeleton King again. It was a sort of surprise attack, so we weren't ready. We got our butts kicked really bad. But they always fought, be it the loss of a battle or a bad misunderstanding, lashing at each other with words and violence.

I gazed at Gibson, who stood near Antauri while looking out the window. Gibson was watching the clouds outside the glass darken. Lightening streaked across the sky.

"It'll be alright, Nova," Otto said, taking a seat next to me. He sighed. I knew what he was thinking. No matter how much we wanted to stop this, none of us could interfere, or else the situation would get worse. And it was already bad enough with two monkeys fighting. I cuddled closer to Otto and ducked my head.

"It's raining," I heard Gibson murmur to Antauri as he shut the window. The shouting continued. I cringed as the intensity took an uproar. I collapsed my hands over my head. My ears started to sting, my heart wanted to jump out of my chest. The thunder rumbled, the room grew aphotic, the brutality increasing.

"I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!" I screamed, sobbing. Time had miraculously stood still. Mandarin and Sprx stopped their fighting and stared at me, bewildered. "STOP IT!!! JUST STOP IT!!!"

I don't know what came over me. I just burst into tears and ran off to the safety of my room. If they were going to kill each other then I certainly didn't want to see!

I locked the door and scrambled to my closet. Then I curled into a little ball and wept. I don't think I ever cried so hard; my eyes were burning, my chest was aching, I couldn't think straight at all. I jumped as I heard a knock at my door.

"Nova... It's me... Mandarin."

I edged myself closer to the corner of the closet. The knocking became stonger and more persistant.

"Nova. Open the door."

"No," I whispered, gasping for breath.


"Stop it Mandarin! You're scaring Nova!!"


Mandarin said, in a calmer voice, "Nova... please open the door. We're sorry we yelled. We didn't mean to scare you... Please open the door."

I took a deep, long breath, wiped my eyes, stood up, and headed for my door....